Their silly make-believe gods and saviors have abandoned them.

I awoke one night wondering why do so many Christians and Muslims get offended when an unbeliever makes a statement that is against or refutes their religious beliefs.

The answer is this, it's simply because their trustworthy Gods and saviors have abandoned them. Their Gods say to just ask or pray in their name, but nothing ever gets done by their empty promises. So now, by undue influence the faithful believers have made a public commitment and a public profession with their mouths, they cannot and will not openly admit that they have been totally snookered and bamboozled into joining a false belief.

Naturally this would make anyone furious when someone comes along and points out what an arrogant insidious arrogant fool they have been for believing in something that their ill-informed granny or their uncle or mommy or daddy have guaranteed to them upon a pledge of surety that they are following a true correct belief, that was invented by insane people over 2000 years ago.

Although we were all put here and born without our own consent, Christians are told that they are worthless human beings and sinners and deserve to be sent to hell, unless of course they receive the gift of salvation, ironically this does not keep them from committing further sins or crimes, it just promises to save them from the sins that they have already committed and from the sins they have yet to commit, this teaching is so way beyond insane.

They see all the glorious believers and churches all across America and wonder how can all this many people be wrong? In their minds, they think it would be an easier task to convert a few hand full of nonbelievers like me, rather than to investigate why over a million believers who swear that they have had a personal relationship with an invisible holy spirit, they think how could this many people have been fooled, if it weren't true? Although they would never take in the consideration that millions of Muslims also hold to their faith as being the one true religion, and without one shred of evidence on either side, except for words written in their holy books.

Yet in spite of and armed with absolutely no evidence of a holy spirit, god, jesus, angels, demons, miracles, virgin births, blessings, holy ghosts, witches, demons, evil spirits, speaking in tongues, talking snake, talking donkey, talking bushes, still a Christian insists in believing in this insane 2000 year old Biblical nonsense.

Christians should realize what kind of nonsense they are trying to defend and just how ignorant it makes them look to people who do not believe in their ancient bronze-age superstitious stupidity.

Who really is in charge of the universe?

Greatly assuming a god-like man created the universe and too, greatly assuming we have a soul, who then is in ultimate control of everything? Would it be the people whom wrote the bible, since they took it upon themselves to say that their words were inspired by a god?

The bible and christians say that it is we, ourselves and up to us who decide where we will spend our eternal destiny, but not being in control of our own very existence, this would be over-riding the creator gods' ultimate authority.

Wouldn't a creator god be the one to decide where we will spend eternity? If the bible god is the creator of a human soul, then it would be totally up to him/she/it (the assumed creator god)to decide where our assumed souls will spend eternity, not by a bunch of mentally deranged men whom wrote the bible, whom said it is what we chose to believe in our hearts, which determines our eternal destiny.

This is an erroneous statement, because our hearts do not choose to do anything, it's only function is to pump blood, but the bible writers thought that blood had some mystical powers, they also thought that their imaginary god above knew when blood was spilled upon the ground and therefore required animal sacrifices of blood and then later, his own son's blood.

If this god wants us to be with him for eternity, then billions of people have lived and died on this planet, yet this god wants everyone to be with him, but the bible says it's up to us, then who really is in control here? Can't this god do nothing on his own, without consulting the bible writers first?

What is he scared of, to be alone or something? Wouldn't say just a couple of thousand people's souls be enough for this god to not feel alone, he supposedly has all those angels, they being all male BTW???

Who is in charge here, the bible god, or the people who wrote the bible and wrote what they imagined what a god would be like? Or is it our own pitiful imaginations who created a god to protect us, a do-nothing god, that we have to imagine through faith to help us with nothing?

Over six million of this Gods chosen people (Jews) prayed for this gods help, he had over four years to intervene, he could have caused Hitler to have a stroke, or a heart attack, or a stray bullet to kill him without anyone knowing that a god had intervened, but he chose not to, why? Because a god of the bible is the total fabrication of ignorant men that lived over 2000 years ago, a do-nothing god invented to pacify peoples fear of the unknown.

What people believed 2000 years ago

The people who wrote the bible were very un-educated ignorant superstitious, goat and sheep herders

A god could have easily created the heavens and the earth in just six days, because they thought the earth was flat, and the earth was the center of the universe, and the Sun rode across the sky on the back of a giant tortoise.

They thought a god and jesus lived in the clouds above

They thought a god wanted animal sacrifice for atonement of sins

They thought the shedding of blood was a gift to god for forgiveness

They thought diseases were caused by demons and evil spirits, we now know (with the invention of the microscope) that diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses and germs

They thought the heart was the center of all thought and emotions, we now know it is the brain that controls all thought and emotions

They thought a rainbow was a gods covenent not to flood the earth, yet we still have floods, we now know that rain drops cause a prisim effect, rainbows are only visible during the day

They thought sacrificing a human-being would make their imaginary god forgive people of all their sins forever

They believed in miracles, dreams, visions, blessings, ghosts, invisible spirits, angels, demons, prayer, baptism, speaking in tongues,

They believed a snake and bush and a donkey could talk

They believed people could be rasied from the dead

They believed virgin birth was possible

Why did they believe all this?

Because they were very ignorant!

Are you that ignorant too in 2007?

If you claim to be a Christian, you are just as ignorant as the people who wrote the Bible over 2000 years ago.

Americia was founded and built upon Christian Principles

That being:

As long as you want to believe there exists an all purpose invisible savior waiting 24/7 to forgive you, you can commit any crime, or biblical listed sin, rape, pillage, maim, destroy, molest, steal, lie. cheat, murder, invade and conquer other peoples lands and get immediate forgiveness for past, present or future crimes or biblical listed sins.

A self-professing Christian can, 'DO NO WRONG!'

How can they, when they have their invisible personal forgiver waiting 24/7 just waiting to forgive them?

Christians will quickly defend the bible, because American people have all been taught (lied to) through indoctrination to defend the bible, but without having ever read the Qu'ran, they will quickly scoff and refute the Qu'ran.

This country was founded upon complete ignorance and stupidity. That is one reason we have no leaders with any common sense at all.

The Christians have a frequent saying that they just love to repeat, "What comes around, goes around." Maybe that''s why so many Christians get cancer from smoking tobacco that the Indians introduced, remember the Human Beings, (the savage infidels) that the christians stole their land and murdered most all of the them, the original owners of this land?

No, I guess you and the rest of you bigoted self-righteous christians have conveniently forgot.

Religion was created by men

Christianity and all religions were created by men to try to justify their own existence, by our being here from the natural course of sexual desire of our fathers. It has nothing to do with a god's holy divine will that we are here, it has all to do with the heterosexual males' desire to inseminate every female he would like to fornicate with.

Even if a woman is raped, the baby is called one of god's little miracles, but in Deuteronomy it says that a bastard child shall not enter the kingdom of heaven, even into his tenth generation.

The only reason that we, and all other animals are here is because of the propagation of the species, not from a pre-ordained will of a god. But the church preaches that our only purpose is by the predestination of their god, anyone will have a tough time trying to convince believers otherwise, since they are taught that they were put here for a the sole purpose to complete the divine predestined will of their god.

By our sins (the fathers insatiable lust for the female body) are we justified for being here, therefore we all need to be saved because we are all born in sin, because the penis entered the vagina, but jesus was without sin, because no penis was used to pass on earthly sin, what a crock of BS.

Sent in by Curious George

The scriptures are completely "arbitrary", which is best understood as "meaningless".

That is exactly like metaphor, the bible, metaphorically written, becomes exactly what a person wants to "make it mean". Thus, it is "arbitrary", and can mean as many things as there are people on this planet. Now, one could argue that it's cool to have a word or even a canon mean anything a person wants to interpret it to mean, but then... that means the bible is meaningless as providing an objective direction for a people to follow.

In other words, there can be no "True Christian", because everyone can make the claim using their own interpretation of the bible... no one can define "morality", because the bible is completely "interpretable"... and the second some moron suggests it isn't "interpretable", that it is, word for word, written by the "hand of God", then it becomes "conflicted", because of the thousands of "conflicts" found in the bible...Two people looking at a billboard picture may have two entirely different perspectives of that picture. The same holds for characters on a page..

Until words have equal meaning for people, then they are arbitrary, and "meaningless".

I quite well understand the bible verses, and how they conflict... God per the Christian is loving, yet wades in blood, is jealous, and created "hell" before creating earth on the sixth day according to the bible, suggesting the Christian God deliberately created the earth for the purpose of sending people to eternal torment "forever"... knowingly, willingly, and deliberately

The problem with theology, is that it's intent isn’t' to provide answers to questions... it's intent to to provide unanswerable "questions"... and further, to suggest that "everyone" should take these questions and spend their lives seeking answers to these "particular" questions..

I'd suggest that there is not a single person who has "the" correct understanding of "any" verse of the bible... because, the entire bible is "arbitrary", written with metaphor, mythology, and numerous other literary devices, that can be interpreted as one wants, according to their whims.
I can take a verse and interpret it as a metaphor and "spin" it in the direction of "good", but the exact "same" verse, I could "spin" in a manner that creates suffering.

That is exactly the "point"... because, Christianity has "no" ability to give "concrete" meaning to its words in a book, it can be used for "anything" a person wants to use it for.

And, whenever a so called Christian shows up, to suggest "they" have the "right" interpretation, it only shows their "lack of education" in the matter...The point, isn't that a verse "can be" interpreted for "good"... the point is, it can be interpreted to mean "anything", and is therefore, "useless" as a definitive "guide" for "anything".

The word supernatural, as defined as that which escapes the Natural, is absurd...The pondering of the word itself is done with the natural mind...The word "supernatural", is a suggestion that there "exists" more than "nature", yet Nature is required in order to present the concept of "supernatural"... thus, the term is hopelessly absurd... it must "reject" the very thing that gives it "meaning"... Nature...A theologian would likely suggest, that studying questions with words like "supernatural" in them, is noble, just, and the way to live a good life...A philosopher would likely suggest, as I would, that studying questions with words that have no "meaning", are "arbitrary" (can mean anything a person wants them to mean), or are quite "absurd"... is a "waste of time"... the only gain that can be made in studying such "questions" is to finally realize that such questions are invalid, and can not "ever" lead to a single "Truth" or "Answer"...I find life valuable, and my time is better spent "learning" what I can... not believing in what I can't know.

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL