Bible Origins

What is a Bible?

It is a conglomeration of ideas and thoughts and superstitions written down thousands of years ago by desert sheep-herders and tribal clansmen and opium dopehead gypsies, and claimed to have been inspired by Holy Divinity, for which it has absolutely no basis for evidence or proof. It is based mainly on supertitiion and hearsay and presumption and wondering opinion.

How did the Bible get to America?

It was brought over here by Christopher Columbus and the European Pilgrims fleeing religious persecution, they were so Christian led love filled and pure that they could not get along with the Indians so they killed all the Indians and stole all their land.

The land you're on in America, is stolen land that belongs to the Native American Indians.

God Imagined

The word G-o-d is the three letter answer for "I don't know!" Meaning something greater and smarter than we must exist according to our brain, that something definately does exist, it is greater than our own brains ability to comprehend our very own existence, and the complexity of the universe.

A g-o-d, is presently the only greatest answer a living human being can come up with, a much greater source outside and beyond our own brains ability to fathom.

A g-o-d like answer is all that we have, we cannot imagine a force greater than a g-o-d, a god could rule just the Earth perhaps, but it, what ever it is, is so much more than that, more than a Earth human can possibly imagine.

I personally believe there is a more powerful and greater source than a man's envisioned god, whatever it is, I cannot begin to imagine, I would be foolish to even dare try.

A Bible God or a human envisioned God, needs worship and reverence and man's focus and his attention directed towards this god, so he thinks!

A Bible God or a human envisioned God has needs and desires and expects something in return for this worship.

We invent words like faith and believe and prayer to justify our beliefs in man's envisioned Holy Gods.

There cannot exist a G-o-d that created the universe and us here and then expects something from us, for his/her/it's own personal glory.

If you planted a vegetable garden from seed into the soil and nursed them and the seeds sprouted and became healthy and full grown, would you expect those vegetables to worship you in exchange for your giving them life?

If you wanted to feel like a God maybe you would, but would it be the "feeling" that you desire, or would you just want to be "perceived" by them as a God?

The Bible writers wrote what they themselves envisioned a "God" would want and expect from them, they could only write from their very limited human perspective.

The only source of information we can gather is from our own space travel and exploration, and that's if we can interpret what we see with our own eyes correctly.

The Bible was written mostly on expected human speculation, it was the best that they could do at the time, yet for many people living today, the Bible is fully sufficient in it's answers.

I personally have not ever been fully satisfied with the Bible writers answers or with their emotional and needy God.

Big Question???

Do you think at the exact moment of insemination and release of your father's sperm into your mother's womb, that your father and mother was thinking about your future salvation conserning *JESUS* ???

Are you stupid enough to believe that your father and mother had your spiritual destiny in mind before you were born????

Do you think that is your only purpose in life is to yell and worship Jesus or a false deity from a man written book????

Is this all you have?

Is that all the mental fortitude you can muster???

A stinking fairytale belief????

Are people in general, really just inherently ignorant and stupid???

Nasty Words From The Book Of Fools

A collection of meaningless words, from what source did they arrive?
Were we born with these words already stored in our brains?
What source do you suppose are the origins of the following words and terms?

ass, bastard, bitch, damn, prostitute, whore, harlot, jezebel, shit, sin, savior, god, jesus, angels, heaven, hell, bezelbub, allah, mohammad, emmanual, jehovah, christ, virgin birth, satan, holy spirit, soul, ghosts, salvation, santify. anointed, prayer, baptism, saved, gospel, faith, prophet, circumcision, deliverance, evil, hypocrisy, iniquity, hate, sabbath, zealot, judgment, hardened heart, redemption, etc. etc.

Just were did these words originate, perhaps from within one's own mind? No!! The Bible!

Lets examine the origins of these words! In reverse order!

1. From hearing others repeating them, especially parents or a guardian and reading them from where? What source? A book? THE BIBLE!!

2. A book assembled by who? Other Humans? Men perhaps? Which men? Ancient tribal sheep herdsmen? And why just men? Why no women??

3. From a book brought over here to America by whom? God? Jesus? Pilgrims? It was Christopher Columbus!!!

4. A book brought over here by Christopher Columbus via a ship to America, religion is spread by human contact only!

5. A book that was written and assembled by men and a vote decided by a counsel of religious fanatics and drunkards, men.

6. A book that was assembled by men, that were under extreme duress to explain the unknown using only their imagination and calling it, inspired from a god.

7. A book that was written on papyrus and has been translated by men over 1600 times.

8. A book that was assembled by men that had little or no education or scientific knowledge.

9. A book assembled by men, whom as far as anyone knows were totally and completely insane.

10. A book assembled by men, whom as far as we know, were completely stoned out from opium or hashish or wine.

11. A book assembled by men, to control men, and to forgive men, and to condone their wars and evil thoughts and deeds, also slavery, rape and incest.

12. A book assembled by men, to control people with fear and threats of eternal damnation.

13. A book assembled by men, with pages of atrocities and mental anguish and superstitions.

14. A book assembled by men, over 2000 years ago, not worthy to be called reliable in any manner.

15. A book assembled by men, which men and what was their real names? All we have is their made up first names, not that it would make it any more believable.

16. A filthy lying book assembled by men called the bible, not even worthy to be trampled over by nasty stinking pigs.

17. A book that is out of date and is not compatible with reality or modern times and rejects modern day scientific facts.

18. An ancient book assembled by ancient men and ancient superstitious thinking and ignorant beliefs.

19. A book written and assembled by men to control people and their money by injecting fear, by a threat of an imaginary hell.

20. Before 1492, there had never been a Bible or church on American soil.

That my friends is were the American people hear such foolish nonsense words, they are words we hear repeatedly from fools thinking that the bible possesses some form of knowledge. It's the book of fools, it's been tried and tested and always comes back as the book of fools.

The Bible is the origin of words used and accepted by fools, as written in the book of fools.

The Bible, the book of fools along with the mighty Q'uran!

Try to remember where you heard the first references to salvation and sin etc., where you born with the knowledge of these words or were they just learned from repetition from other humans?

We all have such low opinion of ourselves that the Bible puts us in our place, not worthy of anything and below everything else. The bible says everyone deserves hell, I say bullshit!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL