Growing up is hard to do!.

Your reality in this world begins at the moment of your birth, it does not begin some 2000 years ago in the minds of insane gypsy goat herders.

Having to stare and grip reality directly in the face takes an enormous amount of growing up mentally by being able to accept that when you get weaned and distanced away from the warm soft teats you will eventually have to face reality, you will be forced to go to school and be away from your Jesus loving mommy and socialize with people you would not normally socialize with, you will be expected to make your mark among society with either a college degree or join the military, or a religious organization and looked upon as an up standing citizen of the community, otherwise you will be looked upon as an outcast of society.

You may eventually have to come to the realization that you are for certain going to die and face the event of death and that there is no Jesus and bible god to save your soul from hell and that you have been lied to by your tender loving mommy who meant to serve you well but she too had also been lied to by her good intending parents also.

Growing up means you'll have to distance yourself away from your mothers teats and realize there is no loving god and jesus, nor some false religion to save you from your own stupid ignorance.

Growing up means you'll have to face reality for what it is, and not some glorified dream with fabricated lies to make you look special in the eyes of someone's fabricated god and savior.

Growing up means you'll have to get a job instead of trying to fool people into believing that you have been called to preach the word of god and never have to work a single day in your life as many false preachers and false prophets have done.

Growing up means you'll face reality for what it is instead of hiding your fears in a false religion as many have chosen to do.

Growing up and facing reality isn't a lot of fun and it takes a lot of guts to stand up and not cower down to religious authorities and religious indoctrination.


Chatpilot said...

I completely agree with you on this Steven. Facing reality and accepting it for what it is is a part of growing up. It is obtaining maturity at its highest level. Knowing the difference between superstitions and truths. Kicking ancient nonsense to the curb and accepting the world as a cold hard fact of life.

Steven Bently said...

I hear that beautiful voice emancipating from the woods!

Steven Bently said...

I wonder where Jaybird and Corey are to defend their zombie death cult?

JayBird said...

Miss me? =)

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!

This magnificent pile of shit destroyed by the god of lightning!!!
Big Butter Jesus, Destroyed!! In the twinkling of an eye....LOL

Divine Justice?

Divine Justice?
Jebus is in hell...!

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL

This eyesore off of I-75 in Ohio finally gone, Praise Tha Friggin Lord...LOL
Ahh... that looks much better! Thank You!, Thank You!, Jeebus!..LOL