Patronization and People Pleasing

Hey, how are you? .....Aren't you pretty? .....Aren't you cute? .....Aren't you sweet? .....Don't you look nice today? ......It's good to see you! .....Merry Christmas! .....I love you! .....I love Jesus!

Do not address people in the pretty way they expect to hear, and they will judge you and hate you!
Say none of these petty things to people, nor patronize them, and here comes the condescending labels.

He/she is so bitter! ..... Why are they so mean? .....Why are they so hateful?.....He/she is a Atheist! .....He/she is of the devil! .....He/she is the anti-christ! .....I hate them! They are thinking to themselves!

A broad sweep of insanity of that of what is expected from the indoctrination of endearment terms from our mother, our uncles, aunts, grandparents, associates, and preachers and most people do not even know this or realize what is going on in their heads.

Because we have been conditioned from childhood and early on to react to words and judge others according to their expected terms of endearment.
If people do not tell us just exactly what we want to hear upon first meeting them, then we tend to cast judgment upon them, this is the spiteful poison of Christianity and self-righteousness.
We want people to tell us how wonderful that we are, and if we do not get it, we turn into little hate-filled self-righteous monsters.

Self-preservation, self-glorification, self-endearment, by being spoiled by endearment terms misused from childhood. This is the mental disease that destroys every person. This is the poison that maims and self-destructs us from achieving and accomplishing things greater than our parents and others that we have allowed to destroy us inside with their petty words.

Most fathers do not patronize their children, but some do, one reason of many why so many fathers are hated.


Deacon Barry said...

It's a kid's lot in life to have adult relatives say these things to them. A little kid just soaks up the adulation, and accepts that they are the centre of the world. As they grow older, they realise that adults say these things to every child, and part of the process of maturing is understanding that they are not the centre of the world, but just one spoke in the circle of life. Once they become a teenager, it stops. Nobody ever said "Aren't you cute." to a grungy teen wearing an AC/DC t-shirt.

Bentley said...

That's so profound! Thanks deacon!

Anonymous said...

If I were to think back to childhood, I'd miss my GI Joe Doll's--the non-fuctioning penis's didn't work too well as I had each doll hump the other. Having my Mom & Dad allow me to run out in a rainstorm to the little treehouse I built for the dolls in the woods was an eye opener---they said: "This little sissy cares more about his GI Joe Dolls getting wet than his health?--Yep he's going to be gay!" (smirk) Learned behavior is evolutionary at best. We are all evolving from former stories and supersitions of our fathers and mothers. Hince, my Dad loved GI Joe's in a "blow 'em up" kinda way---however, I evolved and whether Dad liked it or not, I partnered mine up (giggle).

Bentley said...

What a strange responce, but I like it! Atleast your mind is working!

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This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
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Divine Justice?
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This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
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