Before the Bible can be true, these claims must also be true.

* The world is only 6 thousand years old.

* A god has to rest every seven days and has to constantly be reminded about how great a god he is by song and praise. (Otherwise, he'll send you to hell.)

* People and animals can be created from dirt.

* A god has no control over evil.

* Bushes, snakes and donkeys can sometimes talk .

* Flooding the entire earth with water and killing every living thing will eliminate all evil.

* The Sun goes around the earth every day.

* The world is flat and the earth is at the center of the universe.

* No other planets or galaxies exist.

* Prayer has special secret power to influence a god to change his mind.

* Miracles and blessing are happening every moment.

* A god and jesus lives in the clouds above us, as planes and rockets fly right through them.

* Angels and demons abound everywhere.

* God loves everybody, but if you do not believe in his son he will send you to hell.

* Diseases are caused by demons, evil spirits and witch spells.

* Dinosaurs never existed, Satan planted those bones on earth to deceive the believers and to weaken their faith.

* Someone can kill 1000 men with the jawbone of a donkey because their strength is in their hair.

* A person can live in the belly of a whale for three days and nights and survive.

* The heart is the center of all thought and emotions.

* There is no such thing as a brain.

* Your penis must be circumcised to enter the kingdom of heaven.

* Virgin birth is possible.

* Jesus is alive and is walking around somewhere.

* People can be raised from the dead.

* Water can be turned into wine.

*  An uncircumsized male nor a bastard child cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

* 5000 people can easily be fed with two loaves of bread and two fishes.

* The human heart has vocal cords and can speak directly to the Bible god.

* The study of science is the work of the devil.

* The invisible god, jesus, demons, angels, satan, heaven, hell, souls and invisible beings can only exist by having extreme amounts of faith.

* Mountains can be moved with faith no larger than the size of a mustard seed.

* A christian can drink any poison and it will not kill them.

* A christian can handle poisonous snakes and they will not die.

* All women, (females) are the cause of all the worlds problems and has always been.

 A person can be talking to themselves and be judged insane, but if someone is seen pretending to talk to and praying to invisible deities they are considered wise and noble.

If you happen to kill a group of people that you do not like and then tell people you had a vision of Jesus, afterwards you will be recognizedized as a Saint.

If a person is suffering from delusions they are labeled insane, but if a group of people are suffering from delusions it is called a religion.

There’s no intelligent person who has not sit calmly to reason and question their religion honestly without rejecting it.

When confronting a Christian about their silly childhood indoctrinated beliefs, they will adamantly respond using Pascal's wager by saying" If the Bible is untrue then I have lost absolutely nothing, but if the Bible is true, then I have a place reserved for me in heaven and the unbeliever will spend the rest of eternity in hell."

But if the Bible is untrue then, you have waisted a great portion of the only time you have on this earth helping propagate the biggest lie and hoax ever invented by human kind, by misleading naive and gullible people into believing in unsubstantiated claims and unproven accertions in your attempt to make yourself look unpretentiously pious and self righteous.

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL