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d-man - ignorant christian, quotes in italics

"I have never seen the like of God haters in all my life."

sconnor posted responce:

Dip shit -- you can't hate something that we concluded doesn't exist.

"None of you have a final authority in your life. except your own self righteous, over educated thinking. and supposing yourselves to be wise you all sound like ya'll really have nothing better to do than to brag to each other on how your much education has made most of you sound like blithering idiots. "

Hmmmmmm? Sounds like someone doth protest too much about getting a good education. I suspect this ignoramus is projecting his inadequacies and shortcomings because his intellectual capacity just barely let him scrape by high school. Can you imagine him with his kids? You ain't got to go to no high faluten college with all that book learnin' -- all you need is Jeeeeeeezus.

"JESUS SAVES! not text books. and for all those EX-christians . . . Jesus said you must be born again. The Carnal mind can't understand the things of the spiritual."

Then how in the hell do you UNDERSTAND the "spirtual" magic of salvation? It's Faith!
Faith is a brain malfunction, where you abandon ALL critical thinking skills and the voice of reason, where you willingly, choose to ignore and bury logic, steeping yourself in ignorance, so you can believe, in the unbelievable.What's more -- to bolster my assertion -- FAITH is a deplorable method of obtaining and processing information; consider the devout Muslim: they too make extraordinary claims about Allah and how he works in their lives and that he gave us, his final revelation of divine guidance and direction for mankind in the form of the qur'an. Funny how that whole FAITH thing works out. It allows people to believe in a whole host of absurd ideas.
Faith is nothing more than suspending your disbelief, ON PURPOSE, so as to make it fit in your warped, fantasy-filled world-view. You deliberately choose to forgo the reasoning powers that your own mind possesses and feebly fill in the blanks with subjective flim-flam and bloated, stretched-thin rationalizations, all the while NEVER providing objective evidence for your god-concept. You would have us believe that FAITH is a virtue but it is not. It is not supernatural; it is not spiritual -- it is a CHOICE. A choice steeped in massive delusion -- a construct of your own making, where you believe you have the one and only truth. You CHOOSE to waive your intellectual faculties and throw reasoning out the door, while convincing yourself by pretending that your irrational and insane interpretive claims are perfectly valid.

"And the reason that you're "EX-Christian" is cause you never got born again. You're still lost in your sins and on your way to HELL. "

Your bible god-concept is a sadistic torturer of souls who is so petty and insecure (his poor little feelings were hurt -- po wittle baby) he will torture the majority of his earthly children in the flames of hell for an eternity simply because they perpetrated the most vile heinous of sins: (massive sarcasm) UNBELIEF -- rejecting your delusional concept of god.
According to your asinine beliefs, the six million Jews of the Holocaust, who suffered through unspeakable terrors -- there virtual hell on earth -- where families were torn apart, brutally beaten, burned alive, experimented on, starved and worked to death, unimaginable vile, long-term mass, suffering. And what awaits them after they die? According to D-man -- it's hell.
This hellish existence is also awaiting the Buddhists from the atomic blasts -- their virtual hell on earth -- where if you weren't vaporized, you were burned beyond recognition, charred to the bone and in some cases flower patterns from the fabric of furniture was seared into the skin or you lived the rest of your life rotting away and suffering from radiation poisoning -- epic, horrific destruction and human suffering on a mass scale. According to D-man's crazy beliefs, they now reside in hell. According to D-man -- everyone who does not ascribe to his idiosyncratic, line of delusional thinking and the christian doctrine that pollutes his mailable infantile mind will be spending eternity in hell. The other 70% of the world -- all the other religions and non-believers -- who are not bible believing christians will posthumously reside in hell.
The reason these people will be tortured, for the rest of eternity, is because they were not born a bible believing christian like D-man and they were not persuaded to believe in the preposterous notion that all you have to do to be saved is to have a relationship with him and telepathically tell your cosmic buddy jesus (who resides solely in the limited imaginations of christians) you accept him -- an absurd idea believed by the most brain-dead christians. The Christian’s Delusion Of Salvation God -- who so loved the WORLD and wanted to save everyone -- initiated a plan, of restoration, by sending his son, to be tortured, crucified and sacrificed, to save humanity. Sinful, imperfect fallible humanity -- who couldn't possibly save themselves -- in the end, must pick someones interpretation from a book on how one is supposedly saved and accept and believe in Jesus etc., so they can have eternal life and yet, the other 70% of the world -- at this moment in time -- are other religions, the non-religious, or unbelievers, who are not bible-believing Christians.
Didn't God consider his other earthly children, when he put his feeble, plan into action?
The other 30% of christians who are supposedly saved, are further reduced to even a smaller minority because presumably there are certain criterion that only certain christians follow. Looks like Jesus' torturous, sacrifice was futile. God's inept, plan is incapable of saving everyone and hinges on the fallible imperfect human beings who couldn't save themselves, in the first place. God’s plan -- in using a spurious book for salvation -- is tragically flawed, wholly inadequate and morbidly negligent. The number of lost souls, who will be tortured in the flames of hell for an eternity is monumentally, mind-blowing.

"You all have a head knowledge but not one of you have an heart knowledge. some of you are heartless. and callous to God because you would rather worship self and the creation more than the creator and professing yourselves to be wise you all sound (because you are) like fools in a pool of athiestical and agnostical snot. "

Projecting your stupidity and morbid inadequacies again?

"The truth is all of you are disappointed about how something in your life turned out so you all said Let's make club and say that God isn't real. YEAHH!!!!! Boy do you a rude awakening coming."

It's inconceivable for a deluded christian drone -- like yourself -- to accept that other christians, that were, even bible quoting, god fearing, holy spirit filled, born-again, Jesus freaks, who had a "relationship" with Jesus did NOT become apostates because we were "disappointed about how something in your life turned out" but instead they actually took the time to honestly research the christian faith and comparative religions, who through critical thinking and the voice of reason, dug themselves out of the pit of morbid ignorance and the sludgy swamp of christianity and slowly concluded there was NO objective evidence for a personal christian god and that christianity is mere bullshit.

"I did like what one person said you said that we spoke of the bible like it was the final authority. It's because it is, moron. whether you believe it or not."

Please provide objective evidence that the bible is god's word and that it's his final authority -- waiting.....................

"and i can call you moron cuz you won't believe it any wayz and all of you will have some smart comment to make about this. so Yes I did write this just so I could insult your intelligence. so correct my spelling and grammer and talk about how uneducated i am."

Hmmmmmm? contradicted yourself in one paragraph. First you rant and rave that we are too educated, intelligent and wise and now you do a 180 and try and insult our intelligence. You are a confused individual.

"I don't care because I have something that the founders and strong supporters of this site don't have. Peace. And that only comes through faith (by grace) in the shed blood of the man Christ Jesus. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be Saved."

The notion that faith in Christ is to be rewarded by an eternity of bliss, while a dependence upon reason, observation, and experience merits everlasting pain, is too absurd for refutation, and can be believed only by that unhappy mixture of insanity and ignorance called 'faith.' -- Robert G. Ingersoll.

Put this quote above in your memory banks and comprehend that the part about being insane and ignorant apply wholeheartedly to you.


Chief Tomahawk said...

You claim to have never seen, heard, felt, smelled, or touched God. Same goes for your brain, so that doesn't exist either!

Steven Bently said...

Poor argument!

X-rays will prove that my brain exists, whereas by using the same method of proof, x-ray's will not and cannot prove a god, your god or any god exists.

very poor analogy, which is so typical of self-professing xtians

You have no methods to prove your god exists, except for a book which was written over 2000 years ago by a bunch of insane lunatics in which you endorse.

You are so self-righteous, you and your lunatic book stinks.

Chief Tomahawk said...

No. The originals were 2,000 years ago. My 1611 KJV is not even 400 years old yet.

There is no difference. You go by an x-ray, which I think will lie if it shows you have a brain. My Book doesn't have a flaw in it.

Steven Bently said...

Ya stupid jackass!

Chief Tomahawk said...

haha that's all you've got now? You've run out of arguments so now you result to childish name calling? Of course with that coming from you, I can't say I'm surprised. God bless you too!

Steven Bently said...

No, it's not name calling!

It's a precise discription of what you are, a stupid jackass!

JayBird said...

Hi Steven,

Just stopped in to give you a quick Biblical beating. I knew your pathetic blog would die after I left.

"Faith is a brain malfunction, where you abandon ALL critical thinking skills and the voice of reason, where you willingly, choose to ignore and bury logic, steeping yourself in ignorance"

You have Faith too! Yup, every time you step into an elevator you have Faith that it will safely take you from bottom to top safely. Looks like you too have a brain malfunction! But I already knew that...

Why are you struggling to explain what Faith is? Copy and Pasting from another pathetic blog and you still got it wrong. The Bible explains exactly what it is...
Faith is, "being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" (Hebrews 11:3)

Just like every time you step into an elevator...
Looks like your my Faithful buddy ;)

Steven Bently said...

Why would anyone in their "right mind," pretend to worship a god that supposedly has all the resources and ability to end and stop all suffering, sickness and evil, but chooses not to?

Why don't you just admit you're totally insane and not in your right mind?

JayBird said...

My Faithful buddy ;)

Zenobia said...

it occurs to me,

"You have Faith too! Yup, every time you step into an elevator you have Faith that it will safely take you from bottom to top safely."


i may ASSUME that i will reach the bottom floor without plummeting to my death but i have a factual basis for it, the thousand other trips in elevators people take every minute. the fact that its a proven scientific fact that elevators exist and DO go up and down every day.

you my friend might have just said
"oh yeah? you have faith in hot dogs." or, "oh yeah? you have faith in needing to breathe to stay alive."

theres a subtle difference between having a solid unwavering belief that theres a big guy with a beard and angels up there playing harps who made all of creation and is responsible for you after you die etc etc blah blah you know the jist of religion, and SEEING elevators do their thing a million times you raving stupid jackass.

if you want to beat someone with logic try actually applying it

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL