100% Proof There Is No Loving God

Christians constantly remind their phony god about how wonderful he is in spite of the fact he/she lets children starve to death daily and gives people (mostly christians) cancer and horrible diseases.

Why would anyone in their 'right mind' pretend to worship and give praise to a god that would allow over 6 million of his (favorite people) to be murdered, when the same god supposedly hardened Pharaoh's heart a bazillion times just to prove a silly and petty point?

The same god sat there and fooled around with the Pharaoh for how many years, and yet the same god never lifted a finger to help his favorite people, the Jews.

A god that would allow infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly, handicapped, sick and innocent people who where tortured and maimed and murdered, shot with machine guns and ripped apart and pushed off into open graves, with a bulldozer while many were still alive?

What kind of person will pretend to worship that kind of god and condone his very actions of not stepping in and putting an end to all that murder and suffering?

What kind of god would allow this to happen to anyone?????

ANSWER - Certainly not a loving bible god!

This very same god that is said to take a personal interest in people, yeah as long it's a Pharaoh or a King, or a so-called prophet, yeah no problem.

All this personal god would have had done is caused Hitler to have a stroke or a heart attack, or a stray bullet and no one would have know a god had intervened, but there is no god that takes a personal interest in anyone, because there is no god, period.

This all loving bible god, all he had to have done is take out "one mentally psychotic man" and he chose not to, that is no god, it's a Satanic evil monster.

Just like he chose to send a baby found in the bushes to intervene with Pharaoh after 400 years, of shameless murdering and needless suffering with the 40 billion needless plagues.

The same god came around looking for Moses to kill him but his wife cut his sons foreskin and threw it towards him so he changed his mind.

I suggest christians investigate what kind of god they are pretending to worship.


Chatpilot said...

So true Steven. But Christians as you know and I know are famous for their cherry picking. No matter how stupid or irrational their beliefs are shown to be they always find an illogical reason to cling to them.

You can show them in their own bible how evil their so called god is, and all they could see is how wonderful he is. I agree with you that most religious people suffer from severe mental disorders. Their world is warped so badly that they can't distinguish reality from fantasy.

Steven Bently said...

Glad you stopped by, I think my biggest embarrassment is knowing that most of my kin people believe in the Bible bullshit when they all are old enough and intelligent enough to know better, that also includes the majority of people living in the USA.

Richard Michael said...

One can never discount the possibility of a god - who created the big bang etc - there will always be a place for a god of the gaps. Personally my experience of life suggests its all baloney wish it were otherwise but to any rational human being I say enjoy this life while it lasts - one life live it.

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL