Why it's difficult to shake religious indoctrination.

Since the invasion of the white Angelo-Saxon religious fanatics that came over here and took over America, we now have a country that is completely saturated in religious indoctrination.

We are all taught early on in childhood not to question the beliefs, motifs, and irrational ideologies of our parents, we are taught that their ways are the right ways, regardless as we grow older of what we can see by our own selves that just what our parents believed just may not be true, we wrongly presume that our parents have already weighed the evidence of the bible for the source of absolute universal truth and their only motif for bringing us and all humans into this world is to fulfill the divine will of god by propagating the species, which makes the male father look pious and righteous in his eagerness to fulfill gods divine purpose.

The male now has the Bible for justification for jumping on the female and making her his sex slave and dominate her as if she were a common farm animal, to many men the Bible also gives the male justification to kill his wife. Look at the statistics at how many men/boys kill, rape, maim , beat, harm women/girls, as opposed to the total of females doing any harm to males.
For an example, google in, Elizabeth Smart, or Jessica Lumsford, or Amish school girls killed in Pennsylvania.

The majority of us Americans have been taught as we were growing up to be such supreme people pleasers all of our lives to the point that, we are afraid to stand up against our own parents religious beliefs and religious authorities. To take a stance against our parents religious beliefs is like stabbing them in the back and telling them where they went wrong in raising us, they just assumed that raising up a child in Christian beliefs was the only way to go and since this country was overtaken and conquered by religious Christian fanatics it only seemed fitting to them that Christianity is the only basis for religious up bringing. Since almost 100% of every person that they have ever met all their entire lives was also in fact a self-boasting - self-proclaiming christain.

They didn't raise us wrong in their minds, they just raised us in a country that was taken over by religious fanatics who foolishly believed that the Bible is the absolute word from a god.

So now being grown adults, Christians not only want to be sure that they please everybody in the community, but they want to please Jesus too by being a good little Christbots and be sure to follow all the Christian rules, set forth in the Buybull and the rules set forth by their pastor to be a shinning example of Christianity and the religious community.

Once in a rare occasion a person steps out and gets brave enough to oppose the irrational ideology of Christianity, it is then perceived as opposing the whole entire community of brainwashed nitwits, therefore the Atheist is outcast and ostracized for their willingness to stand up against the accepted irrational teachings, now you're perceived as an enemy of them and their religion, they are ready to view it as persecution towards them and now this further impounds in their minds that their irrational ideology is the one that they have chosen the Bible wisely to be the one true correct path of guided righteous truth.

Since Atheism is viewed as opposition against their silly childhood beliefs, this also confirms in their minds that, "the enemy Satan" is trying his damnedest to break through their religious wall of faith to get to them and destroy their self-righteous religious beliefs, thus they have been indoctrinated to think that there is a continual never ending war against good and evil going on in their brainwashed minds and that the invisible being, "Satan" is always against them and is forever looking for ways to cleverly trick them.

Faith based belief in invisible beings is a state of mental psychosis, a condition of mental instability.


Chatpilot said...

Once again Steve you are right on many points. Religious beliefs are usually the result of what I like to call mom and pops religion. Most people are raised religious because that is how they were taught since they were children.

Kids were taught how good and loving god is and some even go as far as buying those stupid christian cartoon series and books. To make sure that little Billy gets educated properly on the worship of the imaginary guy in the sky.

Christians are delusional with a capital D. And some of the more fanatical members demonstrate symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia. They see the devil in everything and everywhere.

Honestly, some never get out of it. These people need a good psychiatrist, some medication, and a good support group to help them wean themselves from the ridiculous beliefs that some of them have held their entire lives.

Steven Bently said...


To continue to believe in nonsense is also a stance of cowardice towards your parents and religious authorities, it takes a set of balls to stand up against what you've always have been taught to believe as true, but very few grow them.

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This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
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Divine Justice?
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This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
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