The True Story Of Jesus As Never Been Heard

Jesus was the fall-guy for the biggest hoax to have ever been spread over the history of human kind. The story's original intent was not to deceive the entire world, but just to deceive the local towns people of that era, into not stoning Mary and Joseph to death, for having a baby out of wedlock.

How Jesus Became Savior Of The World

Mary was 13 when her father gave his blessings to Joseph for her hand in marriage, but Mary became pregnant before the wedding, Mary had been sexually molested and raped by her trusted godhead of her church, her priest had his eyes on Mary for quite some time, she's was very attractive and the envy of all of the towns males, with lust in their hearts continually. Now the young horney priest devised a way to trick the young unsuspecting Mary into giving up her virginity, he told her that he could Initiate Her Into The Kingdom Of Heaven, only if she did as he requested, naturally she would not want to question a man of the cloth, she willingly obeyed his every wish and command.

Now approximately 4 weeks later Mary feels faint and nauseated, and her monthly period had stopped, so she asked a Nun what could possibly be wrong with her, she says, My Dear One You're With Child, frantically Mary says, How Can This Be? I Have Been With No Man! And the priest (father of the child) walks in and overhears the conversation. and says, What Great Joy, You've Received Your Miracle! You will now surely enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you've received a blessing, a Holy child from God, but Mary knows now that it was not a miracle from God, but she now realizes that she had been raped by a man claiming to be of God, nothing has changed to this day.

Mary says how can I tell Joseph? He'll put me away (kill her), the priest says you must tell everyone that you were inseminated by an Angel and that the Holy prophesy of our coming messiah has finally come true, otherwise if you tell the truth, we will all be stoned to death, including the Priest, along with Mary and Joseph, for having a baby out of wedlock, was an unpardonable sin, 2000 years ago.

Now Jesus having been told since the day he was born, that he was the messiah child of God, had no choice but to believe it himself, just like people tell their children today that the Bible is all true, and when they are adults it's hard to shake the parental brainwashing. Most people refuse to believe it is a lie, because their parents swore it was all true.

Back in those times before Jesus, it was custom to lend burnt offerings, sacrifice lambs, blood lettings, for atonement for sins, so the towns people decided to make the ultimate sacrifice to God, a real live human being! This way they would no longer have to kill lambs, or calves on a daily basis, and if Jesus is really from God, then he can save himself.

Why is it that so many people refuse to see that this is exactly what happened?

Why do so many people want to believe in a human sacrifice, for forgiveness of sins?

God supposedly created the entire universe in just 6 days, but it took him 4000 years to come up with the Jesus salvation plan fraud, what took God so long?.


Lorena said...

This is a good story. Did you come up with it?

Good fiction writing!


Bentley said...

I wrote it on the presumption of what most likely really happened, instead of a cover up to make everyone look like they were Saintly and pure, by pretending to have ties with God, this guaranteed their safety.

Thanks for reading and for your comments! :-) Ben

Beauti_from_Ruin said...

lol... nice story. NO offence, but I chose to believe the bible account over yours. All the men who wrote the New Testament story knew Jesus first hand. You're a few thousand years late. I'm sure you can come up with a thousand stories, but the truth is the bible documents hundreds of eye witnesses to Jesus' miracles, and if they are true, it's not hard to believe that his conception was a miracle.

Bentley said...

How could you allow the word "if" to become part of your vernacular?

witnesses to Jesus' miracles, and if they are true,

That is the whole purpose of this blog!

Donone said...

A good story and something I am more likely to believe than what is published in the bible. One of the bloggers commented on the fact that hundreds of people saw the miricals of Jebus and they believe in the bible. How many times was the bible rewritten. I mean,king james done his own version of it. Why are there so many differences in the king james version and the othe ones. why do you have so many bibbles in the first place? Now if you wanna believe in a book that has changed so much then fine. Just don't try and convince us to believe this CRAP. Everyone makes such a big fuss about catholics and all that other s*@* but look at the Romans really? Is it not a big scam to controll people. If the pope says something then it becomes law. is he closer to God. Is he more important than you in gods eyes. Please, if you had this so called god and jesus then all people would be equal as your bible proclaims. So all you cristians. Think about how you are being controlled by a simple tool that was designed many years ago. Jesus.

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This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
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Divine Justice?
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This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
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