The Atheist Pledge

I an Atheist, from this day forward, pledge to live and think in terms of reality, reason, and common sense for the betterment of my country and my fellow man, and I will never let my mind be encumbered with silly beliefs of ancient superstitious ignorance and lies written down in a book consisting of ghosts, saints, angels, spirits, demons, souls and invisible beings that is passed down and falsely accepted through society as absolute truth.

I an Atheist, intend to take care of this planet and respect it''s animals, wildlife and not to harm another human being through wars caused by religion, jealousy, politics, race or color of another human being.

I an Atheist, also pledge not to deplete the earth's natural resources with an irrational philosophy that a flying dead zombie messiah is on his way back from heaven to destroy the planet and it's inhabitants.

100% Proof There Is No Loving God

Christians constantly remind their phony god about how wonderful he is in spite of the fact he/she lets children starve to death daily and gives people (mostly christians) cancer and horrible diseases.

Why would anyone in their 'right mind' pretend to worship and give praise to a god that would allow over 6 million of his (favorite people) to be murdered, when the same god supposedly hardened Pharaoh's heart a bazillion times just to prove a silly and petty point?

The same god sat there and fooled around with the Pharaoh for how many years, and yet the same god never lifted a finger to help his favorite people, the Jews.

A god that would allow infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly, handicapped, sick and innocent people who where tortured and maimed and murdered, shot with machine guns and ripped apart and pushed off into open graves, with a bulldozer while many were still alive?

What kind of person will pretend to worship that kind of god and condone his very actions of not stepping in and putting an end to all that murder and suffering?

What kind of god would allow this to happen to anyone?????

ANSWER - Certainly not a loving bible god!

This very same god that is said to take a personal interest in people, yeah as long it's a Pharaoh or a King, or a so-called prophet, yeah no problem.

All this personal god would have had done is caused Hitler to have a stroke or a heart attack, or a stray bullet and no one would have know a god had intervened, but there is no god that takes a personal interest in anyone, because there is no god, period.

This all loving bible god, all he had to have done is take out "one mentally psychotic man" and he chose not to, that is no god, it's a Satanic evil monster.

Just like he chose to send a baby found in the bushes to intervene with Pharaoh after 400 years, of shameless murdering and needless suffering with the 40 billion needless plagues.

The same god came around looking for Moses to kill him but his wife cut his sons foreskin and threw it towards him so he changed his mind.

I suggest christians investigate what kind of god they are pretending to worship.

America was discovered by insane religious fanatics.

Beliefs inciting the existence of imaginary beings imposed upon children and adults that are taught as true and agreed upon by any society is a form of child abuse and the foundation for a mentally ill society.

Religious beliefs are the core of a mentally ill and a coward society!

The use of words such as prayer, blessings, disciples, apostle, miracles, souls, sin, gods, saviors, demons, devils, witches, heaven, hell, ghosts, good spirits, bad spirits, saved, unsaved, church, are all indicators of mentally ill indoctrination.

The use of metaphorical phrases such as, Walk with god, Invite Jesus into your heart, I'll pray for you, You've received a miracle, You have turned your back on god, I have a relationship with Jesus, I've received a blessing, You're going to hell, he/ she's with Jesus now, Put it at the feet of Jesus, are all indicators of indoctrinated mental illness.

The self-elected title of Christian, Muslim, Mormon, Jew, apostle, disciple, minister, reverend, preacher, pastor, bishop, pope, are all titles imposed by false indoctrinated religious beliefs.

The constant use of nonsense religious words and phrases are the indicator of a mentally ill society which is the state America is in today. The violence and the state of rampant insanity is at the core of religious beliefs imposed upon America by it's insane religious fanatic so-called founders, Christian cowards.

Why the atheistic view must struggle to survive.

Since Atheists have no glutinous charismatic leaders to lie for us and claim victory for something that does not exist, Atheists blogs are as about as useless as a set of tits on a doorknob.

The stance of Atheism or the default position of no god's existing after being born into this world, Atheism is a natural position of a person's ability to reason within one's own mind, this is before the external influences are brought on by outside sources of previous existing parental Biblical induced indoctrination.

The contents of the Bible in America is falsely advertised as an absolute universal truth claim, just as a persons current native language is accepted as their universal language truth claim.

Since the English language is the current standard for communication used by the white man in America as opposed to the unacceptable pre-existing Indian dialect, the English language is perceived as an absolute truth claim on this continent. Therefore the Bible which was translated into the English language and brought over here by the white man, the Bible is also considered an absolute truth claim, in the minds of the people who desire to believe that the Bible is the absolute word from a god, for the following reasons given below.

After having delved one's self into reading the Bible and by falsely thinking they have found absolute universal truth while seeking for answers for their own existence, the Bible believer is led to believe that they have been awarded the permission to elevate one's self to to the throne of self-righteousness, thinking they have accidentally found the best news a person could possibly stumble onto. Therefore the Bible persuades and convinces in the readers mind that they have found the absolute righteous universal truth that has secretly been revealed to them through the Holy Spirit by reading a book that claims to have been inspired with holy words written by ancient prophetic wise and clever sheep and goat herders that lived over 2000 years ago and was written with a message of divine revelation directed specifically towards the reader from the creator of the universe with their best interest in mind for the eternal destiny of their soul after they are deceased.

After accepting the Bible as absolute truth, the reader now perceives it as their chosen duty and righteous commission to take on the world and to save the lost sinners from the flames of hell with their steadfast ability to walk with god in unison and in his perfect righteousness, as if to say "This is my son with whom I'm well pleased!". Hence now the Bible believer is now ready to roll up their sleeves and do god's holy divine will and follow in his footsteps and without even considering to travel to other lands to save the lost multitudes, they conveniently stay here in America and eagerly proclaim their newly found ignorance among one another as if no one person living in America today has ever heard of the Bible, nor of the name Jesus, except for a lucky chosen few Christians, after having mined the Bible for it's shinny worthless iron pyrite tripe.

Just imagine what a supreme feeling it must surely be for the Christian to self-elect one's self to the position of disciple and apostle of the most powerful being to have ever been invented and endorsed by a bunch of uneducated sheep and goat herders around 2000 years ago, imagine what a pseudo feeling of self-aggrandizement it must surely be, while the rest of us nonbelievers are just lowly infidel atheists without a belief in imaginary beings to promote us up to a false level of saintly status.

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL