A New King Is BORN !

Just imagine what the world would have been like if the Bible based god had not sent himself down and disguised as himself in the flesh to save all the sinners from hell?

Poor little baby Jesus(god) laying there in that manger wrapped up in a swaddling cloth and it was windy and cold and no heat, toes, fingers freezing, laying there in a ole dusty barn with smelly cows, camels, donkeys, pigs, and mules, and nothing to eat, while god is up there toasty warm watching the large screen TV, and god in heaven is wondering when the money will start flowing in, around the time Jesus reaches 14.

The little one laying there sent to us by god to forgive us all for our sins, and no one would put them up for the night because they had no pity upon them and they were doing the best that they could under the circumstanses....weeping...awe....cryinging...tears flowing...violins and harps playing dreadfully sad music, poor little baby Jesus couldn't fend for himself because he didn't know yet that he was sent from god....weeping...tears....please bow down and worship him....oh...weeping crying and tears!

Pray for Jesus, oh pray ye always......weeping and tears!! What a blessing he is?

Pray that Jesus gets to go to be with his father and to be with him forever and ever....oh weeping and tears!!!

Pray ye always, pray damn you, pray even if you don't believe, pray!

Fuck Jesus!!!

John 3:16

God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whomever shall believeth in him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Translation: There is a God and he is such a great wonderful loving god that he came down from the clouds and inseminated a young virgin girl, to have himself (disguised as god), murdered(sacrificed) to save people from their sins in order to save them from the hell that he himself created, but only if you're stupid and gullible enough to believe something written down by a man with very little knowledge some 2000 years ago.

What a guy, that god…eh?

The exposure of christian ignorance.

It's not very hard to understand why the white man so easily latched onto the ancient Abrahamic religions, they found that they could take control over people by using the words of a book that grants them the feeling of self-righteousness to which they believe gives them the justification to separate themselves from the nonbelievers and a god given right to label and give people titles in order rob, steal, maim and murder and over take other peoples lands, since anyone who does not believe as they do, they think that they are granted permission by their Bible for nonbelievers to be judged by them and to be called infidels, savages, or worthless sinners, and are considered less-than them whom they believe their souls are in desperate need of being saved, yet the Bible god is willing to forgive those that break his ten commandments, if only they profess to believe in his son.

The basis in which the Bible was written with the intent to control people's minds and to gain a share of their money, the Bible writers knew humans are very naive and they found that they were able to convince people that they are lacking or have a flaw and that they are in desperate need of your services or and you must convince them that they are in some way worthless and in need of salvation and you happen to have a plan for them to overcome their worthlessness. One way to get people to believe in your religion is to deceive people by the natural causation of death for instance, every person that has ever lived on this planet will eventually die, this is a 100 per cent fact. Therefore you incorporate the fear of death to convince people of your truth claim. To use the 100 per cent fact of death of every person is your sufficient proof to convince most people that what you are talking about is based solely in pure fact.

The Christian religion is built upon the question, "Do you know where you will spend eternity after you die?" Of course, the most logical honest answer would be, "I don't know and neither does anyone else!" But you, the originator of the religion, proffer that you have been given special information that has been bestowed upon you through a secret revelation from your creator, that only special holy righteous people are privileged enough to receive and that your creator has a special plan for you, if only you'll believe by faith, do not look for evidence nor question the teachings and you'll have a promise of paradise in heaven, but if you question the ignorance found in the Bible, then you will be sent to the hell that you so richly deserve.

Charlatans and con men cite the Bible using the proven fact of death to convince you the unsuspecting believer that by constantly reminding you of your imminent death that there is a reason why every person will die, and the reason is because you are a worthless sinner, and the wages of death is sin, you are reminded that next to god you are nothing, you are told that you were born into sin because your father and your mother had unholy impure sex and you were born into this world a nasty heathen infidel reprobate savage mongrel and you are a worthless sinner and you have a soul that is like filthy rags, that your soul needs to be cleansed, you're not worthy of your next breath, that human beings don't deserve to be on this planet, and we all deserve to be in a burning hell, but it's a gift of love and mercy and a miracle from god that he would even consider to allow people to exist, with an emotional appeal for you to have repentance of your sins and to cower down and submit to your creator in trembling fear.

So now the authors (fraudulent men) the creators of the Christian religion has invented a way out for you to redeem yourself, to rise above your worthlessness, it's a free gift, yours just for the asking, it's eternal life, all you have to do is believe that the creator god sent himself down from heaven disguised as himself to have his own life sacrificed in order to save your filthy wicked soul that if you will just believe that he sent himself down to be crucified and died for every ones sins by this you will enter the kingdom of heaven, but if you choose not to believe in him and accept this free gift you will be sent your deserving hell for all eternity. All this because he loves everyone so very much! What a guy, huh?

By now, most people are so emotionally encased in fear of their souls from being roasted in hell after being taught this from childhood by their parents, that they are willing to overlook the atrocities and injustices found all through the Bible and are unable to think clearly for themselves and are afraid to doubt one word of the Bible because of the threat of the fires of a flaming hell. At this point, "The glassy eyed Christians, hail, "I BELIEVE BY FAITH, I DON'T NEED EVIDENCE TO BELIEVE!"

Now the only problem with this type of insane ideology which is founded upon the fear of death and the unknown is;

Since every living thing, including all animals, all plants, all grasses, all trees, all sea creatures, all insects, all worms, all birds, every living thing will eventually die, a 100% proven fact.

Just what ungodly sin did all these creatures and plants commit to deserve the unwarranted penalty of death? What horrendous unholy sex act did they commit???Answer! Absolutely NONE!!!
NO SIN was committed, yet they are all doomed to die the punishment of death either at the hands of the righteous humans, or of NATURAL CAUSES!!!

Unscrupulous con men have found that they can conveniently use the fear of death to deceive people into believing that because a person will no longer exist, they can, falsely endorse their insane beliefs into your mind as a tool to convince you that your false religion and your fake god and his three in one son is true, because of the man invented lie of sin! Now if you claim to be a Christian, the charlatans have control of your mind, your precious time and a guaranteed share of your money.

If the wages of sin is death, then every living thing has committed a sin, every plant, every animal, all trees, all grasses, all birds, all sea creatures, all worms, all insects, etc.

What is that evil dastardly sin they all have committed???

The true honest answer is no one knows how any of us got here, when nor why. No human being has traveled past our moon approx. 265,000 miles out, the length of our galaxy is estimated to be 100,000 light years across. We only have human speculation of why we are here.

The Bible was written over 2000 years ago, stories scribbled down based upon rumors, gossip, handed down from generation to generation through oral tradition, invented dogmas, allegory, metaphorical lies, conjecture, speculation, ad hock, embellishments, invented stories and myths, misinterpreted and mistranslated by fallible human beings and not the inspired word of any gods or supreme being.

Why it's difficult to shake religious indoctrination.

Since the invasion of the white Angelo-Saxon religious fanatics that came over here and took over America, we now have a country that is completely saturated in religious indoctrination.

We are all taught early on in childhood not to question the beliefs, motifs, and irrational ideologies of our parents, we are taught that their ways are the right ways, regardless as we grow older of what we can see by our own selves that just what our parents believed just may not be true, we wrongly presume that our parents have already weighed the evidence of the bible for the source of absolute universal truth and their only motif for bringing us and all humans into this world is to fulfill the divine will of god by propagating the species, which makes the male father look pious and righteous in his eagerness to fulfill gods divine purpose.

The male now has the Bible for justification for jumping on the female and making her his sex slave and dominate her as if she were a common farm animal, to many men the Bible also gives the male justification to kill his wife. Look at the statistics at how many men/boys kill, rape, maim , beat, harm women/girls, as opposed to the total of females doing any harm to males.
For an example, google in, Elizabeth Smart, or Jessica Lumsford, or Amish school girls killed in Pennsylvania.

The majority of us Americans have been taught as we were growing up to be such supreme people pleasers all of our lives to the point that, we are afraid to stand up against our own parents religious beliefs and religious authorities. To take a stance against our parents religious beliefs is like stabbing them in the back and telling them where they went wrong in raising us, they just assumed that raising up a child in Christian beliefs was the only way to go and since this country was overtaken and conquered by religious Christian fanatics it only seemed fitting to them that Christianity is the only basis for religious up bringing. Since almost 100% of every person that they have ever met all their entire lives was also in fact a self-boasting - self-proclaiming christain.

They didn't raise us wrong in their minds, they just raised us in a country that was taken over by religious fanatics who foolishly believed that the Bible is the absolute word from a god.

So now being grown adults, Christians not only want to be sure that they please everybody in the community, but they want to please Jesus too by being a good little Christbots and be sure to follow all the Christian rules, set forth in the Buybull and the rules set forth by their pastor to be a shinning example of Christianity and the religious community.

Once in a rare occasion a person steps out and gets brave enough to oppose the irrational ideology of Christianity, it is then perceived as opposing the whole entire community of brainwashed nitwits, therefore the Atheist is outcast and ostracized for their willingness to stand up against the accepted irrational teachings, now you're perceived as an enemy of them and their religion, they are ready to view it as persecution towards them and now this further impounds in their minds that their irrational ideology is the one that they have chosen the Bible wisely to be the one true correct path of guided righteous truth.

Since Atheism is viewed as opposition against their silly childhood beliefs, this also confirms in their minds that, "the enemy Satan" is trying his damnedest to break through their religious wall of faith to get to them and destroy their self-righteous religious beliefs, thus they have been indoctrinated to think that there is a continual never ending war against good and evil going on in their brainwashed minds and that the invisible being, "Satan" is always against them and is forever looking for ways to cleverly trick them.

Faith based belief in invisible beings is a state of mental psychosis, a condition of mental instability.

End of time nonsense!

Well it's official, the date to the end of the world as we know it has been officially prophesied!

Biblical scholar Harold Camping (http://www.religioustolerance.org/end_wrl18.htmhas) made his official prediction.

2011-MAY-21 Harold Camping, President of Family Radio, predicts that "we can know from the Bible alone that the date of the rapture of believers will take place on" 2011-MAY-2011. His previous estimate was 1994-SEP-06 which seems to have failed. Some of his followers gathered around dressed in their Sunday best and carrying their Bibles open to the sky, but were disappointed.
His reasoning for this new date is:
"The number 5 ... equals "atonement." 10 is "completeness." 17 means "heaven."Christ was executed on 33-APR-01. The interval from that date to 2011-APR-01 is exactly 1,978 years. 1,978 multiplied by 365.2422 days (the average number of days in each solar year) = 722,449 days, Add an arbitrary 51 days brings the total days since Jesus' execution to: 722,500 which will occur on 2011-MAY-21.
Now, (5 x 10 x 17) x (5 x 10 x 17) = 722,500. This can be interpreted as: (Atonement x Completeness x Heaven), squared.
Unfortunately, the date of Jesus' execution by the Roman occupation army is not known. Dates range from the year 29 to 33. However, if Camping's computational process is correct but is based on the wrong year, then the rapture would have already happened.
Camping said: "Five times 10 times 17 is telling you a story. It's the story from the time Christ made payment for your sins until you're completely saved." 7

So I propose a wager to Mr. Harold Camping

I am willing to bet $1,000,000 (one million US dollars) to Mr. Camping that May 21st, 2011 will not be the end of the world as he has foolishly predicted.

Now If I am wrong, I will owe Mr.Camping one million dollars and will be burning in hell, but if he is wrong, he will need to send $1,000,000 payable in cash to me receivable on May 22, 2011

What do I have to lose? Nothing! If I loose, I'll be indisposed in hell and he'll get eternal life with jebus, but if he is wrong, I'll expect to gain one million bucks, and he'll be the laughing jackass brunt of jokes for the rest of his life...deal or no deal?

My walk away from Atheism and Now my walk with Jebus

I was once an Atheist, I never committed any serious crimes, I always treated people fair and just, just like I wanted to be treated, I never even thought of stealing or robbing a bank or molesting little girls or boys why? Because I've always known it was wrong, How did I already know this? Because people are put here by no choice of their own and it's just not right to violate other people rights. But now, since my walk with Jesus, I am saved, I gave my heart to Jesus, and now I can commit any crime, I can lie, cheat, steal, molest children, smoke cigarettes, drink beer, wine, deceieve people, commit adultry, whatever I choose to do, because I now know in my heart, that no matter what crime or sin that I commit against another person or thing, I can always run back to Jesus and get instant forgiveness.

Anyone would be a fool to be an Atheist, when you become a Christian, you have an open rein of sins that you are allowed to commit. The master forgiver is Jesus and he is ready to forgive you 24-7. Don't worry about the laws of the land written by men, it's Jesus that holds the key to forgiveness and eternal justice.

The Ten Commandments do not mean I cannot break any of them, it just means that they were written so I can get instant forgiveness for any of them.

Now I'm preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, for now I can do no wrong, I can now pretend to be pious and righteous and above others that do not believe as I do in the eyes of God, I'll never go back to Atheism.

The only unpardonable sin is for non-belief in Jesus.

I now agree with Saul/Paul, if I can invent my own personal savior and convince other people that he is real, then how can I ever do anything wrong? Would a serial killer such a Saul/Paul tell a lie about his vision of Jesus, of course not!

Now, I can't do no wrong because I am a Christian!

The precise formula for an old fashion crucifixion

The Bible is considered the absolute truth here in America, there must be a combination of set motions one must follow in order to complete the transformation of one's soul from sinner to a better sinner than before sinner, therefore pretending to cleanse one's soul from a dead man's body from all evil and wickedness by crucifixion.

The ten steps for your own personal savior is listed below:

1. Take a period in time where complete ignorance and superstition is rampant like now, 2010.

2. Add a group of uneducated imbeciles willing to believe anything they are told.

3. Include a man who has been born of a virgin, and is willing to volunteer for the job (Jesus), someone who has foolishly been convinced that he is a god.

4. Make this man carry his own cross to his crucifixion.

5. Flog him, spit on him, curse him, put a crown of thorns on his head.

6. Drive nails in his hands, have him sup vinegar, poke him with sword.

7. Make him hang on the cross for three days until he's dead.

8. You now have a your own personal savior, who is willing to save your soul regardless of what sin or crime you may commit, as long as you believe in him.

9. If you believe any of that idiotic nonsense, you can now proclaim that you are a christian.

10. You have now brandished yourself as a complete fool.

The Christian psychotic fallacy

Christians claim there is a loving god whom created the entire universe in just six days and they claim this god watches over them and protects them through their prayers and worship, and Christians think it is necessary to continually tell this god how wonderful he is with praise and song...BUT!!!

But if this god has the power to create the entire universe in just six days, yet this god has no control to stop one tiny wicked man, named Adolf Hitler from murdering this gods own favorite people, (over six million Jews).

Would you foolishly continue to worship and praise a god that would sit idly by and let a person bulldoze your entire family into a ditch while they are still alive and do absolutely nothing to prevent it, although this god could prevent it from happening if he/she wanted to, or if they existed??

Is that the type of loving god you pretend to worship, a do nothing god??

The invisible and the nonexistent look exactly alike!

Approximately 1.5 million children and babies were murdered, either shot at point blank by machine guns or buried alive and perhaps some of them were raped or beheaded or run over by bulldozers or murdered with nerve gas.

Jesus is supposedly quoted as saying "It would be better if a millstone were hung around a one's neck, than to hurt one of gods little children." BS!!!!
If there was a loving Jesus who concerned himself with little children, he would not have allowed this to happen to them, it should be obvious to anyone, that there does not exist a loving nor caring, god nor Jesus.

Over 2.5 million women were murdered either shot at point blank or starved to death and brutally raped, sometimes sex was traded for extra food, pregnant women and girls, the elderly, beheaded or thrust through with swords or buried alive or murdered with nerve gas.

Over 3 million men, and boys either shot at point blank with machine guns, beheaded or thrust through with swords, starved to death, or buried alive with bulldozers into mass graves or murdered with nerve gas.

Nor could this same god intervene when a moronic imbecile raped and murdered 7 Quaker girls in Pennsylvania, the Quakers who claim to have a closer connection to the bible god than those outside of their religious cult, the bible could have intervened, he didn't so it's all been swept under the rug of self-righteousness.

It should be obvious to anyone with an IQ above a 5 year old child, that there does not exist a caring and loving god or jesus that intervenes in our personal lives as most christians ignorantly claim.

Christians are so brainwashed and afraid of hell and death, they continually make lame excuses and lies for their false make believe man-fabricated-god and jesus, thinking they'll surely be rewarded for their lies and the justification for their do nothing false make believe god and jesus.

Yet christians and their own families get cancer and diseases, are murdered, die horendous deaths in car wrecks or burn to death in plane crashes and still out of mindless fear, they continually praise an invisible do nothing god and jesus out of fear for eternal punishment of a burning hell.

The bible, a book written by psychotics

The bible was written as if it is the ultimate authority so that anyone who challenges it's contents automatically becomes an enemy of it, which makes it of a dangerous doctrine, it's defenders automatically become an enemy of the people who do not accept it's teachings as an authority.
It has a punishment built in to threaten the nonconformists, the nonbelievers, regardless of it's inability to prove anything that is written in it.

Isn't that what most religious books do is, go after the one's who do not conform to the teachings and try to make them look like they are the one's with mental problems and clearly not the authors, and then threaten the nonbelievers with eternal punishment for not believing it to be true?

The bible was obviously written by men who where psychotic and mentally insane and for some unknown reason believed that they were being spoken to by a god. Therefore wouldn't it take a psychotic person to believe and not reject the incredible nonsense the bible has written in it?

The bible praises mental psychosis(insanity), whereas it condemns normalcy(sanity).

This proves that the majority of Americans are either neurotics or psychotics which is evident with the happenings appearing on TV everyday on the news.

Murders, rapes, child molestations, embezzlement, robberies, theft, shoplifting, drunkenness, suicides, lawlessness, most of the crimes committed by a member of a church and a confessed christian and these are just the few cases that get reported.

Christians aren't perfect, they're just psychotic!

Christianity-Islam, the biggest confidence scams ever divised

America today is being held hostage from fear from a myth about a man that lived around 2000 years ago and he is still believed to have power to control and manipulate the universe and what people think and believe and will send them to hell if they do not believe in him.

This myth was invented and fabricated by a man who claimed to have had a vision, whom was psychotic and mentally insane, yet he is credited with being a very upstanding and Saintly person, because he has misled and manipulated so many people into a believing a grandiose tale of lies and falsehoods.

The authors original name is unknown, but was given the name Paul and was a master at manipulation, mainly to keep his paltry ass out of trouble, along with the people who want to believe in what the lunatic had to say.

The insane tale is about a virgin girl who gets pregnant from a god living in the clouds above, but she happened to be blessed and gave birth to a god child, whom unbeknownst to him was the son of god, so he played along, seeing how ignorant and gullible people wanted to believe that he was their along awaited chosen messiah.

So he goes along the city where people are in total misery are awaiting their miracle and so he tells them they have nothing to fear because they will be in heaven which exactly what they wanted to hear, if they just would believe, and people wanting to believe so much they claim he had performed a miracle and they are were so impressed that the Jesus character in the myth that he begins to believe that he, himself is in fact from a god.

So he begins to pray to himself and feels so implicitly pious and calls himself god, but when he gets up on the cross to die, he starts loosing faith that the is the messiah and wonders just what the hell is going on?

Then after it's way too late, he finds out that it was he who was all along, being played for the fool, and that he was never a god, nor even had an association with any god or gods, and to this very day is considered by atheists the biggest fool that ever was invented in a story that is entirely pure myth and a total fabrication by an insane goat herder who thought the world was flat and that diseases were caused by demons and witch spells.

And yet the majority of Americans living today are living in useless unnecessary fear from a myth fabricated by an insane criminal, solely because they were indoctrinated by their parents to believe in the 2000 year old lie that was contrived by a master manipulator and con man.

We have billions of Muslims living today who think if they touch pig blood or eat pig meat that they will go to hell and I can clearly see why, they have been taught that pigs are from the spawn of demons and Satan, and they have to pray to Allah 5 times a day and they have to remove their shoes, wash their feet, face, and hands and the women have to pray in separate rooms from the men.

Muslims who have P.H.D's and are highly educated but yet cannot escape the stronghold of childhood indoctrination, this silly ignorant belief seems impossible to christians that anyone would believe in such idiotic things as being afraid of pigs blood, yet christians cannot see how foolish they are for having beliefs that are just as stupidly insane as theirs.

Prayer, an exercise in futility

According to google, there are at least 2 billion self-claimed christians world-wide that believe a god and jesus exists and are constantly listening to and answering their prayers daily.

If only 1 percent of those christians are praying at any given time, that would mean that their god and jesus are receiving approximately 20 million prayers in a 24 hour period, this would calculate to 833 thousand prayers per hour or 140 thousand prayers per minute that would calculate to be (2,300), 2 thousand 300 prayers received by their god and jesus per second and spoken in over 2 thousand different languages completely understood and answered prayers.

So by this theory of just 1 percent of christians praying, the christian god and jesus are listening to, analyzing, answering and acting upon at the very least, 2,3oo prayers per second. By these figures god and jesus cannot get anything done like clean the toilets or wash the windows in heaven because they are having to work overtime hours with just answering prayers. Satan has absulutely nothing to do, because no christain prays to satan for their petty and selfish desires, besides satan just don't give a damn about clean toilets or windows.

Now if only 2 percent of people pray at any given time you can just double the figures and so on up to the 100 percent mark to, 2 billion prayers per hour.

This does not include prayers claimed to be heard and answered by Muslims, Catholics, Jews, or any other religious sect.

So here is a list of the possible answers from the christian god and jesus:

Yep - Nope - Maybe, Perhaps - Possibly! - Could be! - If it's Gods will!
Try again tomorrow! - I'll think about it! - (god), I'll ask jesus!
(jesus), I'll ask god! - Can't understand what you're saying?
Why are you bothering us? - That's way too petty! - You're drunk!
You don't believe in Jesus? - You're on medication!
You're on illegal drugs! - Not today! - Try again later!
Sure, no problem! - If I could, I would! - Sounds reasonable!
That's not possible! - Tough luck, kido! - Don't be ridiculous!
I couldn't care less! - Just forget about it!
We don't answer prayers! - Stop waisting your time praying to us!

So as anyone with even a slight hint of common sense can tell, prayer is nothing more than a man-made delusion invented to distract ignorant people from having a justified outlook in reality.

Guess what America? I don't believe in a god nor jaysus!

And No, I do not believe that a god came down from the sky and inseminated a young virgin girl! Why should I, just because you do???

Because I was not born yesterday, and I don't believe everything that I my christian mother and the local pastor, or what the pseudo religious authorities tell people is the truth! I don't believe them! I don't believe everything that people perceived as truth 2000 years ago, nor 1000 years ago, nor 500 years ago!

I am not stupid!

I am not gullible!

I am not naive!

I am not ignorant!

I do not believe in miracles - angels - spirits - ghosts - demons - blessings - prayer - faith - pastors - saviors - messiahs - salvation - heaven - hell - invisible beings - man made gods.

Religion - Invented by charlatans and crooks with the intent to manipulate a persons mind in order to squelch a persons ability to think and reason on their own accord with a fear to questioning religious authorities.

Church - a social club and gathering place where people show off their clothes, jewelry, and fancy cars They are willing donate money each week just to hear their preacher tell them how wonderful they are and that they will split the gates of heaven wide open if they do what he says. They look forward to the camaraderie and praise they give each other and receive from the pastor and all the parishioners and continue to pat each other on the back for having the same belief.

Worship - Pretending to tell a god how wonderful he is and then hoping he'll particularly remember you and single you out from about 15 billion people all over this planet and reward you from what wonderful things you said about him during your lifetime soon after you're dead, and if you do not do this, you will be sent to hell, because he loves everybody so much.

Faith = irrationality absent of reason which goes against your own built-in common sense, that's the reason you need enormous amounts of faith to believe in things in which you already know in your mind, that those beliefs are unbelievable and completely improbable.

Praying - talking to yourself trying to convince yourself that you have done something, when all along you have accomplished absolutely nothing, yet you have a good feeling about what you have just done.

Christian - someone who likes to think they are above other people because of what they have chosen to believe, they think that they are especially pious because they know that they are absolutely right because of the denomination in which they have chosen to join.

Religious Buffoon - Someone who is foolish enough to believe that a book written over 2000 years ago is the inspired word from a god.

Satan - The imaginary scape-goat that all christians blame for all the wrongs that they have committed against other human beings, instead of admitting that it was really them at the time of the offense and then have all their wrongs forgiven by their imaginary make believe forgiver, jeebus.

Jeebus - a fictional character invented by insane criminals, the one who conveniently forgives all sins, except for those who do not believe in him and he will cast the non-believers into hell, because he loves everyone so much.

God - a simpletons simplistic view of how the universe was made, if you're personally satisfied with the answer, "god did it!", then you''ll be happy not having to think beyond what the bible says, so therefore the earth is flat and at the center of the universe and diseases are caused by demon possession.

Bible - a book written by very ignorant people who thought that the very thoughts that appeared in their minds where for some reason being sent to them from a god. The bible praises stupidity and ignorance and condemns scientific knowledge and proven facts.

Hell - a place invented and made up by the early priests to threaten people into submission by fear so that they could con them out of their hard-earned money, if christians were not so afraid of hell, you couldn't force one into a church and the priests and pastors know this.

People who turn to faith-based religions are emotionally and psychologically bankrupt, they have chosen to accept blind faith as more viable than logic, reason, and their own common sense, mainly because they have been publicly hazed to seal the deal with baptism and are expected to witness to the public like a circus clown because they have been threatened by undue influence by religious authorities with the threat of a burning hell if they do not conform to the ancient superstitious teachings of the buybull.

How to educate a religious imbecile

I was walking down town one day and I was approached
by an ON-FIRE-FOR-JEBUS-FUNDAMNGELICAL, a man around the age of 63 I'm guessing, and he handed me a gospel tract, and I said, OH yeah I get those all the time, but I said surely you don't believe any of that is true do you? He said why not? I said, because the people who wrote the Bible over 2000 years ago, thought that diseases were caused by demon possession, evil spirits, and witch spells, but we now know with the invention of the microscope somewhere around the 1700's, and through modern medical research, that diseases are caused by bacteria, germs, microbes, and man-made chemicals.

I said, you don't believe diseases are caused by demon possession, evil spirits, and witch spells do ya? He said, well no!
Just to be not disagreeable, I think.

I said, they also thought that the earth was flat, you don't believe that the earth is flat do ya? He said, well no!

I posited, that they also thought that the earth was at the center of the universe, I asked, you don't believe the earth is at the center of the universe do ya? He said well no!

I said that they also thought that the heart was the center of all thought and emotion, and that they believed that the bible god spoke to humans through the heart, and that the heart could weep, or jump for joy, get hard or soft, or wax cold, has doors, also has a rudder, but we now know through medical research that the heart is a pump which pumps blood and it is the brain that is the center of all thought and emotion, I said surely the creator god of all things would have known that the brain is the center of all thought and emotion, Would you not agree? He said, yeah! Also the word brain is nowhere found in the bible, this example alone proves that the bible was not written by any god.

He said, but I have faith that the bible is true! I said that Jesus also supposedly said, that anyone whom had enough faith as a mustard seed could move a mountain, I said anyone who had enough faith as a mustard seed should be able move a mustard seed, but I have never seen this done have you? And he said, no! This example alone proves that faith is a farce!

I said that, Jesus also supposedly said that, any Christian could be bit by posionious snakes and drink any poison and no harm will come unto them, but we both know that is not true!

Also the NT was not written until 30-100 years after jesus' supposed death, and the original names of the authors are unkown, the names Paul, Mark, Luke, Matthew, John, were names given unto the writers and are of English origin, and are names not common to the area in which the bible was supposed to have been written. I think he was surprised to hear this.

I also told him that before the white colonists came over here, there had not been a bible, a church, a black slave, nor the English language, on American soil. I said if you will notice there are no Indian grave markers to be found here on the east coast, because they did not believe in the bible god nor their jesus, but all the christians are burried beside their church claiming to be in the waiting arms of jesus.

Also, the majority of Americans boasts this to be a Christian Nation, and if that were true then, we would be living side by side with the Indians in peace and harmony, because jesus supposedly taught to "love thy neighbor as thy self and to do un to others as you would have them do un to you, and to love thy enemies, thou shalt not kill?), yet it's perfectly Ok to kill in the name of jebus isn't it? It's OK to kill in the name of Allah too, isn't it? See the correlation between the two Abrahamic religions?

The white christians used the bible as justification for killing all the infidel Indians, (they were not infidels, they were real human beings). And the fundy christian said that he personally had nothing to do with killing of the Indians, I said I know that, but your religion is responsible for killing most of all the American Indians and taking their land and that this land really belongs to the Indians and not the white man.

I said, Why do you think that the Indians were granted a privilege to run casino's, a privilege that the white man is not allowed to have? It because of the mistreatment of the Indians by the white man. The white man killed and slaughtered millions of Indians by cutting their heads off, burning their homes with children and the elderly inside and claimed their land as their own, with no pity upon them unless they convert to christianity. He said, you're right!

I said, the bible writers also thought that prayer worked, He said his back hurt him real bad one day and he prayed to jesus to heal it and he did, and I said why would jesus heal your back when there are thousands of children around the world starving to death every day and yet he chooses to ignore their prayers for food? He had no answer for this. I said god nor jesus will heal amputees, why not? He had no answer for this!

I told him that nothing fails like prayer! I also told him there is a very true saying, "Two hands working will get more done than, one thousand hands clasped in prayer."
I said that surely at least one of the 6 million Jews had prayed for god to intervene and to save them from the Nazi death camps, yet millions of god's favorite people were killed as untold thousands of them were bulldozed into mass graves while praying to their false bible god as they were being burried alive, yet your bible god sat idly by and did exactly what he has always been famous for doing, absolutely nothing!

I told him that the bible god could have caused Hitler to have a heart attack, or a stroke, or a tree limb could have fallen on his head or a stray bullet inter into his body and kill him and no one would have known that the bible god had intervened, yet he chose to do what he always been known to do, absolutely nothing! So with that being said, Christians don't have a snowballs chance in hell to have any favors done for them, if he will not do anything for his own favorite people.

I mentioned the Noah's Ark fable, I said that the bible god had commissioned a 600 year old drunkard to build a boat and fill it up with all the animals in order to flood the earth to rid the world of all evil and wickedness, and the first thing Noah did when the flood was over, he got drunk and then very soon in the same chapter of Genesis, we have the wicked city of Sodom and Gomorrah, so what happened to the brilliant plan to rid the earth of all wickedness and evil? It didn't work did it? He had no answer for this.

They also made up that a rainbow was a promise from the bible god not to flood the earth, but we now know that rainbows are the result of the prisim effect seen by our eyes from the reflection of water molecules against a light source.

Also it took the bible god only six days to create the universe, but yet it took him forty days and nights just to write the ten commandments. Were the ten commandments a greater task for the bible god than creating the entire universe in just six days? He had no answer for this.

I asked, Do you really believe there exists a god that is (that ignorant?), to have a man to take many years to build a boat and retrieve all the animals to rid the world of all wickedness and evil and it didn't work? He said, no I guess not! I can tell at this point, that maybe he's finally coming around to his senses.

I also said, according to the bible, supposedly the bible god kicked Satan and his angels out of heaven and he knew that Satan was lurking around on Earth long before he created a man and a woman, yet he continued with his plan knowing full well of what Satan was capable of doing in spite of that, he still went forward in creating a man and a woman. Would it not be logical to assume that a higher being capable of trying to overthrow heaven would try to deceive humans whom which had no prier experience with an evil being and would naturally try to thwart any plans that the bible god may devise? ("he knew that Satan was lurking around somewhere on Earth," this is assuming by the writers that the Earth was the only planet existing and located at the center of the universe") I said, any rational human would know better than this, do you really believe there exists a god that is that stupid? He said, no I guess not!

Humans cannot be held accountable, nor to blame for things that they had no part in creating, humans never created the universe, neither did humans create an Earth, nor did they create a garden of Eden, nor a tree of knowledge of good and evil, neither did they create an evil being, nor a talking snake, nor did they create a hell to put people in who do not believe in them, nor can humans be held accountable for the regretful wrongs done by the blundering god of the bible.

Christians can easily identify with their fallible bible god, because humans are fallible and they believe they were made in the image of their fallible bible god, therefore he is just like them, which should make one realize that the bible god was made in the image of humans invented with their own fallible minds.

The bible god wants humans to take the blame for all the wrongs and for everything that he has allowed to happen in the buybull.

Also if you'll notice, the nonexistent and the invisible look exactly alike.

Also a god nor jesus, never wrote one word of the bible, why not?, Surely a god that can create the entire universe in just six days, and one who could perform miracles, could write his own book, that would have been such an easy task, do you not agree? He had no answer!

The bible was written with the intent of it not surviving any longer than the life span of it's prophesied savior's imminent return, it is not a book that is congruent to these modern times.

Needless to say that I squelched the flames of that christian's fire for jebus, I have never seen such a distraught human being after I explained to him as to how we have all been lied to and have been misled that the bible was true by our parents and by religious and political authorities, (frauds).

But he is like millions of christians who have joined the christian cult without investigation of the sources of the bible and how they were put together, he most likely joined mainly because of peer pressure or he thought that by joining it would make his parents proud of him.

After all that conversation, I felt down right pity for that poor man, I gave him an anti-gospel tract and sent him on his way with nothing left for him to believe in except himself and for him to believe in the here and now without any make believe gods, nor does he no longer have a savior to hear his petty selfish pleas, he is now lost without his empty promises of a crown full of jewels and his promised mansion in heaven, it's right damned disgusting to see how grown adults have been conned into believing in things that cannot be proved and were written by ignorant superstitious people over 2000 years ago to manipulate the way people feel and think in a plot disguised as love and kindness, in order to steal their intellect and to con their hard earned money away from them.

I rest my case!

Common sense cannibalism

The following is a direct quote from the all so loving and wise Jesus.

St. John

6:53 Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.

6:54 Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.

6:55 For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.

6:56 He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him.

6:57 As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me.

6:58 This is that bread which came down from heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead: he that eateth of this bread shall live for ever.

6:59 These things said he in the synagogue, as he taught in Capernaum.

6:60 Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard this, said, This is an hard saying; who can hear it?

6:61 When Jesus knew in himself that his disciples murmured at it, he said unto them, Doth this offend you?

As it should offend any person with a dab of common sense, even to partake of communion is pretending to eat Jesus' flesh and drink his blood.

Even after Christians claim that the Bible is the infallible absolute word of god, they will say that, that particular saying is to be taken metaphorical or allegorical, then if so, then all of the Bible is to be taken as metaphorical or allegorical and not to be taken as literal truth, but there is nowhere in the Bible that it says anything is to be taken metaphorical or allegorical.

Unless a christain is willing to admit that he/she is willing to eat the flesh of a human being and drink their blood in order to go to heaven , there is no truth in them!

Are you more willing to be known as a cannibal, as opposed to being called a christian? Yes you are!

Then you are a disgrace to humanity!

After all is said and done, do you really believe there exists a god that wants people to eat his son's dead body?

Are you really this gullible and ignorant?

Are you really so desperate to believe in something so outlandishly barbaric beyond human sanity???

Your religion serves you and your personal agenda.

All of us having been put on this earth without our on choosing, we tend to grasp on to ideas and ideologies that tend to invest themselves into our own best interest especially, religions.

In other words without your ego being built up by religions, you do things that you would not normally do, you may go out of your way for people to perceive you as being the type of person that you're not.

You may want people to perceive you as a kind, nice, generous person. Perhaps you are a nice, kind, generous person, but you may intentionally do things that other people will see you do in order to get praise.

You may even be motivated to do things that you think will earn you praise and recognition from a phantom savior called, Jesus.

Is that not what religions are all about? Looking for praise and in hopes looking for some form of earned recognition from an imaginary dead man named, Jesus?

Would not the first church that was ever built, would it have been built if it were not for some poor ignorant fool looking for some type of praise or reward from an imaginary savior?

What use would a church or mosque be for, except looking for some form of expected praise and recognition from a dead zombie savior called Jesus or Allah?

That's the reason so many people flock to a church on Sunday, it's not to get the latest scientific information, or to hear the local news, it's to get your much needed praise or pat on the back from a flying dead zombie called Jesus, because you've been told if you do not do as jesus would want you to do, then you are taking a chance with going to hell.

The first church built on American soil was to get recognition from a flying dead zombie called Jesus, there is no other reason for any church to be built and all churches are built by men who were told by the people that they trusted to tell them the truth, if they do not believe in a flying dead zombie called jesus, that they would go to hell, therefore all churches are built from the motivation of fear of hell.

Religions are built around the emotion of fear, all animals have the emotion of fear in them, and humans have invented religions to control people with their built-in emotion of fear.

If I can convince a person to believe certain things based upon the emotion of fear, then I can motivate them and easily control that person's actions and their money.

If I can convince many people to believe certain things based upon the emotion of fear, then I can easily motivate them and I can control those people's actions and their money.

The bottom line is that, the people who created religions knew that they could use the emotion of fear to control and motivate people's actions and their money using fear tactics.

Enough Of The Stupidity Already!!!

OK, I've had it with the rampant religious stupidity that has infected this country and the rest of the world, for that matter!

I'm sorry, but if you're around 40 to 45 years old and you're so dense that you have not figured out that christianity is nothing more than a money fleecing hoax, then you seriously need to seek psychotic mental help.

Guess what folks?, It's time to seriously grow the FUCK UP!!!!!!

There is no jesus! There are no souls! There is no heaven! There is no hell!

There are no angels! You cannot invite a god nor jesus into your heart!!!

Your heart is a pump, it pumps blood, it cannot speak, it does not have ears, you cannot talk to invisible beings with your heart, nor by any other method!!!

There is no prayer that is going to help you, nor anyone else!

There is no satan! There are no demons! There are no evil spirits, no holy spirits!

There are no miracles! There are no saints! There are no prophets!

There is no such a thing as an infidel, there are only human beings born of equality.

There is no Allah nor Mohammad! There are no blessings!

There are no god-called preachers!

There is no god that a human being can accurately describe, especially if said god is invisible!!!

The only reason you think the bible is true is, because you have been told by other humans that that the bible is true!!!

The names Mark, Luke, John, Mary, Joseph, Paul, Matthew, are not names common to the region to where the Bible was supposedly written, these names are names of English origin applied to the gospels which were written 50 - 70 years after Jesus supposed death. That makes the entire New Testament a complete lie along with the OT.

The bible is not true, it is purely a work of fiction, written for entertainment purposes only, it was not written to be taken literally nor to be perceived as truth!

The bible is to be believed upon faith, in which if you had as much faith as a mustard seed, you could move a mustard seed, but no one has ever moved a mustard seed by using their faith, therefore faith does not exist and is a flat out lie!!!

The bible is false, it is a book of lies, myths, and man-invented fantasy.

The Quran is false, it is a book of lies, myths, and man-invented fantasy.

To give up believing the Bible would mean to call momma and daddy, Billy Graham, all preachers liars, and religious authorities liars, and they are all liars who were lied to just as you and me were lied to.

Please give up the stupidity!!!!

But you can't, because you have been bathed in it all your life!!!!

To the jesus cannibal cult christians

I would be willing to say that at least 99.99% of all Christians do not fully understand the implications of their becoming a Christian and being forthright by claiming to be a Christian meaning well, but not being made aware of all the details of Christianity by omission.

Most Christians become Christians from feelings of guilt and peer pressure put upon them by a pastor or some very close acquaintance. The pressure to be like them, so that the acquaintances that are already Christian will not feel so alone and singled out. Christians are so proud and smug to be associated such a good thing, to belong to a unique elite club run by god, the top boss figure of the entire universe. Most people don't want to be left out of a guaranteed good thing.

Who in their right mind would not want to belong and join the most powerful elite army in the whole universe, where no adversary could ever overcome them? Every person selfishly wants to be on the winning team. Belonging to god's holy army to fight evil, corruption and sin and walking in the footsteps of Jesus and saving souls right and left, for you to get a reward for all the souls that you have helped to transform using you as a vessel to keep those filthy sinners out of hell. It was like that in elementary school, when you knew the answer to a simple question and you quickly raised your hand desperately waving your arms sideways hoping the teacher would pick you because you wanted the rest of the class to see how brilliant you were. It's the same thing for Christians they want so much to impress their god.

Christians have been misled to think that they are a fighting force against the face of evil and they're doing it all for whom? GOD!, the most powerful entity that has ever existed from the beginning of time. The creator of all living things wants you to do his bidding. He wants you to go out an spread his message of salvation, no matter what the cost is to you! If you get shot and killed, so what? You become a martyr for his cause. If god or Jesus throw you a bone, you go fetch it wherever it lands.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to help people just to show others that you are concerned and care for others, but to claim that you are in possession of a special elite calling from an invisible deity and you have the knowledge to save a persons invisible soul in which you have absolutely no proof to give anyone is beyond the scope of sanity.

The people that wrote the bible where uneducated meaning that they had to resort to answers from dreams, visions, and drug induced hallucinations. They had no scientific way to examine anything, they could only ponder in their minds and if they wrote a bunch of gobble-d-goop that no one understood, they perceived it was from divine inspiration, if it sounded over their head, then they presumed it must have come from god, where else could it have come from???

Thoughts conjured by the wondering minds of sheep and goat herders and roaming nomads, ghosts, demons, evil spirits, angels, souls, holy spirits, miracles, blessings, gods, saviors, prayer, divine intervention? Stories and myths invented that were handed down by oral tradition for thousands of years?

Here's what the majority of Christians and pastors themselves do not know, they are supporting a death cult of cannibalism, if your church practices communion, you are essentially mimicking the eating of human flesh and emulating the drinking of human blood.

Now this may seem totally harmless to you, but can you see the implications of pretending to eat human flesh and drinking of human blood? Cannibalism is a barbaric act of desperation in a scenario where by eating another human beings body is necessary in order to sustain another human beings life.

We're talking about emulating cannibalism the eating of human flesh and drinking human blood in a public setting called a church today in the 21st century, come on people wake up!

Jesus commanded his disciples to eat his body after his crucifixion,
John ch. 6 vs 51
Many Christians will say that Jesus was using a metaphor to imply eating his body by dipping his bread into a cup of wine, but this is not true.

The disciples were in total shock themselves verified by reading John 6:52, The Jews strove among themselves, saying, "How can this man give us his flesh to eat? " Jesus didn't say, "I was just kidding!"

The bread was to represent Jesus' body and the wine was to represent his blood as he talked and lived at that moment but by going further on to John 6: vs 53, Jesus commanded and plainly instructed the disciples to eat his body after his death!

Still being verified as a total shock to the disciples is displayed by reading John ch. 6 vs 60, Many therefore of his disciples when they heard this, said, "This is hard saying; who can hear it?"

It was a hard saying, because commanding someone to eat another human beings' flesh and drinking their blood is an insane act of desperation! Especially when there was no immediate need for food and there was no impending call for that type of desperation for survival.

This call for cannibalism is largely overlooked by pastors and theologians, because it would destroy people's need to believe in a imaginary savior and would crush the church community in a very instant and it would also crush the pastors means of financial support.

But it's right there for the viewing, Jesus emphatically implied that if you going to go through with his crucifixion, then there must be a price to be paid by the very same people who allowed for the crucifixion to be followed through and then he would see who his loyal following would be after his death.

A little while before his death, someone asked who will stand up for this man and not one person stood up for Jesus, not even his own mother.

It's all in there, just read it, it is a hard saying! But it needed to be said, a very long time ago!

How we get indoctrinated so easy.

Think about the time you entered this world, you were born in Jesusville (America), and you were surrounded by people whom they too, where indoctrinated by the idiotic nonsense of the bible. god and jesus were a permanent fixture of your family.

If you were born in the Middle East, you were raised and surrounded in the indoctrination of the Quran and Mohammadville. Allah and Mohammad were a permanent fixture of your family.

When you learned to say mom and dad, you also learned to say Jesus, god, and Bible. (or Allah, and Mohammad)

Before every meal we prayed to thank god and jesus for all our food and for everything that we had, because we believed they provided for us and without them, we would all starve to death or fall over dead from lack of respect of god and Jesus, but mainly because we were afraid they would punish us with diseases and or we would be sent to hell, just like millions of ignorant Americans believe today in 2010. (or insert Allah and Mohammad)

There were always Bibles, gospel tracts, or religious books from Billy Graham or gospel records and religious effigies laying around and false pictures of Jesus all through the house, apparently you need to keep the mind continually focused on jesus, or you will be sent to hell. (or Allah and Mohammad)

Everything that made us happy, momma said it was from god, everything that upset us, or we didn't agree with, momma said it was caused by the mean ole devil.

We were told at an early age to always respect and honor our parents and elders, and religious authorities and to never question anything they say, because we wrongly presumed that they had rigorously questioned and filtered out all the inconsistencies of life and all religious beliefs before passing them on to us, we just knew that they had all the complexities of life completely figured out.

We just knew that our parents would not intentionally mislead us, I mean look at all the churches on every street corner, just seeing all those churches proves to us in our minds that christianity and the bible must certainly be true. All the preachers on TV and Billy Graham, a grown adult, surely he would not lie to us and mislead us, we put our faith in him and his word that the bible is 100% what he says it is. We are thinking with all the believers in christianity, we blindly assume it must surely be true, we wonder how could so many normal looking people be tricked or fooled into believing in a pack of useless lies?

Momma cleaned our butts and wiped our noses and we went to sleep in her arms while she sang Jesus loves me or some other religious song she had heard. Momma was certainly a true christian woman. When we misbehaved, momma set us on the straight and narrow, she fixed our lunches, and put us safely on the bus, and she was waiting for us when we got off of the bus that same day.

We went to church every Sunday and had to rush to be sure we got there on time, we sure as hell didn't want to disrupt those important services, or you would get the mean eye from the preacher and the congregation, and from being late you were interrupting God's house, and so you could see all the people mindlessly trudging into church as if an invisible force were pushing them in and they were soon nodding in agreement with the preacher. They were putting on as if they were happy to be there, they were wearing their very best clothes and their new shinny shoes and you could smell their cheep counterfeit cologne. I always knew I wasn't happy to be there, thinking I'd be going to hell for being somewhere else.

The collection plate was always major part of the services, never once was the collection plates never passed, people felt an obligation to tithe their hard earned money, and never once, did I see the preacher put any money in the offering plates, I guess he was immune to tithe, since what he was saying was the main attraction for the day to be meted on for the rest of the week.

A lot of people would attempt not to fall asleep during the long boring services.

There was always some squabble about the choir leader or the deacons about some issue going on secretly within the church. Some preachers got kicked out of their churches.

I always wondered how people could kick out a god-called preacher out of a god-ordained church?

Christians were regularly invited into our home and prayer and gospel songs were always a part of the visit.

Preachers were treated as if special above others and frequently showered with gifts of food, extra praise and money and sometimes given in secret.

The preacher never ever smiled or grinned, because he always wanted you to know he was in the business of being serious, because he was personally responsible for the destiny of your soul.

We always had a plague on the wall saying, "God Please Bless This Home."

A flood or tornado ravaged your neighborhood and destroyed our home.

We were told that God was trying to bring people back to him, or send someone in the neighborhood a personal message. Someone in the community had fallen away from god, whatever that means.

We had nowhere to go, we lived in a squabble for months, but god came through, we got a FEMA low interest loan...praise god, and thank you jesus!

You believed in god with all your heart and soul, and never even once in your whole life did it occur to you that there just may be no god, or that the Bible may not be true, but instead a bunch of garbage compiled by a group of roaming nomads.

Then one day, while talking to someone outside of your family, the person says to you, “What are you talking about? There is no God. It’s all a figment of your imagination, the bible, it's an ancient old book filled with lies, fables and myths.”

Then one day you think to yourself, "I've always had my doubts, but were always afraid to doubt the bible, because if you doubt the bible, you will be struck down by lightning!"

Imagine living to around 30 years old and having never giving even one second thought that, there just could possibly not be a god and momma was wrong and she had got fooled and hoodwinked into believing in such biblical nonsense?

But momma was terrorized by her tyrannical father when she was a little girl and then terrorized by her overly dominating husband and then she was mentally traumatized from giving childbirth and she had been lied to by her parents about the bible, and her parents before her had been lied too, also.

Fooled and lied to by what? "Doctrines of men!"
What kind of men? Ignorant self-righteous foolish men!

Just imagine going through life with the blind assumption that our parents knew more about life, the bible and the things of this world than we could ever possibly know ourselves.

We were also taught at an early age to honor our mother and father and our elders and also to agree with them even if we happen to think that they are wrong. That is perhaps the reason by the time we reach around the age of 17 or 18 we’re ready to get out away from the home to see if other people perceive the world as our parents did.

We’ve all heard the old wives tales and the false rumors about how the world is coming to an end as soon as Jesus decides to come back at just any moment in time and to be prepared and ready to meet your maker and to make peace with your creator because the moment is nigh and you must be prepared to meet death at any second.

We’ve heard all of the fear mongering and felt all the feelings of guilt from the very moment we heard that we were not worthy to even be alive, how we were all born in (sin), and if it were not for the very grace of god, none of us would even be here at all, and so on to ad-nausium.

We’ve all heard about how god placed man on the earth and to dominate the woman and subdue the earth and to have children and multiply the earth for the glory of the lord, yada, yada, yada, and all the other complete udder ridiculous manly self-righteous nonsense and it just never occurred to our parents it was all just a beautiful ridiculous lie.

It's really a shame for someone such as our parents and all our kin to have lived up to 80 and 100 years old and never drew a sane breath wasting their precious time and hard earned money trying to please and appease invisible man-made beings written down in ancient 2000 year old religious books.

It's a BIG problem with America today, with people believing in false gods and saviors and they are thinking that they are specially called to fulfill a mission to spread the word about a man made religious death cult in which you are expected to pretend to eat a dead man's body and drink his blood. Mainly because we have all been wrongly and unknowingly lied to.

America with it's fill of religious self-righteous zombies going around pretending they are so special and above others that do not believe as they do, it's a mental sickness, America is mentally sick.

How to take charge and get a grip on sin

Try to imagine for a few moments that you-yourself are a GOD, and you live in the clouds above and you just absolutely Deplore Sin, you Hate Sin, you Despise Sin.

What would you do in this case?

Since you are omnipotent, you created everything, you know everything there is to know, after all you are a GOD, right?

Since you are a god, and you allowed Sin to exist in the first place, right?

What would you do to eliminate all sin?

The most obvious choice would be to,


After all, it gets mighty lonesome out there in space at night, perhaps this may be your first peace of nooky, ever!

So after many thousands of years of careful planning and much contemplation, you've cleverly devised a secret way to reveal yourself in the flesh and in human form on the earth.

Now, in what little time you have on earth, you must convince as many people as you can that you yourself are in fact the god from the clouds above, by reciting ancient scripture and performing miracles as soon as you can.

No one is going to believe that you are a god just by performing miracles, you need to really amaze a large group of people by overcoming death before their very eyes and rising to the clouds and returning to earth to prove to them that you are in fact the god from the heavens above.

This feat will not only amaze certain people, but will also give people hope and allow people to believe that you exist and have faith in you and by cheating death, and by doing this you will also take on all the sins of the world, but for only those that will accept the fact that you were willing to die for all us worthless sinners.

In other words, instead of just snapping your fingers and completely eliminating all sin and evil from the universe by just using your thoughts and be done with it, you decide it would so much simpler to have yourself sent down by an invisible ghost and inseminate an innocent young girl and disrupt her plans for the rest of her life, and by selectively deceiving the entire world's population that you came to earth disguised as a god in human form and that whosoever would override their own common sense and pretend to believe such insane and unbelievable story, and fight with the truth within their own minds all of their days, that they would live forever along with you, just because they have to force themselves to believe by faith only with absolutely no proof, that you did in fact devise such an insane and ignorant way to eliminate sin.

Even after all that incredible nonsense, evil and sin are not eliminated, so now, sins are just forgiven to those that want to foolishly believe that a god of that caliber exists that is so blind sighted and ignorant as they are themselves.

Of course had we ourselves been a god, we would have taken the exact same obvious route ourselves.....NOT!!

Who in their right mind can believe such ridiculous nonsense??

Someone who is emotionally insane!!

It can only be someone who claims to be a christian!

A purplexing question for christians

If Jesus died for all sins past, future, present, and paid the price (death) for all sins.

How come humans did not revert back to the Adam and Eve days and live forever, since the wages of sin is death?

And Jesus paid the price for all sins??

Since the price of sin is paid, no more death necessary!!

Another failed false prophecy assumption!!! More typical Buybull nonsense!

A warm gentle message to the fool jackass christian moron spineless coward imbeciles who are afraid to leave a comment.

According to the Bible, a person would be better off lying, cheating, being a drunkard, stealing, raping women and little children, kill your enemies, and then ask jesus to forgive you and go to heaven, than it would be to try to lead a good life, do no harm to anyone, with no beliefs in a god or jesus, and then be sent to hell.

This is what the majority of christians are guilty of either, lying, rape, molestation, murder, and stealing money from people.

The Bible justifies different classes and denominations of people, therefore it divides humans against other humans and justifies wars, strife and hatred, a god that chooses some people over others, leading them to hate and justify their hatred.

A god that prefers criminals with a belief in his son, over a person who trys to live a just and clean life, but with no beliefs is not wanted.

This proves the Bible was written by people who where insane and mentally ill, just like you are.

If you agree with the Buybull, you are mentally ill.

A warning to christians

Do not!

I Repeat!

Do not pray, nor send relief to the Haiti earthquake victims!

Those people are under punishment from GOD!!!

They are devil worshippers!!!

They are from the descendants of Cain!!!

If you pray or send support, this will go against God's Holy Divine Will that they all suffer and die!!

This is God sending his Holy Divine Wrath against Satan-Lucifer, the deceiver of all mankind!!!

To send help or pray will be opposing God's divine will.

The people down there assisting them now will pay for it and will much regret it later!

Those people are Negroes and are a less-valuable human than the white Anglo-Saxon Christians, just like the American Savage infidel Indians who were also less-valuable human and killed and run off of their own land by the white Anglo-Saxon Christians.

The Bible says, whoever does not believe in Jesus is destined for HELL!!!

The Christian belief makes people think that those who do not believe in Jesus are a less-valuable human than those who do believe in Jesus!

Therefore, according to Christians, non-believers and Atheists are deserving of God's wrath and need to be destroyed, even if God has to kill some of his own people representing him, non-believers must be destroyed and trampled on.

Why would anyone in their right mind pretend to worship a god who would intenionally do such a thing to human beings, even to his own people representing him??

Is that a god of love??

Is that the type of god you would want to worship?

If you agree with your god's way of dealing with people, then you're no better a person than he is and you're also a murderer!

The Christians creed:

Because we are brainwashed out-of -fear to believe regardless of evidence, we cannot disearn between what is reality and myth!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL