Have you lost your mind to Jebus?

The Christian thinks he/she has miraculously stumbled upon ultimate absolute truth from a book that is obviously been contrived by very ignorant men.

More brilliance from Articulette!

god isn't real.
There are no invisible people, with the advent of the Internet, there is no longer a reason for anyone to continue to be steeped in 2000 year old ignorance. Your holy book is no more divine than the Quo'ran or Book of Mormon. Real beings are distinguishable from non-beings because they are made of cells. Although they may be microscopic, they are not invisible, immaterial, and undetectable.
If there was real scientific evidence for supernatural beings, scientists would be testing, refining, and honing that evidence for their own benefit. And they would probably all be the same religion too. We'd be able to tell real gods, demons, ghosts, and fairies from myths and imaginary beings. Your indoctrinators wouldn't need to manipulate with threats of hell and promises of salvation-- the evidence would suffice.

Before the Bible can be true, these claims must also be true.

* The world is only 6 thousand years old.

* A god has to rest every seven days and has to constantly be reminded about how great a god he is by song and praise. (Otherwise, he'll send you to hell.)

* People and animals can be created from dirt.

* A god has no control over evil.

* Bushes, snakes and donkeys can sometimes talk .

* Flooding the entire earth with water and killing every living thing will eliminate all evil.

* The Sun goes around the earth every day.

* The world is flat and the earth is at the center of the universe.

* No other planets or galaxies exist.

* Prayer has special secret power to influence a god to change his mind.

* Miracles and blessing are happening every moment.

* A god and jesus lives in the clouds above us, as planes and rockets fly right through them.

* Angels and demons abound everywhere.

* God loves everybody, but if you do not believe in his son he will send you to hell.

* Diseases are caused by demons, evil spirits and witch spells.

* Dinosaurs never existed, Satan planted those bones on earth to deceive the believers and to weaken their faith.

* Someone can kill 1000 men with the jawbone of a donkey because their strength is in their hair.

* A person can live in the belly of a whale for three days and nights and survive.

* The heart is the center of all thought and emotions.

* There is no such thing as a brain.

* Your penis must be circumcised to enter the kingdom of heaven.

* Virgin birth is possible.

* Jesus is alive and is walking around somewhere.

* People can be raised from the dead.

* Water can be turned into wine.

*  An uncircumsized male nor a bastard child cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

* 5000 people can easily be fed with two loaves of bread and two fishes.

* The human heart has vocal cords and can speak directly to the Bible god.

* The study of science is the work of the devil.

* The invisible god, jesus, demons, angels, satan, heaven, hell, souls and invisible beings can only exist by having extreme amounts of faith.

* Mountains can be moved with faith no larger than the size of a mustard seed.

* A christian can drink any poison and it will not kill them.

* A christian can handle poisonous snakes and they will not die.

* All women, (females) are the cause of all the worlds problems and has always been.

 A person can be talking to themselves and be judged insane, but if someone is seen pretending to talk to and praying to invisible deities they are considered wise and noble.

If you happen to kill a group of people that you do not like and then tell people you had a vision of Jesus, afterwards you will be recognizedized as a Saint.

If a person is suffering from delusions they are labeled insane, but if a group of people are suffering from delusions it is called a religion.

There’s no intelligent person who has not sit calmly to reason and question their religion honestly without rejecting it.

When confronting a Christian about their silly childhood indoctrinated beliefs, they will adamantly respond using Pascal's wager by saying" If the Bible is untrue then I have lost absolutely nothing, but if the Bible is true, then I have a place reserved for me in heaven and the unbeliever will spend the rest of eternity in hell."

But if the Bible is untrue then, you have waisted a great portion of the only time you have on this earth helping propagate the biggest lie and hoax ever invented by human kind, by misleading naive and gullible people into believing in unsubstantiated claims and unproven accertions in your attempt to make yourself look unpretentiously pious and self righteous.

The entire central story of Christianity is a gaping plothole nailed to a stick.

God sacrificing himself to himself to allow himself to be less angry at critters he made eating some of his magical fruit, because that act somehow broke the universe and God needed blood to fix the universe and only his own blood had enough magic to do it, so he gave himself a body and killed it.

God loving the world so much that he gave his only begotten son to himself in blood-form makes no sense!

The result of religious dogma

To most people living today living in a modern society with computers, automobiles and so many inventions of thought filled convenience, the Bible and it's many religions should be to the majority of people an obvious lie and man made invented ploy to control the masses of fearful religious cowards, but because the Bible offers such tremendous rewards for belief and outstanding threats of punishment for disbelief of the Bible, it was written with the foreknowledge that humans are inherently fearful cowards, most people are afraid to stand up for themselves, so much so they're even afraid to challenge our political leaders whom start and invent wars to make people think that the Muslims or communists are headed over here some 5000 miles away and take over this country. If any country decides to take over America it will not be taken by hand to hand combat, it will be by nuclear proliferation and the US has been dumbed down so much through religious dogma stuck up it's ass as to not respond until it's way too late and I imagine most of the other countries are aware of that fact.

No other countries are announcing that they are wanting to be just like America, a Christian nation and giving up their ideologies in admiration of ours. Therefore if America is ever taken over by another country, it will be to dissolve our ideology and to continue with the spread of their brand of ideology.

Just one statement below proves 100% there is no god.

An all knowing-loving god would not allow the annihilation of over 6 million of his favorite people, the Jews!   Nor would a loving god let the Sandy Hook shooting happen.

The source of g-o-d = d-o-g

The charactor of the Bible god is portayed as if he was a d-o-g

If a dog likes you he/she will never betray you.

The dog will always be loyal to you.

You can kick, curse and theaten the dog and it will always come back to you.

A dog will never leave you.

A dog will follow you where ever you may go.

A dog will sacrifice it's own life (per jebus) trying to save your life.

A dog will wait anxiously for you to call his /her name.

A dog will live it's life around yours.

A dog will love you unconditionally.

A dog can be a very vicious animal.

The verses that Jesus himself wrote and inscribed into the Bible

Below are the many many verses that Jesus personally wrote down and inscribed into the Bible and New Testament.
-------------------------------------------------------------- (empty) Nada - zilch - nothing!

If everything that Jesus said and did while he was on earth were written down, I suppose there would so many books that the whole world could not contain them.

Obvious faults found in the Buy-bull

The buybull is the total fabrication of very uneducated men.
Genesis - the first book of the buybull, was supposedly written by whom?
Moses, whom wasn't yet born, yet it is written as if he was actually there himself to witness the whole creation process himself.
Moses wasn't born until over some 400 years later on after some people supposedly lived over 800 years themselves.
A God can create the entire universe in just six days, yet he can't author nor write a book for himself, he has to inspire the wicked infidels that (he regretted making) to write it for him.
A God has to rest after seven days, it's apparently hard work speaking things into existence after six whole days.
God supposedly told Adam to name all the animals but he forgot to name the months and days of the week which where named after Norse and Greek gods.
A seven day week had not yet been established by humans, nor had any of the days been named -Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday
The buybull was written as if the earth is the only planet in existence in the entire universe and
it is being monitored and watched by a god through a small pin hole lens.
The buybull god is supposedly an all knowing god, but yet he has to ask Adam and Eve where where they? He has to ask Cain where was his brother? Cain said his punishment was too great
because everyone that finds him will want to kill him, yet there were supposedly only three people in existence at that time.
The Forbidden Tree Of Good and Evil fabrication.
If you were to place a loaded weapon accessible to children who never seen a loaded weapon before and told them to not touch the weapon and knowing full well that children are naturally curious, would you expect them to listen to you? Of course not!
Even if you told each one of them they were going to die, and them not knowing what death is, would they listen to you?
Of course not!
So to prevent a tragedy and already knowing what the outcome would be, what would a wise all-knowing god do?? (simple)
He/she would put the loaded weapon (tree) out of their freaking reach.
If you already knew where everything was, Would you ask anyone where they had been?
Would you ask someone where their brother is located, especially if you already knew he had been murdered?
Perhaps a man that invented a god would ask these ignorant questions!
If you were a smart and wise god and already knew that flooding the earth would not put an end to all evil what would you do?
Would you still commission someone to build a boat and summons all the animals, birds and insects to board it and then flood the whole planet and yet already knowing all along it would be just a waist of time? I hardly think so!
If you were invisible and wanted people to believe in you, would you send yourself to earth inseminate a virgin girl and have yourself murdered so that no one could see you and so then they could only believe in you by having faith, would that be the proof and evidence of a smart and wise god?
If you could eliminate all evil and suffering and death just by speaking your voice but choose not to, is that the evidence for a true all loving merciful god?
If I were a murderer of Christians and I told you that I had a vision of a savior, would you still believe everything from that point on what I said and wrote about and then later on label me as a divine Saint?
If you were a god and had sex with a young virgin girl out of wedlock, and you were vehemently against adultery, would you also then be labeled an adulterer?


The buy-bull has so many holes in it, it should be called Swiss cheese!!!

Religious psychotic dementia

To me and to other nonbelievers, it is evident that false beliefs in unsubstantiated claims and unfounded exertions falsely leads people to think they have found knowledge and wisdom beyond that which is unknowable to people that do not believe as they do, therefore making them feel superior and righteous for their unfounded beliefs. This in effect causes people to want to propagate and spread their unfounded beliefs and build churches and in turn pretend to worship imaginary beings and for some unfounded reason makes them think that they will be rewarded later on by their make believe god for their reverence. 

Christians think if they can convince another person to believe as they do, this also convinces them in their minds that they themselves have made a wise and cleaver decision and also makes them think they have convinced (fooled) their imaginary god that they are a good and moral person.

Now they can start claiming the false glorified titles and condemn people to hell that do not believe as they do.

When you believe in unsubstantiated claims and unfounded assertions, it is then that false beliefs are born, this leads people minds into unhealthy mental psychotic dementia and paranoid schizophrenia which is prevalent in society all around us today.

This Easter as I drove by some of the many local area churches, I read this on a church marquee.

Thank God for Jesus!!!

I'm wondering what would have happened if god had not sent himself down from heaven to save people from their sins? The Bible God is simply brilliant, cleverly recognizing man's need to be saved while surmising if he didn't hurry and do something very drastic, then he would have to throw every living person that has ever lived into hell for eternity.

Christianity is the belief that, a Jewish Zombie who was born of a virgin girl and is his own father, whom was murdered can make you live forever if you will symbolically pretend to eat his flesh and drink his blood and telepathically tell him you accept him as your personal savior so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in all humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree, plus there is an evil force that he also created to persuade humans into not believing the Bible and if you do not believe that he and his son are one and the same, then he will send you to the fiery hell that he also created to send all the nonbelievers.

This is the evidence of a very smart and all loving god, indeed!!!

Faith is the requirement from the absence of evidence and reason!

"The less evidence you have, the more faith you need to believe it!" - John Loftus

Another brilliant responce from Articulett to Harvey Burnett

It's you-- the dualist who has a problem-- you need to show that consciousness can exist absent a material brain. If this is so, how do you know a rock isn't conscious or the wind or that there's not immaterial demons in your brain making you believe silly things?

Without a working hippo campus you cannot even form a new memory-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmzU47i2xgw&feature=related
What could you be with no brain at all? The answer is nothing. You would be the same as any other dead animal. Anybody who claims to know about such things is talking out of their ass.

There is no consciousness without a material brain-- no ghosts, no demons, no fairies, no gods. Consciousness is the product of an evolved brain... things without brains do not need consciousness... consciousness evolved in creatures who survive and reproduce better with the type of consciousness they have. This is true for all animals which are conscious. Plants and bacteria and creatures without brains can survive and reproduce without being conscious. Immaterial beings are not alive... they wouldn't need to survive or reproduce. Get it?

If not blame your religious brainwashing coupled with your extreme scientific ignorance. And blame the meme (that you spread to others) that there's an immaterial being who will torture your "immortal soul" forever if you don't "believe in" and spread this nonsense.

Shot ole bro. Harvey Burnett down out of his ivory tower...LOL

Lets all do the Tebow!!!

Lets all pretend to submit ourselves invisible imaginary beings!

Lets all show the world how pious and righteous we really are!

Lets all weep for jebus!

Lets outlaw all secular ideas and vices!

Lets all wear robes and crosses!

Lets us constantly remind our invisible gods how wonderful they are so perhaps one day they will remember us and look down kindly toward us.

Why do people claim to be a christian?

Mainly because they have falsley been misled to believe that the bible and christianity represents absolute unabridged universal truth.

For some reason, people want to be perceived by other people as being good or having a specific purpose in being placed on this earth, instead of the world admitting that we are nothing more than the result of two animals getting together and having sex. For some reason people want be be perceived as being special, that some great invisible deity had enough in depth foresight many millennia ago to bring about YOU, good ole YOU! to make sure you arrive here on earth specifically to spread his message of salvation to save the world from his burning hell because YOU now suddenly have a PURPOSE and you want to show the world what a great ambassador and example of what wholesome goodness and godly purpose is all about.

The christian will wear crosses or have a bible around for people to see, you'll pray in restaurants for people to intentionally see that you are a follower of the bible, a servant of god and that you have purpose and want to impress upon people's minds that you are an ambassador and an example of all that is good and righteous and that you're more than the result of two animals just having sex.

You the christian want people to see that you follow orders and that you're obedient and a champion for god and you want to be an example for all that is good and that the world is doomed for hell if it were not for you and you'll not easily be swayed away from your silly childhood indoctrinated beliefs and you're a religious coward afraid to stand up against psuedo religious authority.

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL