The Bible UFO Connection

Gods, UFOs, and the BibleTheologian and author Patrick Cooke discussed how his research counters the notion that aliens have been mistaken for gods. Cooke contends that gods have been mistaken for aliens. Powerful gods or "Elohiym" traveled to Earth in spacecraft or UFOs; also associated with these vehicles were the "Malak," angels who serve the gods, he said. In the Bible, UFOs are depicted as clouds, transporting angels and gods. They are able to descend and ascend, hover, move rapidly and generally behave in ways that seem contrary to natural laws, Cooke stated. These craft could be the same as the UFOs that are sighted in the modern era, he suggested. Biblical figures such as Elijah, Moses and Enoch all experienced "divine abductions" which may relate to current reports of alien encounters. He also touched on other aspects of the Bible that seemingly portray paranormal activity, including cryptozoological creatures (see below), ghosts, and prophecy. In a verse written by David, his description of the afterlife-- "and we fly away" echoes that of near-death experiencers.

Absolute proof that humans are very close descendants and related to -

Dinosaurs and all animals

From my recent visit to the local museum I noticed a 14 million year old Dinosaur skeleton, (you know, dinosaur bones that were dug up by scientists from being planted in the ground by Satan to confound the foolish and deceive the wise), from my very keen observation, I noticed the skeleton and bone structure to be very similar to humans. There was the rib cage, just like humans to protect the heart, the skull, very similar, just larger, the hip bone, almost exactly the same shape as a human hip bone, the femur, knee joint, shin bone, the feet, almost identical to humans, even toe nails, just much larger than a human.

Also this animal had a skin covering, and blood coursing through it's veins, being pumped by it's heart, and a brain to guide it and make intelligent and thoughtful decisions, and two eyes, just like humans, huge teeth, a digestive system, a tongue, muscles, ears, nerve endings for touch and pain receptors, all animals have this, including humans.

Anyone with practical common sense can tell that humans are just land animals, no different than any other animal that has ever roamed the earth.

Humans learned to scratch symbols on to lime stone rocks and thought that they were being guided by a god to write the nonsense that they believed this god they imagined in their minds, had wanted them to write down.

Humans are just animals, no better nor different than all land animals.

The bible was written by people whom tried to equate humans as being more valuable and more worthy than conventional land animals, so they invented an attached soul, which cannot be proven to exist, nor has a soul ever been seen by anyone. Yet the very same people declare that an animal has no soul, how very convenient.

Perhaps if all other animals could write too, they might declare for themselves that they are the one's with an exclusive soul and humans have no soul.

Which ever animal learns to write and communicate first through the written word can state and make up their own rules, and state the claim that their words were inspired directly from their imaginary make-believe god.

The falsehood of xtianity

Christianity makes one feel like they have acquired something special that no one else can easily get, now the new christian is out to save the world from themselves and from the burning hell that they no longer have to fear, although they themselves never thoroughly read, nor ever question the bible, and yet they are out preach to the world about their newly found truth, which is not truth in any shape or fashion, and being completely unaware that they have been terribly misled and grossly misinformed.

Basically they have been lied to and are now out trying to spread the very same lies that they allowed themselves to believe, mainly because of their emotional fear of an invisible make-believe, man-invented hell.

How to be a "Perfect Christian"

Never question any Biblical teachings.

Always believe every word any preacher says.

Always take your wallet with money or check with you to church.

Leave your self-righteous gospel tracks around town.

Never forget to tell everyone you meet, you are in deed a Christian.

Ask people which church they belong to, and always tell them that your church is the best one there is.

Always brag about your church and preacher out loud in public, so other people will know and incidentally hear that you belong to a church.

Put religious and praise stickers on all your vehicles.

Make derogatory and condescending remarks about people whom do not go to church, or believe the same as you.

Foolishly tell people you will pray for them.

Christianity, a battle against 2000 year old ignorance

Why would anyone believe in a god that concerns himself with the foreskin of a mans penis?

Religions were created to keep a persons mind focused away from reality, in order to control and mislead them, and to keep people in a constant state of mental illness.

Praise be to the little Arab boy, jebus!

We have a god that can create a Sun that will shine every day for millions of years, but this god cannot save souls, no no he must come to earth disquised as himself to kill himself to save souls for the sins that he allowed to happen in the first place.

Human beings have no purpose on earth

Human beings have no purpose for being born. Suppose you where born on an island and you lived all alone, the first words out of your mouth would not be "Praise God or Jesus" in fact you would not know to speak english.

People believe in the bible god because they are taught through indoctrination, (by other humans), just as people are taught through indoctrination, (by other humans), to speak the current language taught at their current geological location where they happen to be born on earth.

Humans are not born with a preconceived knowledge of any gods, nor are humans born with an ability to speak an un-heard language.

Humans mimick verbal noises and beliefs through rote repetition, through indoctrination, by other humans.

Humans have no value above any other animal that has ever lived on this earth.

Humans are just land animals that like to think they are superior beings.

Jesus - the super power of the universe

There is nothing that Jesus cannot do.
He can save souls
He can walk on water
He can turn water into wine
He can heal the sick
He can make the blind see
He can conquer death
He can go to hell and return to tell about it
He knows what every person is thinking
He can enter a persons heart
He can read a persons heart
He knows what is in every one's heart
He can knock on your heart's door
He can perform miracles
He can send people to hell
He can do tasks on the Sabbath
He can ride a donkey
He can carry a cross
He knows how many hairs is on every one's head
He can send pigs over a cliff
He can curse a fig tree
He can only do what people says he can do

What Jesus cannot do

He cannot make himself visible
He cannot speak english
He cannot speak to anyone living today
He cannot write any words in the Bible
He cannot prove that he exists
He cannot reveal himself to anyone
He cannot heal an amputee
He cannot intervene with history
He cannot save children from being raped
He cannot save starving children
He cannot answer any prayers
He cannot quench his thirst for money
He cannot do anything, therefore he does not exist
Jesus is a man-made lie
Jesus is the product of man-made lies to instill unnecessary fear in people and to openly steal their money

Top signs that you're a christian

12 - Mommy and Daddy are scared of Jebus, and so I will be too!

11 - You've been told that the Bible holds all information and knowledge that is available now and in the future and you're stupid enough to believe it.

10 - You vigorously deny the existence of thousands of gods claimed by other religions, but feel outraged when someone denies the existence of your god.

9 - You feel insulted and "dehumanized" when scientists say that people evolved from lesser life forms, but you have no problem with the Biblical claim that we were created from dirt.

8 - You laugh at polytheists, but you have no problem believing in a Trinity god.

7 - Your face turns purple when you hear of the "atrocities" attributed to Allah, but you don't even flinch when hearing about how God/Jehovah slaughtered all the babies of Egypt in "Exodus" and ordered the elimination of entire ethnic groups in "Joshua" -- including women, children, and trees!

6 - You laugh at Hindu beliefs that deify humans, and Greek claims about gods sleeping with women, but you have no problem believing that the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary, who then gave birth to a man-god who got killed, came back to life and then ascended into the sky.

5 - You are willing to spend your life looking for little loop-holes in the scientifically established age of the Earth (4.55 billion years), but you find nothing wrong with believing dates recorded by pre-historic tribesmen sitting in their tents and guessing that the Earth is a couple of generations old.

4 - You believe that the entire population of this planet with the exception of those who share your beliefs -- though excluding those in all rival sects -- will spend Eternity in an infinite Hell of Suffering. And yet you consider your religion the most "tolerant" and "loving".

3 - While modern science, history, geology, biology, and physics have failed to convince you otherwise, some idiot rolling around on the floor speaking in "tongues" may be all the evidence you need to prove Christianity.

2 - You define 0.01% as a "high success rate" when it comes to answered prayers. You consider that to be evidence that prayer works. And you think that the remaining 99.99% FAILURE was simply the will of your imaginary God.

1 - You actually know a lot less than many Atheists and Agnostics do about the Bible, Christianity, and church history -- but still call yourself a Christian.

Celebrating July 4th

If you are of the white or black race:

When you go out and celebrate July 4th this year I want you to realize just what it is you are celebrating.

You're celebrating the taking over this land from it's original owners, (The Native American Indians)

You're celebrating the wholesale and wantan killing of innocent people whom already discovered and owned this land.

You are celebrating the murder of little children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts.

You proudly put up your captured American flag and shoot fireworks to signify the sounds of war and victory.

You proudly sing with your chest puffed out God Bless America, because a book with a false god, issued the white man the power to come over here and take any land that "he" claims that "he" discovered.

All because "he" (the white man) claims to be superior to other human beings just because he claims to be a Christian.

It's way too damned late to realize this fact, this country has had hundreds of years to revel in christianity and to propagate it's lies as truth.

They were showing paintings this morn. on TV in the white house, one with Pocahontas being converted to christianity and being baptized by Christopher Columbus, a white christian zealot, as her brother watched frowning upon her stupidity.

This is where xtianity originated in America, the white man brought over here with him his self-righteous religious bible book.

This is mainly overlooked and covered up because the majority of Americans up until recently, have been of the white race.

This land was stolen from it's original owners and the Indians were murdered and run onto reservations, under the guise of a xtain god and his faithful xtain servants.

All of the paintings in the white house are of great white men put on pedestals for having come over here and set up their form of democracy, yet they still clung to their xtain beliefs.

It is sweept under the rug because it makes the white man appear to be inhumane and a murderer, which is true and they (the white man) used the bible (gods divine will, Deuteronomy) to justify the killing of the indigenous peoples.

Columbus wasn't looking for America, he had no idea that the American continent was here, he thought that he had arrived at the West Indies, hence calling the indigenous peoples "Indians".

If he had been following a god's will he would have known there existed a new land between Spain and the West Indies.

Columbus was a freakin idiot, which goes along with the term Christian.

What we now know in 2008

We now know from the invention of the microscope, that diseases are caused by germs, bacteria and viruses, and not caused by demon possession and evil spirits or witch spells.

We now know that prayer is self-deception and has no effect on any illness or any object or thing.

We now know through medical research, that the heart is not the storage center of all thought and emotions, it does not have a door, nor does the heart get hard or wax cold, the brain is the center of all thought and emotions, the word (brain) is not in the bible, Why did not the bible god know about the brain?

We now know that lightning bolts are not the result of being thrown from an angry god.

We now know that thunder is not the sound coming from an angry god, it is the sound from the explosion of lightning.

We now know that rainbows are caused by the prism effect seen by light rays being reflected in water droplets, and not caused by a promise from a god not to flood the earth. Rainbows are not seen by every person on earth right after a rain.

We now know that the earth is not flat.

We now know that the Sun does not revolve around the earth.

We now know that the earth is not in the center of the universe.

We now know that a person cannot live three days in the belly of a whale.

We now know that virgin birth is not possible.

We now know that snakes and donkeys cannot talk.

We now know that the Bible is a book full of foolish lies written by superstitious and ignorant goat and sheep herders.

A Long Overdue Apology From The White Man

Having been born in this country of the white race, and totally without my consent, it is with much personal regret and deep inner remorse that I would like to make this a formal apology on behalf of the members of my white race, an apology to my very old dear friends, whom I regretfully never got to personally meet. That would be to the original owners of this land, this land that the white man stole and claimed for himself, this land that was already discovered by normal human beings, normal by their own standards of being normal and their own inner developed culture.

Remember? The wonderful human beings that were already here? The human beings that the white man wants to conveniently forget and wants to keep this nation in a delusional fluster with his pseudo form of democracy of governmental politics and religion?

Remember faintly, the other human beings that looked different and had the reddish color of skin? The humans that the white man killed and claimed their land?

Remember the red-skinned human beings that were rudely coined as "Indians" by Christopher Columbus whom thought that he had discovered the West Indies. Columbus had no idea that a continent as large as America even existed, Columbus wasn't sent here to this land on a mission from the Bible God to seek out infidels and sinners and to save their souls from a make believe burning hell. The Native Peoples had already discovered this land and lived here quite content for over 10,000 years without the knowledge of a Bible god, a church, Jesus savour, heaven, hell, or invisible souls or black slaves nor carried their diseases. The Native Americans never put in a request for someone to send them an awaited white christian saviour.

This land does not belong to the white man, it never has, it belongs solely to the Native America People.

I did not intentionally mean to take away their land, I never even realized until a couple years ago that this land did not belong to the white people.

I was born 55 years ago, weren't automobiles and paved streets, airplanes and telephone poles, white and black people, TV dinners, and the White House, always here? I was never told that this land belonged to someone else, I had no perception that it did not belong to us white and black Americans.

I had been lied to by my government, not only that, but the whole entire white and black American public has been lied to, intentionally by omission. Our history books have been embellished to make us all think and believe that this land was discovered by some great white man explorer, and he was being led on a mission from the Bible god to discover great lands and lead the inhabitants to salvation. And then we proudly say our great forefathers were knowledgeable and heavily steeped in Christian morals.

What happened to "Thou Shalt Not Kill?" it is conveniently overlooked when it opposes the Christian agenda, isn't it?

What happened to "Love Thy Neighbor As Yourself" the Christian creed? What A blatant lie!

The Christian Pilgrims said that they came over here to flee from religious persecution, and then themselves come over here and persecute and murdered all the Native American Indians? What a friggin lie!

If the Christian creed was in effect, there would have been no need to have killed one Indian, there's no reason the Christian pilgrims could not have lived peacefully together to this very day. The difference is that the rifle spoke for their imaginary god, the Indians were out gunned in the beginning, had the Indians had firepower there would be no white Christians nor any of their religious propaganda brainwashing boxes on American soil today.

We need to make humongous retribution and reparations to the Native America peoples but it's way too late, hundreds of years way too late, millions of innocent Native Americans have been killed, slaughtered, maimed, raped, bludgeoned, stripped and alienated and forcibly removed from their own land and put on reservations, all this murder and genocide being justified by the words written down in a book called the Bible brought over here by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

The white mans religion has been cultivated by indoctrination through so many white and black generations that the Bible is now considered standard by most Americans as an absolute undeniable true fact.

The cherished Arab religion. Ironically the average American would not give an Arab the time of day!

God Bless America is our motto, this land was founded upon Christian principles, a principle of divide and conquer, kill and steal, rape, maim and destroy, whoever is with god, whom can be against us, as the Christians like to proudly boast.

As long as a Christian has the Bible god on their side they can do no wrong, how can they when they can get instant forgiveness 24/7 from their own invented saviour part-god/part-man Arab saviour, jesus the virgin born christ saviour of man and his sins.

A Christian can do no wrong, they can lie, cheat, steal, rape, murder, destroy whole nations and then call those wrongs "sins" and then believe that they can get instant forgiveness to have their own "wrongs against other human beings" erased from their past and freely walk away as if nothing ever happened, and then move onward to commit more wrongs "sins" only to get more forgiveness from his suppossed fallen nature from listening to his invented evil being scapegoat, Satan.

My apology falls way too late, we cannot erase what happened, we live as if this land was given to us as a gift from the Bible god, this nation still uses the Bible and it's ancient murderous philosophy as a justification for conquering and policing other people's land to kill human beings that do not believe as we think they should believe, it was god's will that we discovered the atom bomb, so we used it and then celebrated upon killing hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings, is it any wonder that the USA is in dire straights, in the shadows of economic collapse? It's not even safe to wonder away from one's own home, we have drunk drivers and road rage, child molestation, armed robbery, cold blooded murder on a daily basis, we sell alcohol in every city and in every convenience store and our prisons are filled to full capacity and call ourselves a civilized Christian nation?

What if all the Native American Indians that were killed and slaughtered by the god blessed christians could come back and view their own land would they be impressed, would it meet their approval?

America, this is the land that was stolen away from it's original owners, stolen under the guise of a man made 2000 year old Arab religion. Ironically, I wonder how many foreign Arabs that American service men have killed in the name of it's own Abrahamic Bible god? Sounds justifiable to me, serves them right too!

This weak apology to the American Native American Indians on behalf of the white man and his Arab religion should never be accepted.

New Amazon Tribe Found

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — One of Brazil's last uncontacted Indian tribes has been spotted in the far western Amazon jungle near the Peruvian border, the National Indian Foundation said Thursday.
Click here to view photos.
The Indians were sighted in an Ethno-Environmental Protected Area along the Envira River in flights over remote Acre state, said the Brazilian government foundation, known as Funai.
Funai said it photographed "strong and healthy" warriors, six huts and a large planted area. But it was not known to which tribe they belonged, the group said.
"Four distinct isolated peoples exist in this region, whom we have accompanied for 20 years," Funai expert Jose Carlos Meirelles Junior said in a statement.
The tribe sighted recently is one of the last not to be contacted by officials. Funai does not make contact with such Indian tribes and prevents invasions of their land to ensure their autonomy, the foundation said.
Survival International said the Indians are in danger from illegal logging in Peru, which is driving tribes over the border and could lead to conflict with the estimated 500 uncontacted Indians now living on the Brazilian side.

And they are already calling them "Indians" how typically foolish.


Shouldn't a Christian or Muslim immediately go down there and save their filthy rotten unworthy souls from hell?

Can anyone see the ridiculousness in such nonsense?

Imagine that!

The Bible god about two millennium ago, realized that souls needed to be saved from the sins that were committed by Adam and Eve, sins from which the Bible god allowed to permeate in the first place.

So god sent his sperm down from heaven via an angel to inseminate a virgin girl so he could walk the Earth as a god but disguised as a human being, performed a few miracles and lived 32 years then was crucified returned to Heaven and now lives with himself, on the right hand side of himself in paradise.

So the Bible god returned back to god status from where he started from in the first place, wasn't much of a sacrifice, would you agree?

And now will send people to hell for not believing that he came to Earth disguised as his own son.

Imagine that!

I used to set in church on Sundays and wonder to myself, "Why would anyone remotely take a chance in not believing in god and go to hell? I would wonder why would anyone like Marilyn Murray O'Hara openly profess to be an atheist? I was constantly reminded by our pastor that Atheists or anyone that did not believe in the Christian doctrine were destined for certain hell fire punishment. I was wondering why would anyone reject the gift of eternal salvation when all anyone had to do is openly confess the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior with their mouths, how much trouble and inconvenience could that be to anyone?

Since I was entrenched in religion at a very young age, it didn't even occur to me to question the Biblical teachings. I thought, hadn't Christianity always been around, had not god always existed and that he just could not convince everyone that he and his son was in charge of everything and he needed and desired constant praise and worship and he just needed witnesses to help him spread his holy gospel of salvation.

While sitting in church, I would think my my, wouldn't it be nice if the Lord Jesus came back now while I was sitting there in the house of God, even if I wasn't fully convinced it was all true, I knew in my mind that I was secure just by being in God's house, if anything happened that would require me to lose my life at that instant, that God would be looking after me just because I happened to be in the right place at the right time and would surely be protected for just being in God's holy house of truth.

Now almost 50 years later, when I can fully recognize the hypocrisy and the ridiculous and insane teachings and unjust actions of other so called Christians and pastors, I now realize I was badly misled, I was in fact lied to, it wasn't even a good lie, it was a lie that has been handed down from generation to generation of white people whom came over to this country and stole this land from it's original owners, (the red-skinned human beings that were here first), the one's that never heard of the Bible God nor Jesus, the one's that had no reason to believe in such nonsense that was written thousands of years ago by Arabs, who no doubt were using hallucinogenic drugs and wrote down what they imagined in their minds during their drug experience and called it inspired by a god.

Now I realize that religions are a jet-powered lie with flames shooting out of it's tail, that cannot be stopped, because it's an infectious disease that is spread from human to human by using metaphoric affirmations with emotional appeal that appears to the unsuspecting person as the Bible claims for itself as being the absolute truth, when all along it's just a total lie.

It's a lie that is easily passed on and indoctrinated to children, indoctrinated just like the native language in your area is spoken, when a 5 year old child can speak it's native language fluently without having ever read a book on the subject, this is called indoctrination by association and verbal mimicry of word sounds, thus too, mimicry of religious metaphoric affirmations and religious beliefs.

By constantly hearing religious affirmations from adults, this confirms in a young persons mind of it's validity, they think that those religious affirmations must surely be true, otherwise surely grown adults would not intentionally mislead anyone would they?

Perhaps grown adults would not intentionally mislead anyone, except for that they too were mislead themselves by their parents before them and their grand parents mislead their parents before them.

In the end, the Bible is used to justify the killing of the red-skinned human beings that were here first and owned this land and was mostly killed off by the white man using his salvation Bible and religion as justification for killing most of all the native indigenous peoples and stealing their land and it has been handed down from white generation to white generation that the Bible is the absolute truth, which is a total lie.

It has been told that it was through the will of God that Christopher Columbus had discovered America, which is a total lie because he thought that he had found the West Indies, that's why he called the human beings already here, Indians, he didn't label them Americans, he wasn't looking for America, he was looking for a trade route shortcut to the West Indies, by taking a huge chance that he and his crew would fall off of the edge of the flat earth.

And we American white supremacists have the gall to say, "God Bless America" after the wholesale killing of innocent Native American Indians and their whole families and run them adrift from their own land.

Yeah just keep believing the Bible because a Christian can do no wrong, how can they when they have their God in waiting to forgive them for any wrong done to another human being, a Christian can lie, cheat, steal, rape, kill, maim, and destroy whole tribes of human beings and immediately get instant forgiveness from their make-believe saviour Jesus Christ whom awaits 24/7 to award them their forgiveness.

This is why Christianity is so prevalent in America, the Bible was brought over here by a brainwashed numbskull Christian, named Christopher Columbus.

How beliefs began

Back some 2000 years ago when the majority of people were poor paupers and destitute, had no money, no hope for the future, the tax man came along and asked, "What do you have to declare?'" And the lowly street person said; For myself, I have nothing of worth on this Earth, but above in Heaven, I have been given something more valuable than all the gold that you have collected and it can never be taken away from me. And the tax collector then asked, and what perhaps is that? The pitiful pauper said; I have received the gift of eternal life, which is promised to me by my belief in Jesus Christ, which worth more then all the gold in the world, therefore this makes me richer than all the Kings gold. Then the tax collector asked, How may I too, receive this free gift?

In the end, Christianity is just a empty claim and a false promise make one appear to be worth more then they ever will be.

The Lords Supper

The condiments listed at the Lords Supper

Roasted Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Soup, Vegetables, Toast, Rolls, Coffee, Tea
Desert - Cherry Pie, Ice creme


St.John 6:

50 This the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die.

51 I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world

52 The Jews threfore strove among themselves, saying, How can this man give us his flesh to eat?

53 Then Je'sus said unto them, Verily verily I say unto you, Except ye eat of the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.

54 Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.

55 For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.

56 He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him.

57 As the living Father hath sent me, and I live in the father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me.

58 This is the bread which came down from heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead: he that eateth of this bread shall live for ever.

59 These things said he in the syna-gogue, as he taught in Ca-per-naum.

60 Many therefore of his disciples, when they heard this, said This is a hard saying; who can hear it?

61 When Jesus knew in himself that his disciples murmered at it, he said unto them, Doth this offend you?

That is why his physical body was never found.

At the Lords Supper Jesus gave specific instructions on how to eat his body.

Jesus gave specific instructions, take this bread which is my body and dip it in my blood and ye shall eat there of.

The condiments on the table at the Lords Supper was bread to represent his flesh to be dipped in his blood and consumed.

The Christian cult is therefore one formed from the minds of ignorant cannibalistic barbarians.

By partaking in Holy Communion, one is mimicking the act of the disciples eating Jesus' dead body, a sick and demented ritual.

Common knowledge 2000 years ago

The people that wrote the Bible were common sheep and goat herders, the only knowledge or information that was available at that time was either handed down from generation to generation from hearsay, dreams, visions and revelations.

They had no formal education, nor was any practical medical knowledge available.

Yet, they claimed to be authorities about things that they could not see, invisible spirits, angels, demons and gods.

What people believed and thought 2000 years ago:

The earth is flat, and it has four corners, the Sun revolves around the earth.

The earth is the center of the universe, the earth sets on a pillar.

That a god and Jesus lived in the clouds above and required constant praise and worship and could tell what people were thinking, and they could talk to them and the gods were emotional and got upset just like them.

Diseases were caused by demons evil spirits, and spells by witches.

They believed that diseases could be cured by prayer.

Dreams, visions, and prophets were sent from a god above.

Miracles and blessings, virgin birth, angels, speaking in tongues, snakes, bushes and donkeys can talk.

Water can be turned into wine, the blind can be made to see, and people could be raised from the dead.

Someone could live in the belly of a whale for three days and nights.

The heart is the center of all thought and emotions.

The heart has a door, eyes, ears, cry, weep, break, speak, sing, dance, burn, has strings, gets bitter or angry, gets hard or soft, has a rudder and can be steered, leap or jump for joy, can harden and wax cold, goes out and leaves, can be opened or closed, commits sins, can cheat, has emotional feelings, the heart can tell you what to think and say.

They also thought that by crucifying a man that claimed to be a god would somehow save their souls.

How preposterously and ridiculously insane?

The word “brain” is nowhere used in the Bible, is there any wonder why?

We now know in the 21st century, from the invention of the microscope, that most diseases are caused by bacteria, germs, and viruses, and not demonic and evil spirits and witch spells.

We now know in the 21st century, through modern medical research, that the “brain” is the center of all thought and emotions, not the heart.

We now know from the invention of the telescope, that the earth is not in the center of the universe.

We now know in the 21st century, that rainbows are caused by the prism effect of the Suns rays viewed against water crystals, not from a promise of a god not to flood the earth again.

Written by a friend -Trancelation

Religion is a mental illness.
Some ex-Christians like to argue theology and history, attacking the problems with the Bible.
I, too, can do this as well as anyone. I've read several books on the subject, and while indeed there are hypocrisies, inaccuracies and contradictions on literally every single page of the Bible, pointing out these problems to Christians is like pointing out why alcohol is bad for alcoholics.

They are too addicted to see the flaws with what they are addicted to, and how it does not actually solve their problems. People suffering from mental illness are also incapable of understanding CONTEXT. This is why, when you have discussions or arguments with the mentally ill (in this case Christians), it is so frustrating. Their brains have been de-wired for understanding a discussion in its actual context. Reading the responses from Christians we can easily see that they have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE SAYING. Their words they type or speak or think will always revolve around allowing the disease that has claimed them to exist. They are afraid of facing it; they are afraid of freedom and happiness. So instead of acknowledging points made time and again, this will always be the end result. No matter how cogent your point or argument, the Christians will always regress to that knee-jerk childlike state where their minds shut down and succumb to the call of their addiction. Some people call this faith, and admire it. I call it what it is: a disease. A sickness. A psychological, emotional imbalance in the brain of a victim.

Faith as a mental disorder, I personally feel that the only way to deal with Christianity is to treat it as the mental disorder that it really is. This cuts right to the heart of the problem; it does not give Christians an easy way out. Of course they will try to twist words and turn the argument around in their favor, but in the face of direct accusations about their illness they always crumble.

If everyone dealt with the religiously ill by confronting them about their illness, rather than engaging them in pointless philosophical digressions, the confrontation would always be a short one and would end with the religiously ill person seeking a new target to sate their drug. Faced with rock bottom (no one to torture emotionally with their psychological imbalance), Christians are faced with two possibilities: death or change. Only the most desperate person chooses death.

I've made the point before that I have had mentally ill people in my life; I've had a friend suffering from NPD, and my father is an alcoholic. Christians posses the same qualities as these two kinds of people. Not always in the same degrees, but they are always present. As such, I feel that we as ex-Christians should confront Christians about their illness and demand they receive treatment for it.

Perhaps one day in the hopeful future people will have interventions for the mental illness that is called faith in the same way they do for drugs and alcohol.

To the passing christian

To believe what an Atheist or a nonbeliever has to say, first you will have to admit that you are wrong and secondly that you were lied to by either your parents or kin or by the flamboyant preacher down the road. So low and behold, you certainly wouldn't want to do that. That would mean going against all the millions of what others have been taught to think too.

Samson being the strongest man to have ever lived, killed over 1000 men with the jawbone of an ass!

The christian says!

But they were Philistines and against god, who cares if they were gay cheerleaders?

What happened to: "Thou shall not kill?" Oh, but thats OK, if the Bible god wants it done.

King Solomon was the greatest ruler to have ever lived, yet he had over 700 wives and over 300 concubines.

What happened to: "Thou shalt not commit adultry?"

The christian says:

It's OK god liked him, but you're going to hell.

Jesus, the little boy that was god in disguise, born from a virgin, born in a barn.

Jesus gets dragged through the streets, spit on, cursed at and crucified on a stick, and that helps save souls.

Crucifying a god disguised as a man, this saves souls from hell.

If I Could Still Believe, I Would

Copied from this link: here

Sent in by Chris

I have been a believer in Christ for more than 15 years and now I must explain what has happened to my faith. There have been a lot of questions from family and friends, so I wrote this letter as an explanation of sorts. To put it bluntly, I don’t believe in God anymore. To finally come out and say that ‘I do not believe’ has been one of the most heart wrenching experiences of my life. I have been a zealous Christian apologist and I know most of the arguments in favor of the Christian faith intimately. I have a cross tattooed on my arm with the Greek letters for Christ above it. I know many of the key Bible verses in the original Greek as well as English. I am very familiar with all of the church history and the ‘evidences’, and have used them in debates with others who were not Christian. I have at times been a youth leader and have filled in worship leader playing guitar or bass. I have lead small group studies; my evangelical credentials are obvious to all who know me. Please understand, if I could still believe, I would, if for no other reason than it would make life a lot less complicated. Nearly all of my friends and family are strong, dedicated Christian believers and now it seems I am at odds with them. I have questioned myself, am I doing the right thing?

Just how much do I doubt the existence of God, the veracity of scripture, and the Gospel message? I am still the same person you knew before, my character has not changed, only my religious beliefs have changed.I have been fighting this decision for a long time and have gone through periods of trying to “seek the truth and draw close to God” to varying levels of unbelief and back again. God never answered my prayers or spoke to me, so he wasn’t much help when I tried to seek him out. And all the faith in the world was not answering some of the fundamental questions I was having about religion. What follows from here are my reasons for abandoning my belief in God. It is not my intent to convince anyone to see my point of view, only to explain how I arrived at my conclusion. My arguments were developed from others who shared with me their stories of deconversion.

As a Christian I believed in God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as a Trinity; angels and demons; prophesy; and the coming judgment and heaven and hell. I believed in the Genesis account of the creation, in a 6000-year-old earth, in Adam and Eve, Noah and his ark, in Elijah and in Elisha. I believed I was chosen by God for eternal life by faith in Christ, in supernatural healings, in words of knowledge, in speaking in tongues, freewill, and in the Bible as God’s perfect revealed word. I was as mainstream Evangelical Christian as the next person with just as orthodox theology as everyone else. I believed in all these things and thought anyone who did not believe in them was a fool. When I met people who believed in another religion or in no religion at all, I was dumfounded as to how they could not see the apparent simple truth and beauty of CHRISTIANITY, because “only a fool says there is not God”. I would think to myself that, “God had put a ‘veil’ over their eyes” or that God had “Hardened their hearts” to the His Truth.

My path to atheism began as I worked on my master’s degree in ancient history. As a student of ancient history, I learned about ancient civilizations and cultures and their attendant mythologies. I wondered how those people could believe in such bizarre stories of gods and goddesses, monsters and demons and fantastical creatures. How could any rational person believe in such wildly absurd things? I never considered the stories I believed in the Bible were just as peculiar as these other ancient tales. I learned that nearly every culture had some form of religion and that religion evolved as a way for man to make sense of his universe. There have literally been tens of thousands of ‘gods’ who have been worshiped at one point or another over the course of human history. People didn’t know how lightning was formed or the mechanics of plate tectonics that cause earthquakes, or why rainbows exist so they invented gods that controlled these “mystically powerful” forces that they could not understand. Some civilizations had hundreds of gods, for fertility, weather, the sun, the harvest, death, and the list goes on. Other cultures decided against the pantheon had just one god that controlled everything himself. As mankind’s understanding and knowledge grows, his needs for a god or god’s to explain the unexplained decreases. Greek sailors don’t need to sacrifice bulls to appease Poseidon before setting out to sea; they just need to check the weather channel first. All of this is summed up succinctly in a quote from the 1700’s makes so much sense to me now:
"If we go back to the beginning we shall find that ignorance and fear created the gods; that fancy, enthusiasm, or deceit adorned or disfigured them; that weakness worships them; that credulity preserves them, and that custom, respect and tyranny support them in order to make the blindness of men serve their own interests."

"If ignorance of Nature gave birth to gods, then knowledge of Nature is calculated to destroy them."- Baron d’Holbach

Man has been searching for explanations since he learned rub sticks together and make fire. Fire was magic at first, but we all know it is a chemical reaction caused by friction and combustible materials in an oxygen rich environment; no fire-god is required. This is a common thread through all of human history. One of the biggest unknown things that man has tried to explain is death. All sentient beings have within them a strong desire to live. Animals don’t commit suicide, and humans as highly intelligent animals, have a strong desire to live. It is this desire to live on that gave birth to the idea of an afterlife. For all living creatures death is inevitable. But because humans are so completely self aware and have the mental ability to contemplate our own deaths, we desire to live forever. Even faith-strong elderly Christians who believe they are going to heaven the very moment they die, wish to stay alive, this is common to all or mankind.

Our death does not need an explanation; it is simply a natural part of life. The Norse had Valhalla, Egyptians the Underworld, Hindu reincarnation, Muslims Paradise, Christians Heaven, and the Jews resurrection. All of these were made by man to give him hope of some way to live on forever. I realized through my study of history that Christianity was but one of a long string of religious ideas that have been around for thousands of years and is in no way unique. I didn’t believe all the weird improbable stories of other ancient religions or myths. Julius Caesar was reportedly born of a virgin; Roman historian Suetonius said the Caesar Augustus bodily rose to heaven after he died; and the Buddha was supposedly born with the ability to speak, Mohammad was a merchant who was visited by angles who gave him the Koran as was Joseph Smith and I dismiss all of these accounts as fables, myths, or outright lies, but accepted the Bible as absolute truth.

Believing in God might give people a false feeling of inner strength, not hoped for, or expected to the atheist. In a similar way, believing in Santa Claus gives a certain magic to Christmas morning not available to the non-Santa-believing child. There may be strength in believing in something, but believing in something, no matter how deeply, does not make that something a reality. Faith does not equal reality.

At first it was terrifying for me to think that the universe is an impersonal place with no plan for the future. If there is no eternal plan, then one day the sun will die, and along with it, all life here on Earth. Humans have a deep need for something to believe in, for a purpose, and it was this need that kept me in the church for as long as it did. I know the Christian response well. This desire to believe is proof of mans “God shaped hole in his soul”, that God formed us with a need to have communion with him. I have used that line and believed it myself for a long time.

Believing in God might be more comforting; giving a worldview that has eternal hopes and possibilities, but again, believing in things even if everyone else does too, doesn't make those things true. Just as children eventually leave behind belief in Santa and the Easter Bunny and tooth fairy, I have left my belief in an invisible omnipresent, omniscient God that dwells in my heart and intervenes in my life. Belief in God is nothing more than a method to provide answers to questions that are unanswerable. Like, what happens when we die? Or, what is the point of life. When I see someone walking down the street talking seriously to himself, I could rightfully judged him to be mentally ill. When I hear children talking to imaginary friends or their dolls, I think they are being cute, but it’s a childish behavior. When I heard people in church, including me, talking to Almighty invisible God, I thought that was perfectly normal. I thought that way because, I was taught to think that way. A 5 year old that believes in Santa is cute, a 40 year old that does is mentally ill and in need of medication. Why do most children believe in Santa but no sane adults do? The answer is simple. Our parents and culture taught us to believe. We are not born with any knowledge of Santa so we were taught about him as we grow up. We were told that he sees us when were sleeping, knows if we have been bad or good, and brings presents to all the good children of the world. We sing songs about Santa and leave offerings of cookies and milk. Savvy parents can use this belief in Santa to great effect in the fall and winter to get kids to behave, lest Santa find out and leave a lump of coal and not a train set. But as we grew older we started to have questions, logical ones that most of us develop around 6 or 7 years old. How does Santa fit down a chimney? How can he eat all of the cookies people leave for him? How can he fit all of those toys on his sled? Why have I never seen him? The questions have no rational answers so gradually it becomes apparent even for young children that Santa is make believe. It is a spirit of goodwill and magic that children can enjoy but wears off as they grow up. But while children stop believing in Santa due to a total absence of any empirical, verifiable evidence of the miraculous claims, people continue to believe in a God who has all of the same features as Santa with no more evidence of existence than an ancient book and what our parents or friends taught us.

I believed that Christianity was the answer to life and the absolute truth. But now I find it irrational to think I believed in a God who created all of the universe in six literal days; that women were created from a man’s rib; a snake, a donkey, and a burning bush all spoke a human language; the entire world was flooded and mankind exterminated like so many cockroaches, covering the highest mountains to drown out evil; all animal species, millions of them, rode on one boat together; language variations stem from the tower of Babel; Moses had a magic wand; the Nile river turned to blood and it rained frogs; witches, wizards, and sorcerers really exist with real powers; food rained from the sky for 40 years; people were cured by the sight of a brass serpent on a pole; the sun stood still to help Joshua win a battle, and it went backward for King Hezekiah; men survived unscathed in a fiery furnace; a detached hand floated in the air and wrote on a wall; 3 men followed a star in the sky which directed them to a particular house; Jesus was born of a virgin mother impregnated by a ghost. Jesus walked on water unaided; fish and bread magically multiplied to feed the hungry; water was turned into wine; mental illness is caused by demons; a “devil” with wings exists who causes all evil; demons can possess animals; people were healed by stepping into a pool stirred up by angels; disembodied voices spoke from the sky; Jesus vanished and later materialized from thin air; people were healed by Peter’s shadow; angels broke people out of jail; a fiery lake of eternal torment awaits unbelievers under the earth ... while there is life-after-death in a city which is 1,500 miles cubed, with mansions and food, for Christians only.

All of these stories violate natural law, contradict science, and fail to correspond with any reality, common sense or logic. I can see that now, and I can separate truth from fantasy, just like I did with Santa. I know all of the rebuttals; God can perform miracles and do what he pleases so we must have faith in him, or better yet, this God did these miracles and is proof of his existence so that we might “know him and his mighty power”, but Jesus comes and said only wicked people seek a sign or proof to believe, so at what point does the argument become circular? I cannot accept these outlandish Bible stories on “faith” anymore. If God does exist and gave us a rational and inquisitive mind, why would he perform irrational acts that defy the natural laws of his creation and not expect us to question the reality of such acts?

As a Christian, I refused to believe any of the extra-Biblical miracles and stories from the ancient world. I don’t know why I never applied the same critical examination to my own beliefs. I wouldn’t believe someone who came up to me and said that a horse spoke to them and neither would you, unless they brought you to the horse and you heard it for yourself. Even then your first reaction would be to look for the hoax, that it was some kind of David Blaine illusion, and not real because you know it is impossible for horses to talk to people. Now, if real, no kidding miracles where happening all the time then it would be plausible to believe the claims in the Bible, because we would live in an irrational universe where irrational actions take place, but alas, we do not. Dead people do not come back to life, men don’t walk on water, and the Sun does not decide to stop in the sky. Coincidences happen, real miracles do not.

The God outlined in the Bible is a warrior God, exactly like so many other ancient tribal religions at the time. Though He allegedly said “Thou shalt not kill,” he ordered death for all His opposition, wholesale drowning and mass exterminations of people; he punishes offspring to the fourth generation for their fathers sins (Ex. 20:5); ordered pregnant women and children to be ripped up (Hos. 13:16); He made demands for sacrifices of animal and human blood to appease His anger; He is partial to one race of people; judges women to be inferior to men; created a hell to torture unbelievers and sinners for all eternity; created evil (Is. 45:7); discriminated against the handicapped, which he himself made!(Lev. 21:18-23); He ordered virgins to be kept as spoils of war and everyone else slaughtered (Num. 31:15-18, Deut. 21:11-14); spread feces on people’s faces (Mal. 2:3); He sent bears to devour children who dared to teas a prophet (II Kings 2:23-24); He punishes people with venomous snakes, wild dogs, dragons, drunkenness, the sword, slavery, arrows, axes, fire, famine, and infanticide; and said fathers should eat their sons (Ez. 5:10). Was that the picture of the all loving God I served?

Then Jesus came and said, “I and my father are one,” and reaffirmed “every jot and tittle” of the Old Testament law. (Mt. 5:18) He preached the same judgment to come: vengeance and death, wrath and distress, hell and torture for all non-believers. Jesus believed in demons, angels and spirits. He never denounced the subjugation of slaves or women. Women were excluded as disciples and as guests at his heavenly table. Except for hell he introduced nothing new to ethics or philosophy. He was disrespectful of his mother and brothers; he said we should hate our parents and desert our families. (Mt. 10:35-36, Lk. 14:26). He denounced anger, but was often angry himself. (Mt. 5:22, Mk. 3:5) He called people “fools” (Mt. 23:17,19), “serpents,” and “white sepulchers,” though he warned that such language puts you in danger of hell. (Mt. 5:22) He said “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth. I came not to send peace, but a sword." (Mt. 10:34) He irrationally cursed and withered a fig tree for being barren out of season, but the Gospel writers couldn’t agree if it happened immediately or the next morning. (Mt. 21:19) He mandated burning unbelievers. (Jn. 15:6) He stole a horse. (Lk. 19:30-33) He told people to cut off hands, feet, eyes and sexual organs. (Mt. 5:29-30, 19:12) Jesus said good works should be seen, then not to be seen. (Mt. 5:16, 6:1-4) The writers of Matthew and Luke could not agree on his genealogy, contradicting the Old Testament, and giving Jesus two discrepant lines through Joseph who wasn’t his father anyway.

I began to develop moral problems with my concepts of original sin, total human depravity, substitutionary forgiveness, intolerance, eternal punishment. I do not believe it is justice to punish someone with eternal torture for a finite crime. Hell is punitive in its nature, there is no corrective purpose other than to make someone suffer in the most horrific manner possible. Yet I once believed that God was just in pronouncing this judgment upon non-believers. Would you or I approve of torture for a crime? Are God’s ways really higher than ours? As a Christian I would say, “We cannot question God’s righteous judgment”. Yes, in fact I can. And I, along with everyone I know, have a much better sense of justice than the God of the Bible does. The Bible says we are all born sinners, all will sin, and all will die as a punishment. So, God created me sinful, and then condemns me for that sin, and then he offers me the cure! Would I bow down and be eternally thankful to someone who poisoned me when they gave me the antidote?

One of the biggest reasons that lead me to unbelief is the problem of evil and suffering. During a course I took in Ancient Greek Philosophy and History, I learned of a philosopher named Epicurus and his logical arguments against the existence of a God/Gods based on the existence of evil in the world. His logic is explained as such:

If a God is willing to prevent evil, but not able to---Then he/she is not omnipotent. If he/she is able, but not willing---Then he/she is malevolent.
If he/she is both able and willing---then where does evil come from?
If he/she is neither able nor willing---Then why call him/her a God?

This argument makes complete sense to me and I am no longer a Christian because I cannot reconcile the existence of a loving God with the superfluous nature of evil in our world. If God is so all-knowing he can perceive evil plans while they are but a dim conception, yet he does not impart this knowledge to us, and as a result we suffer. If God is ever-present, he is there when a child is being raped, a pregnant woman murdered, millions of Jews gassed and when an innocent child is hit by a car. God was there in person and did nothing to stop it. If I were in a room where someone was abusing a child and did nothing to stop it, I would be just as guilty of the crime and liable for whatever happened. But we don’t expect God to stop this evil when any thinking and rational human being would step in and intervene. This evident inaction is not the action of an all loving God. If God is real, he is guilty of negligence on a cosmic order. God had the ability to stop the child from being raped and murdered, but was not willing to lift a finger, making him completely malevolent.

If God is all-powerful then he can prevent these evil acts from happening (He can do this and still allow for free will). This means that the tragic loss of life due to natural disasters could be entirely avoided. After all, God is in control of these things isn’t he? So God sends His natural disasters to make havoc on hummanity, how nice of him. Is he ‘proving his power’ by causing so much human misery? And who is there to step in and help the survivors? God? Nope, it’s sinful human beings coming to help their fellow man. All the pointless bloodshed of the 20th century could have also been completely bypassed, if God could only have “opened the doors” for Hitler to become a successful artist in Vienna and adverted the Holocaust for His ‘chosen people’.

To me, God's power is not evident. If God is all-knowing, then he knows that his failure to act in opposition to incredible evil and tragedy leads people into a state of unbelief. Yet he provides no rational alternative. If God is all-loving, then He WILL DO SOMETHING to stop evil—not sometime in the distant future, but NOW, as any feeling, caring sentient being would, after all “He cares for you”. Yet he consistently does NOTHING and allows evil to befall his people. I know the rebuttal to this as well, “His ways are not our ways, His will is not our will”, or “we have free will that why evil happen, we live in a fallen world”. Or, “God tests us through suffering and tragedy to make us cling to him even more.” That makes God capricious and still malevolent. I could not believe the tales anymore. I had to stop making excuses for my God and stop trying to reconcile his ‘actions’ and ‘inaction’ with the reality of the world around me.

It is all too convenient that the Bible describes God as being the perfect being, but at the same time offers him an out for his imperfect world by placing the all the blame for the evil and imperfection in the world on our ‘sin’. Regardless of what Revelation 20-22 or any other passage of Scripture says about how the story will end, I am deeply disturbed that God apparently has the power to stop evil in his world but does nothing. I avoided using the word "suffering" here because Christians have a tendency to associate it with something noble--and in some situations a person can certainly develop their character from persevering through hardships (think Lance Armstrong). What really troubles me is not the difficulties and trials that we learn and grow from. What troubles me are the cold, brutal acts of evil that leave death, destruction, prolonged pain and misery in their wake.

I know the existence of evil and suffering is a philosophical stumbling block for many people. The primary questions they pose are: "If God is real, and God created everything, why did He create evil?" "Why did a personal, loving God create a world in which evil exists?" "Why did God give man freedom to commit evil acts?" Atheists’ reason, "Surely, an all-knowing God of love would not allow evil to exist in His world." As a Christian I heard these arguments and debated them based on the Biblical apologetics. The response to the question I believed was summed up in God's nature and His plan for mankind. The logic was this; how could God allow for love without the potential for evil? God could have created robots that do nothing more than forever saying, "I love you, I love you, I love you." But such creatures would be incapable of a real loving relationship. Love is a choice, and the Bible says God desires a real love relationship with His creation. Love is not real unless was have the ability to not love. One of God's supposed attributes is omniscience. God knew that in a world with choice, there would be much evil – and to choose not to love is evil by definition. However, there would also be the capacity for real love.

Apologist Alvin Plantinga wrote, "An all loving, all powerful, all knowing Being could permit as much evil as He pleased without forfeiting His claim to being all loving, so long as for every evil state of affairs He permits there is an accompanying greater good".

The potential for love outweighs the existence of evil, especially if that evil can only exist for a finite time. Evil is a side effect of love. Suffering and death are a side effect of evil/sin (Romans 5:12). The Bible says that this side effect is only for a limited time. Evil serves the limited purpose of establishing real love relationships between creation and the Creator, and evil will be done away with after that purpose is achieved.

"And the world passes away, and the lust thereof: but he that does the will of God abides forever" (I John 2:17). That was my established argument for the question of evil. But my perspective began to change as I studied the Bible closely.

In my original argument the presupposition was that love and evil were mutually exclusive. However from the New Testament Luke says: "For if ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? “For even sinners also love those that love them." (Luke 6:32) Apparently even the wicked are capable of love. Another thought that comes to my mind is that although my wife and I love each other very much, neither of us cares about other men and women in that way. I have no such emotion when it comes to the rest of the women in the world, and she has no interest in other men. I also love my children very much, but other people's children rarely enter my thoughts. The argument that for God or people to experience love, then evil has to exist is false dilemma. I can't help but wonder if I am truly evil, since I do not love every single person in the world. Why is it so impossible for Christians to imagine the likelihood of someone not loving God without being evil in the process? Why couldn't God create creatures with the capacity of either loving Him or not, without them also being murderers, sadists and rapists in the process?

Another attribute of God was that he never changed. "For I am the LORD, I change not" (Malachi 3:6) Since God never changes, what changed that he somehow at some point decided he needed people to love and be loved by? Oh, and I wasn't aware that God needed anything at all. I was under the impression that God was without needs, wants or desires. A desire implies a lack of something in a person. If I desire a meal, it is likely that I lack enough nutrition for the day. I desire things because I need things. I perceive that I lack something and therefore strive to fill that need. Apparently God doesn't have enough love so he needs us. I would have to agree that real love is only real if it is accompanied by the capacity and choice to not love. However, as I tried to illustrate above, the ability to not love someone does not equate to evil. I do not love lots of people, but I do not hate them and wish all manner of evil on them. But this is exactly the way I see God's love. For example God loves a certain person. The person is not interested in God for whatever reason. God feels like his love has been spurned. God demonizes the person who is just not interested in his love and calls him or her evil. God gets angry and shouts, “I will carry out great vengeance on them and punish them in my wrath. Then they will know that I am the LORD, when I take vengeance on them.”(Ezek 25:17) and sends them off to rot in eternal torment in hell forever and ever for the ‘sin’ of not loving Him.

The “free will” defense as the answer to the problem of evil, but let’s look at “free will” for a second. The Christian God loves me so much that he gives me the opportunity to live blissfully forever in His presence, or be horribly tortured for all eternity in Hell. What kind of “free will” choice is that? It’s like someone holding a blowtorch to your face and demanding a confession or they will melt out your eyes out. Not really a fair choice there is it? Does God really want me to serve Him and confess my need and love for him to avoid the torture He created for me if I don’t? Is a confession extracted under torture or the threat of torture reliable and sincere? If I love God, and he is my savior and watched over me and was in control of everything, why does He allow me to suffer so much? Is it to make me love Him all the more? In Psychology it’s called the “battered wife syndrome”. “But he really loves me”, is what abused wives say to justify the pain their husbands put them through. Or, “I deserved it”. How much did God really love Job? I now say that if Job really loved God after all he put him through he was suffering like that battered wife.

At this very moment somewhere in the world a child is being molested. These are horrible crimes that destroy childhood innocence. After the act is over the shame, self-hate, bitterness, anxiety, distrust, and scars never go away. All of this stays with a victim for life. Worse still, many of the perpetrators go undiscovered and unpunished. There is simply no value in this tragedy, none at all, and I was tired of all of the excuses offered by the Church and systematic theology. What angers me is the thought that a holy, loving, omnipresent God would stand by and do nothing while a child is raped and then buried alive in a shallow grave. After all he is there in the same room as the child and the molester. Christians believe that God would punish those could do something, but chose to do nothing. Heck, they believe that the courts should punish someone who could have stopped the crime and did nothing. And yet...God still does nothing. This is where the free-will defense comes to bear. Yet, there are stories of God intervening (even hardening the hearts) of men when it suits his purposes. If molestation is not worth intervening in, then I don't know what is. What is God’s purpose in allowing this? Does it make sense to you? It seems entirely incongruent with His character to stand on the sidelines and watch. So, I am left to conclude that such a God does not exist.

As I have gone on, I have gathered more insight and realized that I have not believed in God for a very long time, and here is another analogy why. When I wrecked my shoulder, did I go to church first or to the hospital for help? If my house was on fire with my family trapped inside, would I kneel and pray before or after I called the fire department? Most sane people, including myself, answer these questions the same. If my house were on fire and my wife and the children were trapped inside and I did nothing but pray to God to save them, would you think I was ‘holy’ and ‘spiritual’? Or would you rightfully think me criminally negligent?

When it comes to the truly important, urgent, and practical things in life, did people trust God to be a “very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46), or when we need present help in times of trouble do we go to our fellow humans? The answer is obvious; when I need “very present help in trouble”, the number I call is 911, not the local church. And why is that? Is God unable to help me in my time of urgent need? Is He unwilling? Or is it that, when the stakes are at their highest, the matter is urgent, and most importantly the consequences are something you can actually see, is your faith in man greater than your faith in God? Mine is.I have faith in mankind, because I trust my experiences. Regardless of how many poetic Bible verses I can recite that promise God’s help in times of need, no matter how fervently I argued against non-Christians, no matter how enthusiastically I shared the Gospel, when the chips are down and it comes to something urgent and real, I wholeheartedly rely upon ‘sinful’, imperfect people. Did this say something negative about me as a Christian? I don’t think so; I think it says something very real about God. When it comes to anything we can see, hear, touch, taste, or smell, God does not live up to His Word. He is not here or there and I knew it and no matter how I tried to reconcile it, it faith just didn’t work.

I have come to accept that God does not exist, and since one cannot logically prove a universal negative, it is incumbent upon the one the making the positive claim to prove God’s existence.

As a Christian, I could not prove God’s existence without circular reasoning so I gave up trying. Praying for God to ‘reveal’ himself to me was not working to well. Here is what I was taught to believe:

Premise #1: The God of the Bible is real because the Bible says so.
Premise #2: The Bible is true because the God in the Bible says so.
Premise #3: Any questions or doubts, reverts back to premise #1.

Naturally I recognize that this is an oversimplification of the matter, but none-the-less this to a large degree, succinctly encapsulates the Christian “proofs” of God’s existence and involvement with humans. Then there is the other ‘proofs’ which are the very subjective claims of “personal relationships” and “changed hearts”. But I now see this “relationship with Jesus” was ridiculous. If he was real and cared about ‘His’ people and was involved in their lives, what does it say about God when I believed he answers my prayer for a great promotion at work, but ignored the prayers of others suffering from starvation and genocide?

As a Christian, I would demand irrefutable proofs for what I considered the outlandish claims of evolutionists and atheists. Yet I never demanded the same type of evidence for the even more remarkable claims of the supernatural made in the Bible. My thought process seems so much clearer now than it was when the “eyes of faith” and “my heart” guided me. There can really be only one explanation as I look back in retrospect: I believed only what I wanted to believe.

Whether or not I have something better than Christianity has to offer is not relevant to the question of the existence of the biblical God. What is pertinent is that I am honest with myself by demanding the application of the same type of evidence to the claims of religion as are expected of scientists and again for me the proof comes up short. There is no proof of God, only by faith.

In conclusion, I do not believe in unicorns, ghosts, elves, goblins, Bigfoot, UFO’s, Cyclopes, Zeus, Thor, the Loch Ness Monster, Allah, Buddha, Astrology, Greek Gods, Roman Gods, Chupacabra, Vishnu or Brahma, or Christ. There is no credible evidence for any of their existence. I know this is a shock to the family and will cause division. I wish I could keep on pretending I believe for the sake of peace, but I cannot in good conscious do that anymore. I am not ‘led astray’ or ‘demon possessed’ because they don’t exist. I hold that everyone is entitled to believe as they wish, and I will not try and “de-convert” anyone around me. If anyone asks how I came to this conclusion, I will tell them why. Hopefully this letter explains that. In the end, everyone is an atheist when you think about it, if you don’t believe in Poseidon, Zeus, Mars, Krishna, Allah et. al. you are an atheist when it comes to those deities and don’t believe in their existence. I just happen to believe in one fewer god than you do.

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL