Intellectual Honesty

What brilliant two words?? Those two words says so much, so much about each one of us!!

Please consider what Intellectual Honesty means!

Intellectual honesty with oneself, will lead to personal empowerment and triumph over ignorance and silly man made beliefs!

To Thine Own Self Be True, this statement applied daily will cause one to rise above Christianity.

Rise above Christianity??

Imagine That!!!

Christianity is for people that let others tell them how to think and live according to a book with words written by men for men to control men and to forgive men for their less than human trespasses against others when people unwisely move out of their human character, thusly when people revert or slip back to their animalistic character and do unto others, there's this feeling of guilt a signal from one's intellectual honesty, knowing full well what is right, thus instead of righting their wrong and admitting to their victim that they where wrong and seek immediate forgiveness or an immediate remedy, out of self-induced pride and ego.

Christians find it more convenient to turn to an imaginary forgiver, to right their wrong so that they themselves may be looked upon favorably by this imaginary God, just by their ability to come forward and humble themselves to be deemed less than perfect and therefore can live peacefully with their wrongness.

To hide oneself in religion and Christianity one will never be able to recognize their folly, because one's intellectual honesty is never exposed, nor is intellectual honesty recognized as a human virtue, by preferring to believe that the Bible as being the utmost authority on human moral character, and prefering to seek forgiveness from an imaginary God and by cowardly neglecting to right their wrongs they've done against their fellow man, either verblly or physically..


druryb said...

Christians do not avoid righting their wrongs in the real world in favour of appeasing an imaginary 'forgiver'. It is a big part of christian teaching that that kind of forgiveness (be it imagined or not) has implications for the way they live themselves and the relationships they have. It is inaccurate to suggest that as long as christians can square it later with their God (imagined or not), they can act as they like- or that God gives forgiveness for everything simply in return for superficial humility.

anonymous 1-a said...

Actually you are wrong!

Who do you think invented religion? A God?

Men have always forgave themselves throught rituals, remember sacrificing goats lambs, sheep, virgins, to the gods? No,I guess not!

Anonymous said...

What a waste! Another beautiful mind has gone to waste. I believe that anything that anyone says would be expected to you, as you are so arrogant and dare I say ignorant in the things that you believe to be true. But God in His Mercy and Grace has kept you and my only pray is that you understand FULLY the process of salvation and redemption. It hurts me that you grief Him so!

barry e said...

Steven... it would seem that you and I are of like mind regarding intellectual honesty in religion... check out our (The Delphi Study Group) blog at

I think you'll agree.... barry e

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This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
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Divine Justice?
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This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
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