Thank you God and Jesus

Thank you God and Jesus, for letting all the little children in the world to be raped, starved, molested and killed and thank you for letting people that are foolish enough to worship you by allowing them to get cancer and diseases, even when they themselves would pray to you and thank you, in spite of contracting a deadly incurable disease.

Thank you God and Jesus, for allowing just a little over 3000 troops to be killed in Iraq, I know had many of them not prayed to you, there would have been a lot more.

And thank you God and Jesus, for allowing the American troops to kill and maim and destroy so many innocent lives in Iraq, even though they prayed to you in the name of Mohammad.

Thank you God and Jesus, for all the preachers bilking ignorant people out of their hard earned money and savings accounts.

And thank all you kind people who can look past their childhood indoctrination to post a reasonable coherent responce.

Why The Bible Was Written

The Bible that was written to console and provide a false comfort to the superstitious, ignorant, and oppressed people that lived in constant fear 2000 years ago.

Perhaps they could instill a faint glimmer of false hope for the dying and deathly ill.

Christians killed over 50 million native American Indians in the name of God and Jesus.

How dare anyone to say Christians were ever persecuted!

Religions Original Intent

Religions only function was to provide a temporary false comfort and consolation and a false hope for the thousands of downtrodden and emotional savants that lived over two thousand years ago that had no hope for the future, most were homeless and desolate, they had nothing to look forward to, except a promise of eternal life with a glimpse of streets of gold with diamonds and jewels, the envy of every peasant, beggar and king. Religion a temporary emotional psychotic placebo! Someone prove me wrong!

Questions People Never Ask Themselves

1. How did you learn your first language and learn to talk? ans. By mimicking sounds made by others, heard through your ears!

2. How did you learn to walk? ans. By mimicking what you saw and with help from others!

3. How did you hear about the Bible God and or Jesus? ans. Either by hearing others repeating scripture or reading the Bible yourself!

4. How did the above actions come about? ans. From watching and mimicking and hearing other's through indoctrination, i.e repeating and mimicking other humans!

We all presume when as a child, that the people we mimic and help us learn to walk and talk that they have more truthful knowledge than us, but this just not the case, they are just mimicking others that they too, presumed had more truthful knowledge than them and religions and beliefs are passed down as truth and it's not always the truth.

No religions and beliefs are true!

It's all just passed down indoctrination, composed of ancient hearsay and superstitions!

Your God

The only God we have is, the one that we create in our own minds!

Patronization and People Pleasing

Hey, how are you? .....Aren't you pretty? .....Aren't you cute? .....Aren't you sweet? .....Don't you look nice today? ......It's good to see you! .....Merry Christmas! .....I love you! .....I love Jesus!

Do not address people in the pretty way they expect to hear, and they will judge you and hate you!
Say none of these petty things to people, nor patronize them, and here comes the condescending labels.

He/she is so bitter! ..... Why are they so mean? .....Why are they so hateful?.....He/she is a Atheist! .....He/she is of the devil! .....He/she is the anti-christ! .....I hate them! They are thinking to themselves!

A broad sweep of insanity of that of what is expected from the indoctrination of endearment terms from our mother, our uncles, aunts, grandparents, associates, and preachers and most people do not even know this or realize what is going on in their heads.

Because we have been conditioned from childhood and early on to react to words and judge others according to their expected terms of endearment.
If people do not tell us just exactly what we want to hear upon first meeting them, then we tend to cast judgment upon them, this is the spiteful poison of Christianity and self-righteousness.
We want people to tell us how wonderful that we are, and if we do not get it, we turn into little hate-filled self-righteous monsters.

Self-preservation, self-glorification, self-endearment, by being spoiled by endearment terms misused from childhood. This is the mental disease that destroys every person. This is the poison that maims and self-destructs us from achieving and accomplishing things greater than our parents and others that we have allowed to destroy us inside with their petty words.

Most fathers do not patronize their children, but some do, one reason of many why so many fathers are hated.

Beliefs are from indoctrination only!

We are all born without any knowledge! Zippo, Zilch, Zero.
All we know is what our involuntary senses tell us to do, like breathe and digest food and expel the food after the food is used for energy! Even at this time in our lives we do not know how to use the bathroom properly, nor do we know of a need for personal hygiene, nor can we speak a language, nor walk.

So what is next? We learn things! How do we learn things? We learn things by repetition and mimicking what we hear from other humans. We trust that the people teaching us has already weighed the evidence throughly and have already filtered it through as being absolute truth.

How do we learn to eat properly, learn to walk, learn to use the bathroom, learn to read, write, and spell, how do we learn to speak our native language?

We learn by repeating what we hear and by mimicking others, this is to say had we been born in Mexico, we would be mimicking the Spanish language, should we have been born in Russia, we would be mimicking the Russian language, should we have been born in Iraq, we would be mimicking the Arab language.

The same holds true for beliefs and religions. Had you been born in Iraq, then you would be bowing to Allah 5 times a day and think that anyone that does not do as you do, then they would be destined for Allah's Hell.

The same holds true for being born in the USA. Had your family been Christian, then you would believe the Christian faith, or had your family been Catholic, then you would be Catholic, or had your family been Mormon, then you would also be Mormon, and believe that anyone that does not hold to your belief, then they would be destined to a Hell according to your beliefs.

Had you been born in Borneo, and cannibalism was the norm, then you would be eating human meat.

Beliefs are only indoctrination and mimicking as to fit in society and not look like and be cast aside as an outsider, because everyone else is mimicking all the other higher-level monkeys in the group.

You have a belief because you've been told that their belief is the only true belief, therefore it must be true and if you do not believe as you've been told,
then you've been told that you will be sent to Hell.

You are the sum total of your geographical area and indoctrinated religious beliefs of that area.

The Original Sin, Created By God Himself!

The original is when God whom created all things, also created and allowed an Evil Being to exist, long before Adam and Eve ever existed, this god knew all along what he was dealing with and just what he had created. ref: Isaiah 47:7. If God is in full control, then it would have been such a small task to expel and dispose of this evil being.

We the non-believers!!!

To participate in a belief and religion one must long to be and content with being very closed minded.

To be closed-minded, one must be afraid to embrace reality for fear of punishment based upon what one thinks, what one thinks is what one chooses and desires to believe.

To believe in the Bible, one must have a desire to believe and know less than what is known today, in this present reality.

The believer must be willing to agree with ancient ignorant thinking, one must reverse and extract their present day knowledge learned by common reasoning and science and retract into dumbed-down thinking and commit to a faith, based upon a belief that cannot be proven true, but willing to agree and go along with ancient ignorant thinking.

The believer must be willing and long to reject science and technology and be willing to trade his/her born-with common sense for a myth based upon emotional fear, that is the reason one must be born again, one must revert(reborn)to ignorance and imbecilic thinking and to abide to the teachings with unrelenting conformity.

The believer must believe that the Bible contains all knowledge and wisdom available to man that can be obtained, and that this special knowledge was handed down or openly shared (inspired)to man as a gift from God, from this God's own kind generosity, thus any knowledge learned by man on his own, could only be against God and it could only have came from Satan's lies and demonic possession or anti-god.

Therefore to the believer, the Bible holds all knowledge and wisdom there is and ever to be learned, so anything else learned outside of the Bible, any other knowledge and technology could only be spread from Satan's lies and his demonic angels.

The believers of the Bible now think they have now acquired a special wisdom and knowledge, thus not easily obtained, but only to the faithful and by accepting this belief, that the Bible holds all knowledge obtainable by man, this making the believer very wise and more knowledgeable and spiritually superior than the less-than humans(Atheists that subscribe to present day knowledge and science,) we the nonbelivers choose to reject and conform to ignorance, lies, superstitions and myths.

To the Christian, there is nothing else left for us non-believers to do, except worship Satan and his lies, since what we know is based on truth and reality and was not obtained as a gift from their imaginary God.

What Christians Like To Think And Believe

"Christians think that once they have found Jesus, they're done. There is no more learning to be attained, no more wisdom to be found, no more search for truth."

According to Christians,when you find Jesus, your journey is over, your life's purpose is over! Now it is their loyal duty and life's work is to spread their new found knowledge and wisdom and to share this newly acquired knowledge into every persons ears that they personally engage, so that they can now hopefully save the rest of the world from hell, because Christians are saved and all others are going straight to hell.

If you do not share their silly beliefs, they cannot cast you into hell fast enough. Their new mission in life and goal is to save the entire rest of the world from hell, because they have been set free from the bondage of Satan. Their life's purpose is now complete! To them, by finding Jesus, there can be no greater goal obtained or achieved in one's life.

Christians think they have cleverly found the answers to all of the worlds problems and universal answers to the unknown. They have acquired godly wisdom and noted stature in the eyes of their imaginary god. Should they not be successful in convincing anyone else of their folly, they think that they will have been viewed as a failure and not a good witness for their God, and possibly a sower of bad seed, knowing full well that the imaginary Satan entity has intentionally hidden this invaluable information and wisdom from sinners and Atheists and that this Satan enitity has deceived the world, except for them! They simply cannot believe and easily accept that anyone living on the planet today, cannot and will not accept Jesus Christ as the final ultimate universal truth that was written down by men who lived in the desert over 2000 years sgo and burned Camel Dung for fuel.

Christians like to think that they have been pre-destined to believe by the great commission from their imaginary God. They believe they have in them now a vested truth, a divine gift of a holy spirit and a gift of communication called prayer and they can sway and effect their God's decisions and his Holy-Divine-Will simply by contacting their imaginary God through prayer and by their God having found favoritism in them for their works and good deeds (by accepting Jesus), they feel that they are now aligned with the apoplectic whom walk among the Heavenly Saints. They now have a personal relationship with their imaginary god and Jesus, they profess to speak to their god and Jesus on a regular basis. They now profess to walk with their God in light and truth. By their silly childish belief in Jesus, they think that they now have become a real potential threat to Satan and worldly evil.

The study of scientific knowledge and anything beyond or outside their own personal world view and beliefs are now viewed as coming directly from the spawn of Satan. Should they themselves happen to fall into temptation by Satan,(sin or commit a crime)they can get immediate forgiveness from their Jesus Hotline because he's standing by 24/7, just to forgive Christians and sinners from their sins, actually they think that they cannot sin now, by accepting Jesus, their failures and sins have been wiped away by the blood of Jesus, because they believe once saved, always saved. All anyone has to do is invite Jesus into their heart and they will be saved from your their sins, forever.
It's way beyond foolish and ridiculous! It's immature mental phychosis!!

Bible Origins

What is a Bible?

It is a conglomeration of ideas and thoughts and superstitions written down thousands of years ago by desert sheep-herders and tribal clansmen and opium dopehead gypsies, and claimed to have been inspired by Holy Divinity, for which it has absolutely no basis for evidence or proof. It is based mainly on supertitiion and hearsay and presumption and wondering opinion.

How did the Bible get to America?

It was brought over here by Christopher Columbus and the European Pilgrims fleeing religious persecution, they were so Christian led love filled and pure that they could not get along with the Indians so they killed all the Indians and stole all their land.

The land you're on in America, is stolen land that belongs to the Native American Indians.

God Imagined

The word G-o-d is the three letter answer for "I don't know!" Meaning something greater and smarter than we must exist according to our brain, that something definately does exist, it is greater than our own brains ability to comprehend our very own existence, and the complexity of the universe.

A g-o-d, is presently the only greatest answer a living human being can come up with, a much greater source outside and beyond our own brains ability to fathom.

A g-o-d like answer is all that we have, we cannot imagine a force greater than a g-o-d, a god could rule just the Earth perhaps, but it, what ever it is, is so much more than that, more than a Earth human can possibly imagine.

I personally believe there is a more powerful and greater source than a man's envisioned god, whatever it is, I cannot begin to imagine, I would be foolish to even dare try.

A Bible God or a human envisioned God, needs worship and reverence and man's focus and his attention directed towards this god, so he thinks!

A Bible God or a human envisioned God has needs and desires and expects something in return for this worship.

We invent words like faith and believe and prayer to justify our beliefs in man's envisioned Holy Gods.

There cannot exist a G-o-d that created the universe and us here and then expects something from us, for his/her/it's own personal glory.

If you planted a vegetable garden from seed into the soil and nursed them and the seeds sprouted and became healthy and full grown, would you expect those vegetables to worship you in exchange for your giving them life?

If you wanted to feel like a God maybe you would, but would it be the "feeling" that you desire, or would you just want to be "perceived" by them as a God?

The Bible writers wrote what they themselves envisioned a "God" would want and expect from them, they could only write from their very limited human perspective.

The only source of information we can gather is from our own space travel and exploration, and that's if we can interpret what we see with our own eyes correctly.

The Bible was written mostly on expected human speculation, it was the best that they could do at the time, yet for many people living today, the Bible is fully sufficient in it's answers.

I personally have not ever been fully satisfied with the Bible writers answers or with their emotional and needy God.

Big Question???

Do you think at the exact moment of insemination and release of your father's sperm into your mother's womb, that your father and mother was thinking about your future salvation conserning *JESUS* ???

Are you stupid enough to believe that your father and mother had your spiritual destiny in mind before you were born????

Do you think that is your only purpose in life is to yell and worship Jesus or a false deity from a man written book????

Is this all you have?

Is that all the mental fortitude you can muster???

A stinking fairytale belief????

Are people in general, really just inherently ignorant and stupid???

Nasty Words From The Book Of Fools

A collection of meaningless words, from what source did they arrive?
Were we born with these words already stored in our brains?
What source do you suppose are the origins of the following words and terms?

ass, bastard, bitch, damn, prostitute, whore, harlot, jezebel, shit, sin, savior, god, jesus, angels, heaven, hell, bezelbub, allah, mohammad, emmanual, jehovah, christ, virgin birth, satan, holy spirit, soul, ghosts, salvation, santify. anointed, prayer, baptism, saved, gospel, faith, prophet, circumcision, deliverance, evil, hypocrisy, iniquity, hate, sabbath, zealot, judgment, hardened heart, redemption, etc. etc.

Just were did these words originate, perhaps from within one's own mind? No!! The Bible!

Lets examine the origins of these words! In reverse order!

1. From hearing others repeating them, especially parents or a guardian and reading them from where? What source? A book? THE BIBLE!!

2. A book assembled by who? Other Humans? Men perhaps? Which men? Ancient tribal sheep herdsmen? And why just men? Why no women??

3. From a book brought over here to America by whom? God? Jesus? Pilgrims? It was Christopher Columbus!!!

4. A book brought over here by Christopher Columbus via a ship to America, religion is spread by human contact only!

5. A book that was written and assembled by men and a vote decided by a counsel of religious fanatics and drunkards, men.

6. A book that was assembled by men, that were under extreme duress to explain the unknown using only their imagination and calling it, inspired from a god.

7. A book that was written on papyrus and has been translated by men over 1600 times.

8. A book that was assembled by men that had little or no education or scientific knowledge.

9. A book assembled by men, whom as far as anyone knows were totally and completely insane.

10. A book assembled by men, whom as far as we know, were completely stoned out from opium or hashish or wine.

11. A book assembled by men, to control men, and to forgive men, and to condone their wars and evil thoughts and deeds, also slavery, rape and incest.

12. A book assembled by men, to control people with fear and threats of eternal damnation.

13. A book assembled by men, with pages of atrocities and mental anguish and superstitions.

14. A book assembled by men, over 2000 years ago, not worthy to be called reliable in any manner.

15. A book assembled by men, which men and what was their real names? All we have is their made up first names, not that it would make it any more believable.

16. A filthy lying book assembled by men called the bible, not even worthy to be trampled over by nasty stinking pigs.

17. A book that is out of date and is not compatible with reality or modern times and rejects modern day scientific facts.

18. An ancient book assembled by ancient men and ancient superstitious thinking and ignorant beliefs.

19. A book written and assembled by men to control people and their money by injecting fear, by a threat of an imaginary hell.

20. Before 1492, there had never been a Bible or church on American soil.

That my friends is were the American people hear such foolish nonsense words, they are words we hear repeatedly from fools thinking that the bible possesses some form of knowledge. It's the book of fools, it's been tried and tested and always comes back as the book of fools.

The Bible is the origin of words used and accepted by fools, as written in the book of fools.

The Bible, the book of fools along with the mighty Q'uran!

Try to remember where you heard the first references to salvation and sin etc., where you born with the knowledge of these words or were they just learned from repetition from other humans?

We all have such low opinion of ourselves that the Bible puts us in our place, not worthy of anything and below everything else. The bible says everyone deserves hell, I say bullshit!!!

Not One Word!!!

Not one word in the Bible can be proved to be true!!!

Not one sentence in the Bible can be proved to be true!!!

Not one paragraph in the Bible can be proved to be true!!!

Nothing written in the Bible can be proven to be true or to have been inspired from a god!!!!

Yet millions of people are afraid not to believe it, why???

Could it be, because daddy (god) will spank you????

What a dumbass, the bible god!!!!

So this bible god will send you to hell depending upon which doctrine you allow your brain to believe, yeah nice god you got there!!!!

As long as it's the one you haven chosen to believe, then you're OK, huh????

Bible God is a dumbass!!!!

This Bible god whom supposedly created the entire universe in just six days could not even control the very first two people that he suppossedly created in the first place.

This Bible god supposedly created an angel called Satan, whom he lost control of in Heaven and let this angel corrupt the Earth from the very beginning?

The Bible god has the very same attributes as a man, he is emotional, gets angry and avenges anyone that does not believe in him.

Yet this same god leaves it up to the very wicked people that he regretted making in the first place, to explain and spread his plan of salvation, without a single doubt in anyones mind.

Wouldn't after Adam and Eve disobeyed God, wouldn' this had been the best time to introduce a persanal savior, Jesus?

Jesus, God's only begotten son, but God had other sons, Genesis 6:2

Think about what you are trying to believe!!!!

Lets All Kill Each Other Please!!!!

Apparently a belief in an imaginary God is more valuable and important than a human life!

Not one belief in any God is worth a single human life, anywhere in the world!!!

Tell me where I'm wrong!!!!

Religion Is A Mental Sickness

We are all born without any previous knowledge of a God or any religion.

Where do we hear about a God? From other people! Not from a God! Where do other people hear it from? A book! A book that was written over 2000 years ago by Opium dopehead gypsies.

We are all born non-believers, therefore we are all born Atheist. All people are Atheist, if you do not believe in Orisis, then you're an Atheist to that God, if you do not believe in Zeus, then you are an Atheist to that God. I just do not happen to believe in the bible God, because I do not believe there exists a God that friggin stupid and ignorant.

If you believe in the Bible God, then you're no smarter than the people that wrote the stinking shit and you're just plain ignorant.

Preachers say that the bible is an instruction manual, like comes out with a car, but the Bible does not come out with the product, it's just a lie perpetrated by other people.

I Love Jesus, and Jesus Loves Me

Saying those three words, I love Jesus, what do they mean?
It means you're using a character whom you've been told is very admirable, as a replacement or substitute for the love that you never received as a child by your father. If you do not believe it, examine your past life, how many times have you been told by your biological father that he loves you and has shown genuine affection towards you? Be truthful now, how many times as opposed to how many times your mother told you that she loves you and cares for you?

This lack of love and affection from the father is simply the main cause of religious fanaticism. Saying Jesus loves me or God loves me has absolutely no meaning, but it gives one a since of false hope that some day the love and affection that has been missing in your life from your own father will some day be fulfilled and received by the Heavenly Father as promised that was written by men over 2000 years ago in the Bible, and in some cases, if not all cases, the lack of love and affection shown to the wife from the husband, being that the husband replacing the father, people have been told that the belief in a mythological Jesus and God figure can and will someday fulfill that role of missing love and affection. This they vehemently pray.

To say, I love Jesus and Jesus loves me, gives one in their mind, a temporary placebo calming effect as to being loved by someone very important, but who better to be loved by than a figure out of the ancient book so futantly cherished by so many, called the Holy Bible.

Because we've been told and repeated the Bible stories by our parents and were told as they were pure fact, and were told the Biblical events really did happen, without a shred of proof, or evidence, we never asked for proof, we believed our parents or fully trusted whomever told the stories to us since early childhood, but surely our parents would not intentionally and willingly lie to us or mislead us, but they did! Not intentionally! But not knowing themselves that they were lied to also, by their parents.

This is the reason so many adults and Christians resent and reject being told and proven that their religion and Christian beliefs are wrong, it goes against childhood indoctrination and would also make their parents bold face liars, unfortunately this cause and effect is wide spread all across the world, why do you think there so much fighting and killing and war, especially in the middle-east and in homes and in families?

Religions and religious beliefs separate us as human beings on this planet. The Christians resent being shown that the Bible is false, so much that they put Atheists and non-believers in the same class as communists, which clearly shows how childish and how afraid they are to see their beliefs and the Great Holy Bible as being false, people would rather support a needless war and kill innocent people, than admit and see that a belief is just a placebo to comfort them from the fear that the lie they were told by their parents is just that, a flat out lie!

The Bible says "Thou Shalt Not Kill" what good is it, saying that?
Thou Shall Not Murder, but we do! As a Nation, as a Country! We support Israel, where do you think they get their weapons? We support a country that rejects the belief in Jesus and his teachings how frigging stupid is that? Apparently no one in the USA really believes in Jesus or what he supposedly taught either, just with their mouths, as he supposedly said they would.

The power of childhood indoctrination is so powerful that you can control huge masses of people, why else would so many young men and women be so willing to jump aboard a ship or plane and go to another country and fight and kill innocent people, and children, even if by accident, or even themselves, if they had not been indoctrinated at such an early age that they were fulfilling a great cause, The will of God and Jesus! And God will sort out the righteous and judge the aggressors, yeah right! NP!

Fatal Flaw Found In The New Testiment

Jesus's physical body was gone. Why? If it is the "soul" that rises to Heaven, the tomb needed not to be opened.

But the tomb was OPENED!!! WHY???
Because Jesus walked out, thats why, and millions have fallen for the JESUS HOAX!!!!

There was no need for the tomb to be opened, but yes, it was witnessed by many, the tomb was open. His physical body did not rise to Heaven according to scripture, the body does not rise, it's the soul that rises.

Jesus's physical body should have still been in the tomb, but it was gone!!! Why??? Because Jesus walked out, or it was carried out, thats why?

Jesus and his wiley disciples faked his death in order for the premeditated prophesy to appear to have become true.

Jesus took a boat to Japan and married and had children and was burried in Japan.


Why is it that we are expected to believe the Bible and it's teachings or we'll be sent to Hell if we do not believe the filthy shit?


An Atheist is a caring and Loving Human Being, that is concerned about the well being of his/her fellow man/woman.

I, as a self-professing Atheist do not support lying, cheating, stealing, adultery, wars, hatred, murder, nor harm to any other human being, nor do I believe you can commit a crime and ask an imaginary being for forgiveness.

I agree with most of the Ten Commandments, although, I also believe that any human being living at that time, could have wrote the ten commandments, and I do not believe that they were not inspired or written by an invisible god.

An Atheist does not claim to be an Atheist just to be opposed to a god, as Christians would have people to believe.

An Atheist does not believe in invisible beings or invisible gods or bible gods or mythological gods, nor man-made gods, nor imaginary entities.

An Atheist does not prescribe to religious creeds nor codes nor the ancient teachings handed down from another human being to another human being.

Most of, the majority of Atheist's live by the strictest Moral Standards weighed by his/her own conscious, which in most cases, their morals rise well above those that claim to have been initiated into spiritual righteousness or a Christian.

An Atheist does not Hate any god, because they do not believe you can hate something that is not real or does not exist.

An Atheist does not believe in ghosts, holy spirits, souls, miracles, oracles, faith, healing, witches, prayer, speaking in tongues, virgin births, baptism, heaven, hell, Angels, gods, Jesus, Allah, Mohammad, Satan, Lucifer, devils, etc, Buddha, Zeus, Orisis, nor other invisible gods, nor imaginary beings, etc.

An Atheist does not claim any title, to proclaim their worthiness.

An Atheist is a Rational Thinking Human Being.

An Atheist does not believe what a man wrote down in books that is claimed to have been inspired by a god.

No Atheist has ever crucified another human being.

No Atheist has ever started any war.

Hitler was not an Atheist, Hitler was a Christian claiming to be doing the will of the bible god, killing Jews.

I Believe In Freedom Of Speech, So Speak Up!

I think most of us were raised to be a coward, it appears that we are so afraid of what others will think of us that most people that visit this blog, are apparently too coward to leave a comment or just intellectually lazy, which is it?

When I go to another blog, if I agree or disagree with their blog theme, I usually leave a message, I know if they disagree with what ever I say they can easily delete my comments and they have absolutely no idea who I am.

Are you all that scared to leave a comment?

Setting Around The Campfire 2000 Years Ago

New Testament: Mark 3 vs 13-19

14 And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach.

15 And to have power to heal sicknesses and to cast out devils.

16 And Simon he surnamed Peter;

17 And James the son of Zebedee and John the brother of James and he surnamed them Bo-an-er-ges, which is, The sons of thunder:

18 And Andrew, and Phillip and Bartholomew, and Matthew, and Thomas and James the son of Al-phae-us and Thad-dae-us and Simon the Cannite.

19 And Judas Iscariot, which also betrayed him; and they went into a house.

Nothing like setting around the old campfire over 2000 years ago, nothing has changed!

Intellectual Honesty

What brilliant two words?? Those two words says so much, so much about each one of us!!

Please consider what Intellectual Honesty means!

Intellectual honesty with oneself, will lead to personal empowerment and triumph over ignorance and silly man made beliefs!

To Thine Own Self Be True, this statement applied daily will cause one to rise above Christianity.

Rise above Christianity??

Imagine That!!!

Christianity is for people that let others tell them how to think and live according to a book with words written by men for men to control men and to forgive men for their less than human trespasses against others when people unwisely move out of their human character, thusly when people revert or slip back to their animalistic character and do unto others, there's this feeling of guilt a signal from one's intellectual honesty, knowing full well what is right, thus instead of righting their wrong and admitting to their victim that they where wrong and seek immediate forgiveness or an immediate remedy, out of self-induced pride and ego.

Christians find it more convenient to turn to an imaginary forgiver, to right their wrong so that they themselves may be looked upon favorably by this imaginary God, just by their ability to come forward and humble themselves to be deemed less than perfect and therefore can live peacefully with their wrongness.

To hide oneself in religion and Christianity one will never be able to recognize their folly, because one's intellectual honesty is never exposed, nor is intellectual honesty recognized as a human virtue, by preferring to believe that the Bible as being the utmost authority on human moral character, and prefering to seek forgiveness from an imaginary God and by cowardly neglecting to right their wrongs they've done against their fellow man, either verblly or physically..

A Major Fatal Flaw Discovered, In The New Testament!

Jesus's physical body was gone. Why? If it is the soul that rises to Heaven, the tomb need not be opened.

But the tomb was OPENED!!! WHY???
Because Jesus walked out, thats why, and millions have fallen for the JESUS HOAX!!!!

There was no need for the tomb to be opened, but yes, it was witnessed by many, the tomb was open. His physical body did not rise to Heaven according to scripture the Body does not rise, it's the soul that rises.

Jesus's physical body should have still been in the tomb, but it was gone!!! Why??? Because Jesus walked out, or it was carried out, thats why?

The False Peace and Joy Religions Give

Ah Religion! You've got your feet planted firmly in a belief system. You're in, what peace, what joy, you're saved, you're secure, you are now accepted by the religious crowd, you can now blend in, no more quenched eye gazes from the religious crowd. What a relief to belong to a belief that is accepted by practically every member of the community. Now you can share in the praises and gospel singing and shout a Hallelujah once in a while, you can even speak in tongues and pretend that you are speaking directly to God, and you can exert your prayers on to people, especially the one's that do not share in your belief. Now you can stand away and judge others that do not believe as you do. You're a grand champion for your God and childhood beliefs. You now can put on your "Full Armor of God", and nothing will stop you, you're invincible, if God be for you, who will be against you? Now you can get up in front of people and pretend like you're in the Holy Spirit of God, and act like an Insane Half-crazed Banshee and no one will judge you for acting crazy and totally insane, because they believe that you are not acting, nor pretending. This is the foolishness that religions offer, complete insanity. No one should want to act like this, surely there cannot be a God that wants such foolishness displayed as this.

The True Story Of Jesus As Never Been Heard

Jesus was the fall-guy for the biggest hoax to have ever been spread over the history of human kind. The story's original intent was not to deceive the entire world, but just to deceive the local towns people of that era, into not stoning Mary and Joseph to death, for having a baby out of wedlock.

How Jesus Became Savior Of The World

Mary was 13 when her father gave his blessings to Joseph for her hand in marriage, but Mary became pregnant before the wedding, Mary had been sexually molested and raped by her trusted godhead of her church, her priest had his eyes on Mary for quite some time, she's was very attractive and the envy of all of the towns males, with lust in their hearts continually. Now the young horney priest devised a way to trick the young unsuspecting Mary into giving up her virginity, he told her that he could Initiate Her Into The Kingdom Of Heaven, only if she did as he requested, naturally she would not want to question a man of the cloth, she willingly obeyed his every wish and command.

Now approximately 4 weeks later Mary feels faint and nauseated, and her monthly period had stopped, so she asked a Nun what could possibly be wrong with her, she says, My Dear One You're With Child, frantically Mary says, How Can This Be? I Have Been With No Man! And the priest (father of the child) walks in and overhears the conversation. and says, What Great Joy, You've Received Your Miracle! You will now surely enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you've received a blessing, a Holy child from God, but Mary knows now that it was not a miracle from God, but she now realizes that she had been raped by a man claiming to be of God, nothing has changed to this day.

Mary says how can I tell Joseph? He'll put me away (kill her), the priest says you must tell everyone that you were inseminated by an Angel and that the Holy prophesy of our coming messiah has finally come true, otherwise if you tell the truth, we will all be stoned to death, including the Priest, along with Mary and Joseph, for having a baby out of wedlock, was an unpardonable sin, 2000 years ago.

Now Jesus having been told since the day he was born, that he was the messiah child of God, had no choice but to believe it himself, just like people tell their children today that the Bible is all true, and when they are adults it's hard to shake the parental brainwashing. Most people refuse to believe it is a lie, because their parents swore it was all true.

Back in those times before Jesus, it was custom to lend burnt offerings, sacrifice lambs, blood lettings, for atonement for sins, so the towns people decided to make the ultimate sacrifice to God, a real live human being! This way they would no longer have to kill lambs, or calves on a daily basis, and if Jesus is really from God, then he can save himself.

Why is it that so many people refuse to see that this is exactly what happened?

Why do so many people want to believe in a human sacrifice, for forgiveness of sins?

God supposedly created the entire universe in just 6 days, but it took him 4000 years to come up with the Jesus salvation plan fraud, what took God so long?.

Look At What We've All Become

We're a nation of scared religious buffoons, we've been scared for over 2000 years from some words that were written down on papyrus by a bunch of Opium headed winos, spewing their religious cliche's as an excuse and to save us for everything we do, and for every breath we take. We're a bunch mimicking walking-talking-religious self-righteous Robots. Aren't we all so perdy and cute?

And finally Sunday rolls around and it's show time! We get to put on our glorious self-righteous show!!! Pass the offering plate quick, First Things Are First! MONEY!! Get Those Green Stamps Out!! The One True Faith!! Money!! Lets get this over with! Now lets all get lost in the songs and our self-petulation. Lets all examine the handy crafted premeditated program thoughtfully laid out by the program director, which would make most any God's pride beam with glorious envy, so they all would like for you to think!

Now the preacher has a turn, and he's boasting about how much God must be so proud of him for his weekly studies in order to bring you this wonderful message of hope, faith, grace and salvation. None of us apparently have a brain of our own, we've allowed people with a religious claim and we presume that they know more than we do, we sit back and allow the religious experts and the politicians and all the wolves in sheep's clothing, entice us and sway our thoughts with their sweet words and their fake promises in the here-after, like they know, and you're not allowed to use your common sense or think anything, except what they tell you.

We want to be led around like little puppies, and spoon fed sweet little lies, we want to be nursed, we never get the courage to grow up mentally and leave momma and the playpen, you can call me names, but you better not call my momma names. How did we as intelligent human beings, let all this happen?

Mothers Have Spoiled Us All

We are a product of our up-bringing. We run cold away with fear from people that do not say the sweet endearment phrases that our mothers have spoiled us with. Aren't you a sweet thing? Oh how cute you look! Jesus loves you! We judge people based on their words and what their facial expressions are and by what kind sweet words that they have waiting for us, we befriend people that tell us how wonderful we are, and providing they do not judge us. People are even more than willing to pay a preacher to tell them just what they want to hear, isn't that so beyond foolish? This is the reason the church and religions are so popular, as long as you perform as prescribed, the church members and preacher will love you and brag on you, as long as you goose-step to their expectations, you're in, and most people are so afraid to step out of line, because of the fear and to disbelieve what their momma or relative told them that it was true, this would surely be perceived as a rebellious act against mother or father or church teachings, this is one reason the bible writers invented the threat of hell, to keep fear instilled into people so that they can control masses of people with fear, and the honor your mother and father thing, be sure to believe anything that they tell you, at all costs.

Momma said it was all true, then it must be.

I'm lying in my crib 52 years ago, looking up at the ceiling and momma walks over with a Kind Smile and says God and Jesus loves you, and I think wow, God Loves me and Jesus Loves me, and someone suddenly walks into the room with a smirk on their face, and I say to myself I hate them people, they have a smirk on their face, they are a threat to me and my safety, they must not Love God or Jesus, they must be Atheists, they hate God and Jesus, so I associate my moms smiling face with God and Jesus loves me, and I have heard the same repeated shit all through my life and now most people associate Love and smiling faces with God and Jesus. Now I want to associate myself with people that have a smile and say God and Jesus loves me, because it's safe, what safety, it provides comfort, it takes me back to my playpen days of thinking, and now the church members are all looking for the God and Jesus loves me cliche, to comfort them and for safety, because momma said it was true. Now as long as people tell me how wonderful I am and God and Jesus loves me, I'm ok, I'm a Christian, but when people do not tell me how wonderful I am, I see them as Atheists and they hate God and Jesus. Now I can judge and condemn others long as I live, because momma certainly would not lead me wrong. Can anyone see what brainwashing at such an early age can do to people? Isn't this exactly what all religions represent? We want and seek validation from anyone, or any God or demi-god, we're looking for self worth, either from our parents or somewhere, just anywhere. Why do we have to look outside of ourselves for verification? Because momma told us that something outside of ourselves, Loves Us.


Did I say lost? How can anyone be lost in religion? Could it be that people feel safe in the concept of religion. Since American society is mostly based on the concept of religion, most people will feel safe and accepted spouting religious cliche's. Christians have come to believe if they go around mimicking Christ, then people in society will perceive them as being Holy and Sanctimonious, while God above is watching, and by pretending to mimic Jesus, they will meet God's Holy approval from Heaven. We see people Lost in religion, they have substituted all their born common sense for a concept that their parents told them it was true. And to stand up against their parents and tell them it's all a lie, would be like slapping them in the face. In all reality that is exactly just what they need, a damned good slap in the face.

Fake Gods and Beliefs

What would society be like, if no one had ever heard of the Bible or Quran?

Can anyone imagine?

Would we still be living with the Indians in peace and harmony and living in fear of progress?

What would people of today do without the fear of an imaginary Hell and a judgemental God?

Would people go around others and proclaim self-righteous indignation, like they do these days?

Would all people seem to be equal in the eyes of each other?

Would we have prejudice because of skin color or different religious beliefs?

Would we kill others, because they do not share the same beliefs?

Would we have all the modern conveniences that we have today, because we believe that an imaginary God wants us to prosper?

Why is it that most people think that a belief in a God validates them as having a meaningful purpose in life?

Why is it that some people insist in believing that a God has chosen some people above others to represent this imaginary God, without a shred of verifiable proof or evidence?

Why is it that most religious people insist that their brand of religion and beliefs, are the only true validated accepted beliefs?

What makes most religious people feel Holier than others and this somehow gives them license to judge and condemn others?

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL