Prayer, an exercise in futility

According to google, there are at least 2 billion self-claimed christians world-wide that believe a god and jesus exists and are constantly listening to and answering their prayers daily.

If only 1 percent of those christians are praying at any given time, that would mean that their god and jesus are receiving approximately 20 million prayers in a 24 hour period, this would calculate to 833 thousand prayers per hour or 140 thousand prayers per minute that would calculate to be (2,300), 2 thousand 300 prayers received by their god and jesus per second and spoken in over 2 thousand different languages completely understood and answered prayers.

So by this theory of just 1 percent of christians praying, the christian god and jesus are listening to, analyzing, answering and acting upon at the very least, 2,3oo prayers per second. By these figures god and jesus cannot get anything done like clean the toilets or wash the windows in heaven because they are having to work overtime hours with just answering prayers. Satan has absulutely nothing to do, because no christain prays to satan for their petty and selfish desires, besides satan just don't give a damn about clean toilets or windows.

Now if only 2 percent of people pray at any given time you can just double the figures and so on up to the 100 percent mark to, 2 billion prayers per hour.

This does not include prayers claimed to be heard and answered by Muslims, Catholics, Jews, or any other religious sect.

So here is a list of the possible answers from the christian god and jesus:

Yep - Nope - Maybe, Perhaps - Possibly! - Could be! - If it's Gods will!
Try again tomorrow! - I'll think about it! - (god), I'll ask jesus!
(jesus), I'll ask god! - Can't understand what you're saying?
Why are you bothering us? - That's way too petty! - You're drunk!
You don't believe in Jesus? - You're on medication!
You're on illegal drugs! - Not today! - Try again later!
Sure, no problem! - If I could, I would! - Sounds reasonable!
That's not possible! - Tough luck, kido! - Don't be ridiculous!
I couldn't care less! - Just forget about it!
We don't answer prayers! - Stop waisting your time praying to us!

So as anyone with even a slight hint of common sense can tell, prayer is nothing more than a man-made delusion invented to distract ignorant people from having a justified outlook in reality.


Sakura said...

Yeah, prayer is totally useless...besides...omnipotent or not, NO ONE could take care AND truly answer all those prayers.

Also, I had some religutard tell me they were gonna pray for me on my Youtube channel, the following is my public response: please feel free to, I just hope you don't expect any sort of response or me to change my mind from something that's more useless than anything

Steven Bently said...

Yeah, it's just ignorant people trying to convince themselves into thinking there is something out there that gives a shit about

Steven Bently said...

Also you have to pray to them, but they can talk back to you, what an insane proposition.

Chatpilot said...

Prayer is nothing more than a deluded person talking to him/herself, while at the same time believing that they are addressing a superior being.

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL