A Prime Example That Christianity Promotes Stupidity

Today is May 22, 2011

Jebus has come and claimed his Saints, if you are still here on earth you are destined for hell.

It's guaranteed, it's in the buybull !!!

It is now Saturday May 21, 2011 and I'm all alone, Jebus has collected all of his Saints. All of the Christians have disappeared and I'm writing from HELL !!! Wait a minute! Here is my mother, there's Pat Robertson and Billy Graham, I see more Christians everywhere!

Do you mean to tell me that this was all a stupid dammned lie???

Mark 14:26

The great biblical tribulation as predicted by some religious fool named Harold Camping, the rapture begins on:

May 21, 2011


If you're on this list below you're destined and bound straight for HELL!!!

You worthless god's favorite people, all you Jews, You self-righteous Mormons, Damn Fool Catholics, Insane Muslims, Jackass Buddhas, Intelligent Atheists, Frigging Non-Baptists, Smart Communists, Stubborn Nonbelievers, Jebus Doubters, Sceptics, Adulterers, Non-conformists, Non-christians, Wiccans, You dope heads, Ye of little faith, You Spineless Nuns, You with your hardened heart, You scoffers, You idol worshippers, You incestuous inbreeds, You reprobates, You murderers, You liars, You false preachers, You thieves, You adulterers, You lesbians, You whores, You workers of iniquity, You prisoners, You god-damned God and Jebus haters, You drunkards and winos, You witches, You devil worshippers, You homeless bastards, You rapists, You false prophets, You rich business men/women, You child molesters, You queers, You homosexuals, You baby raping faggots, You Aborigines, You sinful Eskimos, You self-righteous cretins, You useless Pope.

You all know exactly who you are, God knows what's in your heart...there ain't no slipping by...You're all condemned and going to burn and rot in HELL !!!!!

Only self-professing Baptists - Methodists - Protestant - Christians will be saved from the ravishing flames of HELL !!!

Claim Jesus as your personal savior, NOW !!!! Do It NOW !!!

Just remember, Jebus loves everybody and God, he loves the smell of burning flesh!!!


Chatpilot said...

Lmao Steven you kill me sometimes! I have always thought the same. If you were to accept the standards of the biblical God then basically everyone is going to hell. Saints will pay for the sinners as well lol since God is so just and merciful.

Steven Bently said...

The list doesn't leave very many people out does it, just the puritans and the Baptists.

Just remember Jeebus wuvs everybody but he also loves to send people to HELL...lol

Steven Bently said...

To the Christians, you don't have very many days left on earth before Jebus comes, be sure to leave extra pet food out for your pets and leave your car keys on the table and the deeds to all your property for all us sinners to enjoy before we all go to HELL!!!!

Chatpilot said...

The sheer number of ridiculous ideas that Christians believe are astounding! They believe that some man that died (whose existence is dubious)2,000+ years ago rose from the dead and floated up to heaven. They cling to the hope that he will one day return on a cloud to receive them up unto him. Honestly speaking if it were not relative to a popular religious belief these ideas would seem to a rational person as outright psychotic.

Steven Bently said...

Absolutely right Chat, for some reason people that want to believe such ridiculous things, the belief has to promise them ridiculous positions in life, such as false titles, they can immediately promote themselves to a position of pseudo superiority above other people by their false titles, preacher, pastor, bishop, deacon, choir leader, prayer leader, praise leader, sunday school teacher, Saint, Christian, etc. so that they can be recognized as being specially called to duty by their invisible deity to promote their silly ridiculous beliefs and with this promise they are also promised to receive their glorious reward in the next life, they will not and cannot accept the fact that they are being misled by a false doctrine written over 2000 years ago by a bunch of insane self-righteous lunatics, which is endorsed by the very people who brought them into this world, whom they believe cannot and would not intentionally mislead them, their own adult and wise parents and the local religious authorities.

I talk to my mom (80) years old about the ridiculousness of religion and her entire demeanor changes, she's like a chameleon she holds her head down and starts singing Jesus praise songs to herself, she watches the xtian channel as soon as I walk into the room she changes the channel...lol, she knows I think it's stupid, she loves The Jim Baker Show he's at his old raising money before Jesus gets here theme again. I can't understand what he's going to do with all that money, when he's going to be in heaven where money has no use or meaning? Yet he and all other TV evangelists can't get enough of it, but the viewers think that they are using the money solely for pure religious reasons and they are not using the money for personal gain, it's used to spread the gospel of Jesus and there's not a person in America that has not ever heard of JC, because who brought that bull-shit over here, the white puritans did.

Glad you stopped by my friend!

Chatpilot said...

Regarding your mom Steven it's sad to see that some people waste their entire lives fostering such silly beliefs. They nurture the hope that one day they will be with Jesus in perfect harmony and bliss and they will live forever. It takes stepping away and reassessing these beliefs from the outside looking in to realize how outright psychotic they are.

I was shocked at myself when I went through this process of analyzing my religious beliefs 17 years ago. How could I have fallen victim to such stupidity? I feel that my experience led to an awakening to reality and a broadening of my mind. There is nothing greater than the freedom to use your intellect superstition free.

Steven Bently said...

Yes I agree, I stepped out of religion around 1980 and could not imagine myself as ever proselytizing against it.

I still can't believe society as a whole considers the bible as pure substantiated fact.

We have all these people in society walking around as holier than thou believers, it's a mental sickness bordering on psychotic as you previously mentioned.

Steven Bently said...

It's so nice to talk to someone on common ground, you make my day! :-)

Chatpilot said...

I feel that the term "sheeple" applies correctly to Christians because they are all followers. Where I resided I am considered crazy because I don't believe in God. But when you ask most of these people why they believe in God they themselves don't even know. Sometimes they are just literally following the crowd;in this case society. They were conditioned at an early age to believe in God and like many before them bought the tales hook line and sinker. It is interesting to know that not many Christians have ever read the bible in its entirety. They "know" what they claim to know not because they have studied and researched it but because they were spoon fed these superstitions from birth.

Chatpilot said...

Harold Camping is a religious moron. I don't understand how believers keep trying to predict the return of Christ when Christ himself admits in the scriptures that he does not know when that will be. Although you know I don't believe he existed but he was made to say these words: 26. And then they will see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.32. 'But as for that day or hour, nobody knows it, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son; no one but the Father. Mark 13:26,32 (NJB) Jesus forgot to add Harold Camping to the Father since he claims to know when the return of the Lord will be. Anyone in my opinion who claims to know the exact date and time that the Lord will return is contradicting the scriptures they claim to believe in.

Steven Bently said...

Talking about sheeple, the christians are sooo afraid of jebus and his make believe hell, they are afraid not to believe the bible, because god will condemn them because he knows every thought and how many hairs are on everyone's head and around your ass....lol

Wait a minute, I thought that god and Jebus were one and the same, god came down disguised as himself to be born of human flesh to be killed to save souls from the sins that he allowed to exist in the first place...DOH

god + jebus + holy spirit = 1
1 + 1 + 1 = 3 the holy trinity?

So if god knows something so does jebus and the holy spirit, they cannot be divided nor parted, so god and jebus are two different enities, which means it's all a cheep hoax.

This Harold Camping idiot is no doubt a huxster I heard that one of his members sold all his belongings around $145,000 and put up billboard signs about May 21st, I don't know how true that is but sounds about right.

Why people don't retaliate against these charletons I don't know why.

Steven Bently said...

I'm sure he'll have some convient lie as to why the would is still here. I hate these ignorant ass holes.

Chatpilot said...

Christians excel in stupidity in my opinion. There are many in Christianity that would otherwise be considered highly intelligent people were it not for their yielding to superstitious beliefs.

Religion is nothing more than a cancer of the brain and an eradicator of the intellect. It amazes me that today we still have people that believe in these myths and refuse to accept reality.

Steven Bently said...

I don't understand why people cannot openly see that their religions and their preachers and their prayers are nothing more than fictional lies, I think most of them are just plain cowards, well sheeple like you said they have no gumption because they have been mentally terrorized through religious brainwashing, as many elequent posts denouncing christianity you and other nonbelievers have posted, people should be in a total outrage and demand vengence but instead they clam up and pray to their imaginary personal savior and cling on the the false promises that they have been promised hoping that they have found a universal truth that is only revealed to them through the invisible holy spirit....lol

I would have never imagined there exist a pseudo psychotic force that has such an emotional mental grip on humans that would otherwise in their right mind totally disregard such nonsense, especially a crock of shit-lies born out of the middle-east section of the world.

You know them psychotic fuckers the bible writers, back then were on heroine, smoking poppys, marijuana, hashish, mescaline, cocaine, pure grain alcohol, frontal lobe trauma, etc.

There's no evidence nor proof that the bible writers were at all sane, why people would encompass their entire lives around a damned book written by a bunch of insane fools is totally beyond me.

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL