A Long Overdue Apology From The White Man

Having been born in this country of the white race, and totally without my consent, it is with much personal regret and deep inner remorse that I would like to make this a formal apology on behalf of the members of my white race, an apology to my very old dear friends, whom I regretfully never got to personally meet. That would be to the original owners of this land, this land that the white man stole and claimed for himself, this land that was already discovered by normal human beings, normal by their own standards of being normal and their own inner developed culture.

Remember? The wonderful human beings that were already here? The human beings that the white man wants to conveniently forget and wants to keep this nation in a delusional fluster with his pseudo form of democracy of governmental politics and religion?

Remember faintly, the other human beings that looked different and had the reddish color of skin? The humans that the white man killed and claimed their land?

Remember the red-skinned human beings that were rudely coined as "Indians" by Christopher Columbus whom thought that he had discovered the West Indies. Columbus had no idea that a continent as large as America even existed, Columbus wasn't sent here to this land on a mission from the Bible God to seek out infidels and sinners and to save their souls from a make believe burning hell. The Native Peoples had already discovered this land and lived here quite content for over 10,000 years without the knowledge of a Bible god, a church, Jesus savour, heaven, hell, or invisible souls or black slaves nor carried their diseases. The Native Americans never put in a request for someone to send them an awaited white christian saviour.

This land does not belong to the white man, it never has, it belongs solely to the Native America People.

I did not intentionally mean to take away their land, I never even realized until a couple years ago that this land did not belong to the white people.

I was born 55 years ago, weren't automobiles and paved streets, airplanes and telephone poles, white and black people, TV dinners, and the White House, always here? I was never told that this land belonged to someone else, I had no perception that it did not belong to us white and black Americans.

I had been lied to by my government, not only that, but the whole entire white and black American public has been lied to, intentionally by omission. Our history books have been embellished to make us all think and believe that this land was discovered by some great white man explorer, and he was being led on a mission from the Bible god to discover great lands and lead the inhabitants to salvation. And then we proudly say our great forefathers were knowledgeable and heavily steeped in Christian morals.

What happened to "Thou Shalt Not Kill?" it is conveniently overlooked when it opposes the Christian agenda, isn't it?

What happened to "Love Thy Neighbor As Yourself" the Christian creed? What A blatant lie!

The Christian Pilgrims said that they came over here to flee from religious persecution, and then themselves come over here and persecute and murdered all the Native American Indians? What a friggin lie!

If the Christian creed was in effect, there would have been no need to have killed one Indian, there's no reason the Christian pilgrims could not have lived peacefully together to this very day. The difference is that the rifle spoke for their imaginary god, the Indians were out gunned in the beginning, had the Indians had firepower there would be no white Christians nor any of their religious propaganda brainwashing boxes on American soil today.

We need to make humongous retribution and reparations to the Native America peoples but it's way too late, hundreds of years way too late, millions of innocent Native Americans have been killed, slaughtered, maimed, raped, bludgeoned, stripped and alienated and forcibly removed from their own land and put on reservations, all this murder and genocide being justified by the words written down in a book called the Bible brought over here by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

The white mans religion has been cultivated by indoctrination through so many white and black generations that the Bible is now considered standard by most Americans as an absolute undeniable true fact.

The cherished Arab religion. Ironically the average American would not give an Arab the time of day!

God Bless America is our motto, this land was founded upon Christian principles, a principle of divide and conquer, kill and steal, rape, maim and destroy, whoever is with god, whom can be against us, as the Christians like to proudly boast.

As long as a Christian has the Bible god on their side they can do no wrong, how can they when they can get instant forgiveness 24/7 from their own invented saviour part-god/part-man Arab saviour, jesus the virgin born christ saviour of man and his sins.

A Christian can do no wrong, they can lie, cheat, steal, rape, murder, destroy whole nations and then call those wrongs "sins" and then believe that they can get instant forgiveness to have their own "wrongs against other human beings" erased from their past and freely walk away as if nothing ever happened, and then move onward to commit more wrongs "sins" only to get more forgiveness from his suppossed fallen nature from listening to his invented evil being scapegoat, Satan.

My apology falls way too late, we cannot erase what happened, we live as if this land was given to us as a gift from the Bible god, this nation still uses the Bible and it's ancient murderous philosophy as a justification for conquering and policing other people's land to kill human beings that do not believe as we think they should believe, it was god's will that we discovered the atom bomb, so we used it and then celebrated upon killing hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings, is it any wonder that the USA is in dire straights, in the shadows of economic collapse? It's not even safe to wonder away from one's own home, we have drunk drivers and road rage, child molestation, armed robbery, cold blooded murder on a daily basis, we sell alcohol in every city and in every convenience store and our prisons are filled to full capacity and call ourselves a civilized Christian nation?

What if all the Native American Indians that were killed and slaughtered by the god blessed christians could come back and view their own land would they be impressed, would it meet their approval?

America, this is the land that was stolen away from it's original owners, stolen under the guise of a man made 2000 year old Arab religion. Ironically, I wonder how many foreign Arabs that American service men have killed in the name of it's own Abrahamic Bible god? Sounds justifiable to me, serves them right too!

This weak apology to the American Native American Indians on behalf of the white man and his Arab religion should never be accepted.


Miss Vicki said...

Unfortunately, their Bible does tell them (Christians) they are entitled to whatever they're wanting to possess.

Becuz as soon as they discover what it is - immediately the owner becomes a follower of Satan, which gives them the authority to steal rob and take.

And, what is the scripture that says, Christians or God's people should own what their enemy has, becuz it's their rightly and just riches.

They can't lose off that paraphrased scripture.

I know not only white folks who operate off of it, but I know Black people who do the same.

American History is the biggest farce when it comes to the history books....rewritten rewritten rewritten.

(i just had an epitome 'No wonder the Bible commands you to be 'evenly yoked' with friends wife husband, etc.) just think if a person was a consonant in their life telling the truth of that made man/written Bible.)

Birds of a feather can stay brainwashed together. A quote unquote Christian is not to associate speak or talk to a nonbeliever, of course it's to tell them they're going straight to Hell!

Miss Vicki said...

(off topic - need a good laugh today?)
Christian Service emails your loved one after the rapture

Steven Bently said...

Yeah the xtains think they are doing an honorable thing by killing and destroying tribes of infidels for jebus.

Thanks for the link I can always use a good laugh :-)

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL